after the next minutes you will truly

feel the divine power so don’t cut them

short or skip them you’ll feel as like

God is watching over you and caring

about you after those five minutes God

is saying to you today when you are in

tune with God this is a lovely thing

Additionally you ought to get along with

other people all of your life you will

come into contact act with the types of

people those who give you the tools you

need to reach your potential as the

architect of everything God has planned

for you however there are also toxic

negative people that prevent you from

following the Lord’s call on your life

as we negotiate the challenges of life

we should be cautious about who we

listen to and Trust in the people we

allow into our Lives May at times be the

very thing that prevents us from

accomplishing our divinely appointed

Destiny pleast indicate that you agree

if you are in pain right now you have to

pretend that everything is fine it’s not

required to say but praise God Jesus

acted or sang in the garden and no way

devout just our before he was to be

executed anguish trickled down his face

he pleaded to the father for a way out

nevertheless Jesus ultimately walked to

his death with Jon not naively as if he

had never experienced suffering but with

Joy deepened by loss and the

understanding that everyone is in pain

God’s Everlasting purpose for you is to

become more human not less as let out a

painful scream if you so choose God is

beautifully molding your character this

type of Christian

experiences simultaneous feelings of

happiness and sadness although living in

a nicer home this video is for you if

you believe in God an important new

chapter in your life is about to begin

discover hidden talents that you had

known idea to possessed this is the

culmination of everything you have ever

done in your life be prepared for New

Opportunities and spiritual rewards that

lie ahead you will gain the ability to

conquer challenges get past out moded

programs and take charge of your life in

the following phase once you’re prepared

press yes everything that has happened

happened to you your accomplishments and

shortcomings your highs and lows your

skills and aptitudes is interrelated

your true purpose is to cling to your

darkest wounds you must experience some

difficult moments if you are to be


fresh and God shapes you during those

times a higher power has choreographed

everything that has happened to you on

your path thus far God is not looking

for a perfect version of you he is

looking for the real

you God has given you confidence and it

is not a ruse when you face so many

obstacles it’s normal to start dotting

your religion perhaps your past mistakes

are causing you to feel undeserving of

his promise it’s possible that you’ve

enti enely forgotten about and even

given up on The

Vow I have hoped not in this world or

anything in it but in Jesus he is

Dependable even in these distrusting

times it might appear unachievable

because of the inherent now is the best

time to start believing again s God

promises that every word that comes out

of mouth does not come back

empty-handed have faith in the character

of God continue to be steadfast in his

faithfulness send and I am evolving to

make sure I know you have been doubting

yourself and wondering whether you are

really capable of carrying out the

mission I have given you is how God is

speaking to you today do you will

succeed because Christ has given you the

strength to accomplish anything so don’t

be scared to pursue your goals or give

up on them I’m here to support you you

are capable of doing this see my bio for

the secret to attracting money look for

the you or Hell in the comment

section there was always just you and

yourself in a true love tale it was the

process of learning to walk alone and

carry your own burden

it was the turning point when you began

to see things with your own eyes rather

than someone

else’s that was the first step back

toward your dreams and optimism after

you had grown cynical the essence of a

genuine love tale has always been about

discovering your purpose in life your

likes and dislikes and how to open your

heart to yourself the truth is that

money is concealed the items that are

not purchased are the curs jewelry home

renovations clothes and first class

upgrades that are missing these are the

assets of the bank that are not yet in

the state of transformation that you can

observe if you believe in God kindly

select yes you are the calm

understanding person deceptive caring

and forgiving person you are now because

of all that has occurred to you although

you have an open heart you also know

when to set reasonable boundaries you

are kind and strong and people feel at

ease with

you thank you for leading the way and

lighting the way for those you may not

even know you’ve touched

God is never early or late in fact he is

frequently referred to be the god of the

Midnight Hour sometimes he may wait

until the very last minute to give you

what you

need before God intervenes to assist you

he must be fully sure that you will not

act against his perfect time enter yes

to express your

conviction it is crucial to trust TR in

God’s timing but the first step in

Allowing God to work out his plan in

your life and circumstances is to give

up your will and Independence if there

is anything you are waiting on tonight

set your personal schedule

aside even as you wait for your

breakthrough have trust that God is

working good in you for a purpose since

mistakes are inevitable in the human

experience the ideal of perfection is

more alluring than the actual State of

Affairs your Deeds on this Earth will

never measure up to Perfection no matter

how pure your heart may be but in Christ

you are perfect in every way legally and

politically on the other hand you too

are changing every day coin from glory

to Splendor this is a process that takes

time and patience to

evolve if you felt that you needed this

click yes to win God’s or other people’s

acceptance and approval one does not

have to aim for Perfection Jesus accepts

you exactly as you are so there’s no

need to waste time or effort on anything

else you can only give it your all and

relish the process of of maturing sense

he will never put undue pressure on you

ask for something you are unable to

provide you’re going to discover

something today that will alter your

course in

life for a split second you fear that

you won’t have enough cash to cover your

bills and all of a sudden you find

yourself drawing money like a magnet

this life-changing influence on people’s

lives is brought about by activating the

genetic wealth code which will change

your life

forever it is advised that you click the

link in my comments to activate your

genetic wealth code right away while

this page is still up dot please God I

come to you today in accordance with

your word which declares that in

Paradise my Earthly bindings shall be t

and my Loose Ends shall be

released I bound all elements that

impede my financial progress and

repudiate the curse of poverty I declare

that Every curse aimed at me is

unfounded and

ineffective I am freeing God’s fullness

onto myself and by Grace all that is

genuinely mine is Flowing to me in an

ideal way I am no longer a prisoner any

force or authority click the yes button

to make sure you understand this hope is

the Cornerstone that supports Faith some

people try to maintain their faith after

they have completely given up on hope to

be a Prisoner of Hope one must be filled

with think with and communicate hope it

is not going to work never give give up

hope even when everything appears

hopeless and the problem has been there

for a while the Bible states that we

should constantly Place God’s plan for

our life above our own has it says and

everything you do put God first and he

will direct you and Crown you with

success God may be pushing you to go

through a period of Spiritual

Development and harmful

relationships learn to live

obediently and avoid Temptation or even

start serving others never neglect God’s

wishes in favor of your personal

preferences rather put God first in

whatever you do and never lose sight of

his goals to indicate that you agree

click on men the feeling we have inside

the impulse to treat someone kindly who

is not chosen at random God is speaking

to us via it even though we don’t always

acknowledge it doubt or perhaps you find

yourself in a situation that makes you

uncomfortable something within you says

this is incorrect you are feeling God’s

protection so don’t be afraid just avoid

do not ignore his admonitions or attempt

to talk yourself out of it God claims

that if you pay attention to his small

quiet voice the indications calls and

warnings he will guide you in the

direction that is best for your life and

spare you from pain and suffering he

will lead us to success and favor we

receive these instincts far too

frequently yet we dismiss them dismiss

them as crazy or Place undue importance

on them don’t question yourself simply

do as you are told and good things will

come to be sure just type I welcome the

new you have a long path ahead of you

with many perks instead of holding on to

the Past you decide to embrace change

step outside your comfort zone and

complete the challenging tasks each day

those activities that most individuals

would want to avoid many others are

impacted by the example you set as you

make other people’s lives better your

own life gets better as before so also

today making changes to one’s physical

appearance improves one’s emotional and

spiritual well-being the dots are joined

together join our Channel if you believe

in any religion you don’t need anything

else to affirm who you or since God has

already paid the price for your worth

rejection will never be able to fully

engulf you always remember that you are


accepted remain mindful that you are a

daughter of Christ adopted by your

heavenly father to step into that

reality right now even before he made

the world God loved us and chose us in

Christ to be holy and without fault in

his eyes to confirm this typs the next

logical step will come to you more

quickly if you work out the wrinkles in

your ideas you don’t have to build small

and large Concepts to achieve your

ambitious aim all you need is your

creativity we’re not talking about the

next logical step all you need to do is

visualize your idea till it makes sense

you can choose to repeat the past or

discover the keys to Paradise at any

given time but either way fresh

opportunities for longlasting change are

always presented to you it’s crucial to


self-confidence and two know that you

are capable of letting go of the old you

and continuously nourishing the new

you make the connection laugh sleep Su

and eat foods that are fresh from the

ground to bring your mind body and soul

into balance with Nature’s healing

abilities just enter I’m open to change

to make sure since emotions are a

natural part of Being Human I argue that

attaining emotional stability should be

a top priority for all Christians I beg

you to put emotional maturity first in

your life and ask God to give you the

discernment to learn how to manage your

emotions instead of allowing them to

rule you if you find it difficult to

regulate your emotions pray and ask God

God to guide you toward emotional

maturity to become more self-aware when

it comes to these things I believe it’s

critical for you to recognize what

triggers your most intense or vulnerable

feelings his might is adequate for our

challenges the devil uses fear and

pessimism to entice us away from the

close relationship that God Longs for us

die but he wants to grow us and increase

our faith but he can’t accomplish that

if our fear and hopelessness prevent us

from receiving the necessary intimacy

from God God’s power is revealed in our

Frailty he will save his children and

renew our hope God’s Mercy is sufficient

to meet our needs therefore we are able

to endure

suffering God wants us to be vulnerable

even though easier to appear strong and

confident or having it all together then

to be vulnerable as David mentioned you

know allow him to strengthen you from

the inside out while there is silence

because God is our light in The Darkest

Hours he is coming you and rinsing away

your tears friend since the Bible

teaches that all things work together

for the good notice that it says all

things not some of those who love God

then God’s plan for our life will

ultimately be positive you might be

thinking I love God but this life is

just too much right now at this point in

your doubts and what location does that

shine doing good is good in the long run

even if it doesn’t feel feel nice right

now God May utilize even the worst

things that happen to us to bring forth

good things the fact that the challenges

we are currently facing won’t overcome

us is hardening everything is being

ranged by God to work in your favor you

only need to make a small change to your

daily routine to attract endless Joy

pleasure abundance

Independence and self assurance into

your life would you like to know how to

draw in a lot of money see the URL in

the comments section below if that’s the

case please join our Channel if you

follow a religious path and remember

that your heavenly father is always with

you no matter how awful things become

more than our Nanny Peak it is in the

Valley that we find God’s presence that

being said God does not send us into

darkness to do us damage on the contrary

he utilizes it to fortify our faith the

valley has value nevertheless dot when

we feel hopeless we will sincerely ask

God for help you were not made to exist

without the presence of his Spirit you

won’t succeed if you attempt to navigate

life alone because God is a truthful

person you may have confidence that

anything he has declared regarding your

life will come to pass one cannot return

God’s word

empty furthermore you can have faith

that the son of man will fulfill all of

his promises even those of a spouse and

kid therefore he should wouldn’t be

forced to repent but he’s not here

anymore not really as he had promised he

emerged from the grave you are welcome

to come see where he was buried enter I

embrace my power to make sure it is not

necessary for you to try to provide for

yourself since God will give everything

that is required to carry out his word

in your life is his promises will be

fulfilled God will meet all of your

needs if you only maintain your

composure you will find his word and the

same God who looks after me will meet

all of your needs using the abundant

resources he has made available to us in


Jesus sometimes we’re so eager to go on

to the next whether that be our next job

our next relationship or even our next

location that we fail to see the

blessings that await us wherever God may

be locations without the Lord should be

avoided remain in his wake and he will

guide you to the next in his own time to

receive affirmation simply type I am

ready to

shine it is through the hardships that

try your faith that you will meet meet

your biggest obstacles and receive your

greatest rewards God is constantly at

work in our lives growing our faith to


depths God wants us to have such

unwavering faith in his promises that we

are unable to let them go under any

situation if our trust is based on our

feelings then sometimes he makes us wait

longer than we would like to takes us

down paths that make it clear that he is

the only one we have

left when we don’t trust him it’s simple

to give up but when we do our faith will

guide us into the Promised Land Of

Heaven I hope you find blessings and

inspiration life might toss us

curveballs from time to time that appear

unavoidable when that occurs it’s easy

to give up and allow fear to take over

would you please turn your focus to the

fact that God has you firmly in the palm

of his

hand God will make sure you are safe and

taken care of if you put your trust in

him everything that is thrown at him he

can bear dot Victory strength provision

and all you might ever require are in


hands when you’re ready type I’m

optimistic God is with you no matter

what you going through at the moment

instead of wallow in self-pity rejoice

in the good news that God is able to

make everything better allow trust to

build in your heart and focus on his

favor advancement

and blessing as you choose to follow his

word and keep your thoughts and heart

concentrated on him you will witness

those amazing breaks that will Propel

you forward beyond your wildest dreams

as he holds you with his Victorious

right hand is it simple for you to be

thankful no matter what this could be

difficult at first especially if you are

going through hardship the verse for

today I advise is to be thankful and

everything as opposed to yesterday’s

verse which says to be thankful for

everything look for the positive things

that have happened to you no matter what

the situation consider the positive

things that God will achieve rather than

concentrating on the unpleasant things

that have happened to you check this by

typing in yes the statement reads this

is God’s will for you God desires for

you to be close to him so that you might

receive his strength and power via

gratitude which makes it possible for

him to act on your behalf God in spite

of everything that has happened I choose

to be grateful we should therefore

always keep that perspective in mind I

thank you

father even though I’m sick since you

are my healer or thank you God for

saving my marriage even though I am

having marital issues your family and

friends are Priceless Treasures I am

really grateful that you have given me

another morning as you show gratitude

for everything you will witness God’s

hand at work in your life in amazing


you will come out of this or deal

smarter stronger and more resilient than

you were please check yes if you can

relate to this you are called to live a

life of fearless confidence if you are a

believer in Jesus Christ you are set

free from the chains of worry and Dread

because of Jesus fear worry and doubt

have no place in your life all

uncertainty and fear must go one you are

steadfast in your faith and confident

that God is with you to indicate that

you agree type yes declare yourself

justified in Christ Jesus God’s truth

will set you free if you have been

experiencing anxiety or fear again today

by speaking it over your life declare

clearly that you are more than our

conqueror the one who resides within you

is greater than anything in this world

which is why you are fearless like a

lion use caution when dealing with

yourself please click yes if you’re

willing and share this video with five

other people who practiced their



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