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hello and welcome God is speaking to you

today offering a message of Hope and

transformation he sees the challenges

you face the struggles that have left

you feeling depleted and the battles

that have tested your strength but

amidst it all God is extending his hand

ready to guide you toward a brighter

future he promises to teach you how to

fight for your happiness to intercede

for your own soul and to reclaim the

Fire Within you as you embark on this

journey of faith and resilience remember

that your breakthrough is imminent so

hold on to Hope keep moving forward and

embrace the blessings that await type

yes if you’re ready to claim God’s

promises and embark on this journey with

him God is saying to you today God says

the things you’ve been through have

taken something away you’ve lost some

shine you’ve lost some of your innocence

and along the way you’ve also lost

yourself you don’t do the things you

love to do you don’t get excited the way

you did in the old days but if you take

my hand I have a plan I’m going to teach

you how to war for your happiness how to

contend for your joy child I’m going to

show you how to intercede for your own

soul and at the end of it all you’ll

have your fire back like this video If

you have a belief in God don’t stop now

your breakthrough is right around the

corner the last mile is often the

longest one so keep moving forward and

look for ways to pull ahead and win

someone is about to step in and give you

a break continue to believe in miracles

and work to bring about a victory

strengthen your faith to believe that

anything is possible type if you

trust God the Lord said don’t think you

know how this is going to go I realize

certain things are stacked against you

but do you realize I’m a creative genius

I can turn your mess into a masterpiece

I can shift your problem into a very

prosperous purpose stand back and watch

me work and prepare to be surprised I’m

going to to need to shift some things

for my child you will come out on top

rest beloved child in the loving arms of

my peace God is about to lift the

curtain on some amazing things he’s been

working on behind the scenes for you the

stage is set for the big reveal the same

audience that watched you struggle is

going to see you richly blessed type I

am ready to shine to airm God’s not done

with you yet your latter days shall be

better than your former where you are

now now is only the beginning God is

about to launch you into the next

Dimension don’t let your present

circumstances discourage you because

where you start will not be where you

finish the greatness that you’ve

experienced on this level is only a

small glimpse into the greatness to come

get ready for your latter days keep

moving forward it will only get better

and though you started with little you

will end with much God is going to do

something amazing in your life this

month I don’t know what you’ve been

praying about or what has had your

pillow soaked with tears but I am here

today to tell you that God has heard

your prayers his angels have been

dispatched and you will see your

Miracles soon I declare you will see

your health turn around for the good you

will surprise the doctors you will get

the job your job is to act and speak

like it’s going to happen walk by faith

not by sight type if you are ready

God says the place I now have you is

different than your expected and outside

of your comfort zone but I need you to

stretch yourself and rise to the

occasion in this season because I am

preparing you for the next level the

paths you walk now will prepare you for

greater things activate the flow of

unlimited wealth happiness pleasure

freedom and confidence into your life by

making one tiny change to your morning

routine would you want it check Link in

comments below to know the wealth

secrets to attract an abundance of

wealth subscribe to our Chanel Channel

if you love God God is saying to you

today you’re going to be telling a

different story very soon a story of how

Miracles have found you a success story

filled with so much inspiration you will

give so much hope to so many people when

they see how much you overcame and still

came out on top I embrace my power to

airm God is saying to you today you’re

going to be telling a different story

very soon a story of how Miracles have

found you a success story filled with so

much inspiration you will give so much

hope to so many people when they see how

much you overcame and still came out on

top many times when we reach the end of

our rope we turn to prayer but when our

prayers are not instantly answered we

give up today I want to encourage you to

not only pray but to pray persistently

don’t stress out trying to make things

happen on your own give it all to God as

you pray P if you agree God is

saying to you today I know your heart is

broken I know it’s hard to move on but

now I am close to the Brokenhearted I

will bind and protect your wounds so you

can heal the healing process will take

time but as you come into my presence

daily you will have the strength to get

up and walk into the love blessings and

Destiny I have in store for you repeat

after me I am ready to receive a miracle

this week something that completely

transforms and changes my life in a

positive way on all levels in Jesus name

amen type yes to receive it speak this

over your life God I give you my

reputation I’m not going to spend my

life worrying about what people think

about me I am going to be free to be who

I am and be led by you and do what I

believe you want me to do and whatever

people think it’s up to them God is

saying to you today they said you

wouldn’t make it they said you didn’t

deserve it they tried to stop you from

receiving my best my child know that

promotions and blessings come from me

what I promise you no one can take block

or destroy stay in faith I am about to

overwhelm you with blessings type page

to claim it God is getting ready to

surprise you with a wonderful downpour

of blessings remain connected to his

presence and obey his word stop doubting

and allowing fear to dominate your life

I declare you are getting answers to

your prayers today God sees the

Injustice he knows what they took if you

will let God settle your case he will

not only give you what you deserve but

God will pay you back with even more

type yes if you needed this God is

helping you become exactly what you need

to be to fulfill your purpose but you

cannot become the end product without

faith and the process feed on his word

for the proper fuel as you undergo your

process according to your faith be it

unto you beloved never avenge yourselves

leave it to the wrath of God for it is

written vengeance is mine I will repay

says the Lord to the contrary if your

enemy is hungry feed him if he is

thirsty give him something to drink for

by so doing you will keep burning colds

on his head do not be overcome by evil

but overcome evil with good time payment

to airm God is saying to you today

unexpected blessings are coming your way

you will move forward from barely making

it to having more than enough I am going

to open up Supernatural doors for you I

will speak to the right people about you

you will see exceedingly abundantly

above and beyond favor and increase in

your life the devil will find any way to

attack you just to steal your joy if you

allow him to do so whose fault is it if

you already knew he could strike at any

time the devil is a liar and will lead

you to believe anything at your most

vulnerable moment M be faithful even in

those moments when it feels like you

can’t make it type yes every day can be

a good day when the enemy brings

hardship into your life God has a way of

taking that experience and turning it

around for your advantage you may think

you’ve hid a dead end but if you’ll stay

in faith you will see God begin to open

up a new route he’ll put the right

people in your path the right

opportunities the right circumstances to

move you forward toward your god-given


God is saying to you today before this

month ends I am going to blow your mind

with unlimited wealth health and

prosperity like this video If you

believe God you will once again

experience happiness find healing and

thrive in life these wonderful things

will happen not because of your own

power but through the divine grace of

your heavenly father type if you

trust God God’s goodness will leave you

amazed very soon always remember that

God never ignores your tears prayers or

pain he sees hears and will rescue you I

declare that until you are completely

blessed heaven will not rest in the name

of Jesus I command all the difficulties

and hardships in your life to be removed

you are entering a new season of Freedom

Prosperity good fortune and strength so

get ready to receive all these blessings

in jesus’ name God says today I will

turn your pain into strength and your

difficulties into opportunity ities God

says always remember that the Eternal

God is there to protect and support you

he will take care of your enemies and

Grant you incredible success if you stay

faithful to him when you face tough

times don’t worry because God will

answer your prayers and your tears will

turn into tears of joy this is the time

for you to bounce back from all the

struggles and setbacks you have faced I

am here to restore everything the enemy

has taken from you God says I bless

bless you and hold you close to my heart

I shine my face upon you and treat you

with kindness I lift you up and give you

peace allow me to be your source of

strength and comfort when you are facing

tough times in your life don’t worry

because God Is by your side have faith

in his promises and he will make

everything good for you now know that

the most important relationship you can

have is with Jesus Christ he can heal

your broken heart and comfort your

deepest wounds when God decides to bless

you everyone will work in your favor no

matter what others may try to do be

thankful for what you already have and

stay open to the blessings God has in

store for you by God’s grace you will

receive even more the Lord says instead

of worrying bring your needs to God

through prayer and gratitude

acknowledging his presence opens the

door to heaven and invites more miracles

into your life get excited about the

wonderful plans God has for your life

whether it’s ACH achieving something big

finding a happy marriage or overcoming a

significant block all negative

situations will turn around and God will

restore blessings and heal your wounds a

new opportunity is coming into your life

that no person can take away because God

is with you I declare that any negative

influences are broken your health will

get better and your finances will

multiply this week when you have nothing

left expect God you’ll discover

unexpected Miracles that can change your

life forever this is your time for a

comeback where everything that was taken

from you will be restored prepare

yourself for an overflow of blessings

like never before God says I am here to

make your life better bless you bless

your loved ones and ease your pain even

during tough times God will guide and

strengthen you to overcome difficulties

and struggles get ready for an increase

in wealth Better Health and stronger

relationships trust in God completely

and and witness amazing Miracles

happening in your life God says I will

break every negative cycle in your life

a new season of Freedom prosperity and

abundance is coming regardless of your

suffering and doubts I am here to bless

restore and help you even in front of

your enemies start praying and

experience victory in your life God is

breaking every negative cycle that has

been holding you back through prayer you

will be guided to the right places meet

the right people and find the

opportunities your future will be filled

with good things progress and moving

forward God will bring back your

well-being relationships and finances

Jesus says have faith that I will renew

and bless you with blessings beyond your

wildest dreams God bless you your angels

are saying to you everything is going

according to plan so don’t make any

quick decisions or change course without

thinking address deeply rooted beliefs

that might be holding you back from your

desires release negative thoughts to

make way for more helpful beliefs

dealings with others should be favorable

in matters of the heart and in projects

however you must maintain your

spirituality follow your intuition your

angels are with you guiding you and

rooting for you to prosper walk your

rightful path and stay true to who you

are it’s your time now you are divinely

scheduled to evolve at this point in

your life can you sense an exciting

growth phase happening for you there is

another way for you to live to thrive

and love in this world and you are

rapidly heading towards it this is a

time to surrender control and allow a

higher power to direct your course many

exciting New Opportunities situations

and conditions will come into your life

as a result of what you are experiencing

now it’s all part of a greater Divine

intelligence unfolding in loving service

to your sacred life path your angels are

so excited for you to experience expence

the magic that is coming your way you

are entering a time of extreme good luck

positivity and abundance you can

manifest anything you desire now be

thankful that you didn’t end up with

what you wanted because God has a much

better blessing coming your way type yes

to claim that blessing take a moment to

appreciate how far you have come in your

life you have journeyed a considerable

distance and continue to learn you have

conquered challenges that once seemed

unbeatable and it has made you stronger

your progress brings joy to God stay

persistent and keep moving forward you

are cherished make God proud God knows

and sees everything you do and talk in

your life think of that every second of

your life and act accordingly for you

won’t be able to lie about your actions

or could the evil you have done when you

will be standing in front of him on

Judgment Day like this video if you

agree my child no man will be able to

stand before you to oppose you as long

as long as you live just as I was

present with Moses so will I be with you

I will not fail you or abandon you have

I not commanded you be strong and

courageous do not be terrified or

dismayed intimidated for the Lord your

God is with you wherever you go this is

the season where it all turns around for

you God has a great plan for your life

Step By Faith through those open doors

you are walking in a season of awesome

favor this is your bounceback time

the things that you have gone through

have only prepared you and made you

stronger type yes to claim those in this

season affirm that I am appreciating how

far I have come in my life my progress

brings joy to God I am persistent and

will keep moving forward I will make God

proud as God knows and sees everything I

do and talk in my life thank you so much

for watching

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