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my beloved child grasp my hand and let the joy I bring fill your lungs with

eyes closed find Tranquility in the sound of my voice except the truth I

inscribe directly onto your heart remember the challenges you face now are

fleeting the pain and turmoil that Claw at your spirit will soon fade

away you seek a miracle in this moment of calm maintain your faith for I am

here to fulfill all the Wonders you need the Shadows around you will dissipate

Purge your mind of worry as your Shepherd you shall want for nothing your

table will be bountiful your stor is plentiful and your home filled with joy

you won’t awaken burdened as if chains of stone bind your

feet your spirit will soar freely unencumbered as you navigate life’s

journey I will clear your vision so you can see and appreciate the bright future waiting

for you as we walk together hold tightly to my hand I will support you through

every hardship should you face new towering obstacles do not be afraid for I am your

Shield your adviser your guardian in the dark and your light during the day your

Everlasting father your leading voice I cherish you even if it’s hard

for you to believe you’ve endured much and your heart is so scarred it hesitates to trust in love

again you want to believe yet doubts whisper loudly shaking your faith and

clashing against the confines of your thoughts but now let go of that struggle embrace the peace I offer open

your heart to me allow me to come in with my light and break those harsh uncertainties casting them far away into

the ocean’s depths think about this you’ve witnessed my presence in your

life more times than you can count even if you sometimes forget your worries Cloud your vision

you’re eager to know the future and your anxious thoughts bury those memories under layers of

Gloom but today I’m here to awaken those wonderful feelings that have been lying

asleep inside you I bring Vitality back to your being drawing out those dreams

that seem old and forgotten I rekindle the youthful energy

within you don’t worry about your age it doesn’t matter to me I see a Perpetual

spiritual Beauty in you Untouched by the passing of time or the weight of years I

cherish you I look after you and I offer you a protection unparalleled remember I’m beyond human

comprehension I I have no start or end I’m consistent through all time

yesterday today and forever my love for you was set in place

from the world’s creation I sought you out when you stumbled I gave you new life and I’ve

lifted you from dark depths even if you fall seven times I will lift you a

thousand so do you need further proof of my love and might in the these crucial

times my spirit responds to Every Soul that reaches out to me in their need

Embrace This Promise of renewed life imbue yourself with the hope that

reinvigorate I touch your heart mend it and revive its delicate and extraordinary

receptiveness indeed from today onward you’ll shed No More Tears of sorrow or

distress your tears will transform into streams of joy cascading down your face

celebrating the profound emotions that fill your heart you will cry and

gratitude when you recall my deeds and witness all I will accomplish for you and your loved ones your tears will fall

as you notice the subtle blessings in your life all set in place by my

design the friend who reaches out the opening of New Paths the reunion with a

distant relative the emergence of fresh chances and the Unseen moments I’ve

shielded you from harm listen intently and in quietness

for my voice will disclose the future I will unveil hidden perils Twisted Trails

concealed wrongdoings and the malicious intents of deceptive companions I will

speak clearly to alert you when danger is near cautioning you about the frauds and FAL

hoods plotted against you but I will also show you those beautiful moments

when I am at work in your life I will place people in your path for you to bless them so you may finally

see your own worth and no longer allow anyone to belittle you do not forget my voice tells you

your troubles are not Eternal the blessings that await surpass all the afflictions you face today I

love you I protect you and I bless you eternally I am speaking to you now your

soul knows it your spirit feels it this emotion that envelops you tells you that

this is not happen stance you are hearing these words today because I love

you and I know precisely what your heart needs I grant you such strength and

power of decision that you may overcome all the problems that dragged you toward

depression understand this as you listen to my voice and embibe these words that will give you the confidence faith and

strength you will need this day today you shall receive good news great

opportunities and challenges to overcome but know this behind every

conflict lies the greatest blessing you can imagine I’m a caring father intent

on bringing welfare and prosperity to you and your family I have crafted a

plan and purpose for you so I urge you today to discard any doubts and complaints from your thoughts

don’t let anyone push you into negative thinking many wake up each day grumbling

about their troubles and what they lack overlooking the small blessings I’ve placed in their lives considering them

trivial however give me the opportunity to transform your perspective When you

pray trust that I am listening I will take heed and provide the responses you

yearn for my Mercy envelops you sweeter than

honey more luminous than daylight this heavenly affection lights

up every aspect of your existence dissolving your past and the mistakes that haunted you clear your mind of

harmful Notions cleanse your soul from all impurities and emerge with your spirit refreshed shining and unbreakable

like a diamond you are never alone I have never

left you not even for a moment nor nor have I ever forsaken you look at those challenges before you as mere steps

along your path to Victory all conflicts and complications

remain beneath you I do not permit you to return to the Past fix your gaze upon

the Horizon ahead lie your blessings do not look back there is nothing for you

in the land of solitude in times of Good Fortune many will look up to you you’ll will guide

them and I will unlock opportunities for you at the right place and time for your success you’ll surmount every challenge

your foes will no longer distress you sorrow will fade away sadness will

disappear and you’ll no longer feel alone sense it your heart is filled with

happiness this isn’t your imagination my influence is genuinely transforming your

life this change stems from your devoted dynamic

heartfelt belief deeply rooted in my knowledge shaped by my teachings yours

is a straightforward yet potent Faith unshakable by

anyone so now you will prevail in every overwhelming situation you will be

courageous swimming against the current climbing to the summit of any mountain you must Ascend you will control your

emotions your soul will find Tranquility even in the most most difficult

situations you will not lose your spirit or motivation I’m igniting this flame in

your heart you have many years ahead to experience life you’ve felt drained of

energy and health but I am here to rejuvenate you extending your life with

wisdom use your time to be a beacon of blessing to others imparting words of insight within your

family talking about me your narrative will be shared showcasing that Miracles

await anyone who reaches out to me my love for you is why these words find you

now and the passion kindled within you sheds light on your path you’re grasping

the mission I’ve designed for you every past error will become a lesson

preventing you from repeating the same missteps your guidance to those you

cherish is impactful rooted in Precious Foundation ations my teachings your

belief my spirit within you and those challenging times that taught you speak

with kindness and patience so everyone can see that I am a god of affection a

devoted and pardoning father I never forsake my children none are forgotten

for their names are etched in my heart my promise is affirmed through immense

sacrifice the New Day Has Broken arise it’s your time to live step out face

your anxieties claim your territory and embrace your blessings I want you to see with your

eyes the affection I have for you and how this love grows every hour everything is resolved when you speak to

me I will not ignore your pleas and for each of your prayers I have an

answer for your pain I have a holy remedy for your despair

I have comfort it does not matter if you see me or not if you feel my presence or

if doubts tell you I am not there I am with you and everything that has come to

you is because of my love boost your faith a bit more take

that leap and strive to push aside those pointless worries choosing to trust in

the message you’re hearing now it’s the foundation of your faith my promise

won’t be swept away by the breeze they don’t fade over time they come true and

materialize for those who wholeheartedly Place their trust in me I get that

sometimes things are tough for you outcomes aren’t always as you anticipate

you might start your day uplifted by words of divine affection yet encounter

setbacks missing the Boon you hoped for you face rejection from people you

lose things dear to you and your day concludes with your spirit feeling weary

sorrowful let down there might be moments when you feel I’m not listening

but I assure you that’s not true I heard you when you internally exclaimed my God

where are you I noticed your quiet weeping you hide your

pain unwilling to let others see your struggles or know your fears but here’s my counsel don’t hold

back those feelings shout weep let your tears run wild like a raging River and

they will wash away all your distress they will Spring forth like fountains and reach

me here I receive them and sanctify them your tears are precious one day I will

show them to you transformed into diamonds Jewels Majestic Treasures that

you stored over time there is a solo too your

suffering there is an answer to your pain there is a reward for your courage

I have a sacred blessing for your tenacity and perseverance feel these words and you

will remember them when your mind doubts again I’m writing everything you hear in

your heart and you will dream of them so beautiful so true so real that you will

wake up at dawn with a great desire to pray with with all your soul and make this

decision every morning you will believe in the promises you hear and the words

you read in my written phrases that make you feel loved with eternal love and

assure you that I have been um and will always be with you no matter what

happens no matter what comes no matter what you feel even if the world around

you crumbles and the ground shakes if you’re bombarded with negative news if

people full of Doubt lash out at you or even if your own kin turn away from you

here’s the undeniable truth my love for you surpasses all theirs combined cling to this assurance

and your Triumph is guaranteed but if you release this hold

and let malicious dark doubts invade your thoughts you’ll be carried off by

The Winds of skepticism today I’m here to show you that you’re never on your own I’m always

here to listen and respond yet there are moments like now

when I look to see you take the initiative I await the display of your Dynamic faith and for your spirit to

learn to rise above the pessimism you encounter and the poor counsel from those lost in their wrongdoings a future

filled with blessings awaits a reward for your perseverance I’ve prepared a

Crown of Life and success for you and your loved ones what do I ask in return my child offer me your heart and let

your gaze stay fixed on my ways do not Veer off course to the right or the left

and don’t turn back never let the words of others plant themselves in your mind

trapping you in a mire of desolation and isolation if you’re feeling cornered

today thinking you can’t bear anymore that’s precisely why I’ve come to you I

have a miracle for your deep despair I bring healing to those who listen to me hand over your troubles

admit your mistakes to me share your pains and Trust in my

promises I assure you if you have faith in me if you offer your heart if you

turn from your wrongs and follow me on this journey of faith and devotion I will remove those heavy burdens from you

today and you will finally feel liberated this vow will come true for

you now as it always has and will rely on me and have no fear I’m here to

provide comfort and peace amid your struggles showing you I am ever

presentent you recently pleaded for my Aid and your desperation and I’ve

responded my ears are open I am patient awaiting the ideal moment for my Holy

Spirit to reach out to you I see your actions and know your whereabouts even if your mind and senses

suggest you’re enveloped in darkness and all seems lost my love is so profound

that I refuse to let you falter your defeat will not come to pass

don’t lose heart based on what you see beyond the barriers Before You Lie

immense blessings and Heavenly gifts I’m giving you wisdom so that all closed paths may be

open to you and you may cross them from today I will not allow anyone to threaten shame or belittle you your

heavenly father almighty creator of the universe is with you do not fear people

remember how many times the envious have fought against you all the lies they spoke how they struggled to see you fall

but their plans failed here you are still fighting and

today I am filling your heart with renewed desires to live you are receiving a new happiness that

no one will snatch away I hold you in my hands you are

loved so much and you have my affection and attention you’ve held strong in your

faith and followed my teachings I will bestow my favor upon you and your family

trust in me wholeheartedly and simply your future is secure in my care and I

will shield you from those who seek your downfall you won’t be Dishonored my holy

spirit’s light will illuminate your path since you’ve sought my Aid your unjust

persecutors will back down facing their own downfall as their deceit ends

permanently you however will Thrive like a vibrant tree planted by nourishing

streams blossoming and bearing plentiful fruit your family will prosper and

others will look to you as a model influencing generations to come my goodness will envelop you and my

presence will be your constant companion seek me each morning don’t let worldly

distractions cause you to forget the source of your blessings our bond is forged by my grace and your sacrifice

your devotion and belief and the strength of my resurrection choosing to believe in me

even unseen is commendable I will manifest myself to you in profound ways the wonderful sense

of my presence you feel now will always be with you you have at your disposal

the power that created the universe I have told you many times and I repeat I

am with you do not give up in any situation do not submit to the attacks

of your enemies do not allow others to belittle your worth you will not endure

violence nor will you allow your children to be harmed by anyone do not trust those who smile and speak sweetly

to enter your home and destroy your family I have placed Angels around you

to stop the hand of the Devourer but please do your part show me

your faith and take seriously the words you hear your adversary moves

stealthily like a fierce lion awaiting moments when you might Overlook my promises becoming sidetracked only to

stumble and Bruise Your Faith a new Begin by devoting a few moments each day

to me approaching with thankfulness recognizing that your blessings flow

from my love I’ve repeatedly asked for your heart please don’t withhold it

offer it to me freely without hesitancy I absolve your errors clear

your remorse refresh your awareness inscribe my teachings upon your spirit fortify your belief and endow you with

ample Vigor so your life is anchored in adherence and prayer surrendering your heart to me

paves the way to realizing Grand aspirations forgetting this Divine

affection could lead you back to your former ways in this place you’ll find

genuine love and fondness for you I’m incredibly patient with you even if it’s

unclear now but soon you’ll witness it firsthand you are precious ious to me

and to those I hold dear what will I undertake I will achieve what seems

unattainable to you and you’ll be certain that I have reached out to you today holding a sacred intent for you

and your kin if tears come let them flow I will use those tears to lift the

weight burdening your soul today listen closely heed my words they are the

essence of your existence your future and your fortunes I cherish you

difficult days might Loom but there will never be a moment devoid of my love for

you despite the trials that might challenge your life you will never be

forsaken my love and Safeguard will envelop you wherever you are now as you focus on me close your

eyes and embrace my message be bold in your prayers ask for the sustenance

healing bravery and insight you need to achieve your goals pray for your family for all you hold

dear even as challenges rise and fall my presence will be a constant by your side

I am near you don’t need to shout to be heard I am with you in your tears I

stand beside you I heed your prayers and Earnest please I will never hide from

you I have no reason to ignore you you seek me because you trust in my

promise you’ve let go of bitterness and anger recognizing the power of

forgiveness you understand the strength of thankfulness knowing well the force

behind your prayers your prayers are powerful and precious to me I receive

them with love sending back the answers with Care accept them with patience

embrace them with belief await them with thankfulness ready for the blessings

that will soon be in your grasp I’m at work in the hearts of those you love

demonstrate to them their value your sincere commitment to me your actions will influence the lives around you the

world besieges them with ideologies that estrange them from my presence yet you

are like a beacon in the darkness guiding them back home I await them all

offering protection even to those who doubt me your love for them suffices for me I shall

bless and Safeguard them from Evil gradually enlightening them to the truth they live by my love not by

chance one day they will see the sacrifices you’ve made the long nights

you’ve spent praying and the tears you’ve cried for their well-being even When Storms Come and the

ground shakes those who turn to me will find plenty of Hope and

Faith while some might give up lost in failure and confusion unable to tell

right from wrong you will stand strong amid life’s chaos your ship will have

solid sails filled by my guiding wind steering you towards your

goals do not fear when challenges emerge or worry when resources seem scarce

tackle temporary troubles bravely holding my hand and moving forward with resolve remember how deeply you’ve held

on to my teachings if your faith is true Stand Tall facing adversity bravely with

courage and Assurance I will guide you to a place rich in blessings stay

focused on the path ahead heed my words and ignore baseless threats acknowledge

my presence today and Proclaim with confidence I trust in you my cherished

God assert with your own voice that I’m your guide and you shall want for nothing though the Earth May quake

you shall rest beside tranquil streams amidst verdant pastures I shall

satisfy your soul with Heavenly honey guiding you along righteous paths fear

not for I love you and I shall never forsake you this unwavering Faith

powerful and unyielding shall uplift you even in your darkest days amidst the

fiercest battles your enemies May clamor in confusion but I shall bless your

table with peace and provision my Commandments and Corrections shall embolden your steps your countenance

radiating with Divine anointing goodness and mercy shall accompany you my word speaking to your

heart in my presence you shall dwell all the days of your life believing isn’t a

tough task it just asks for you to be humble and straightforward to recognize

your human nature and limits your power may not be endless but I am here to strengthen you to lift you up in my arms

when you stumble to carry you till you achieve what you’re striving for during

tough times I’ll bring peace to your mind and calmness to your heart even if you’re encircled by foes facing their

fearsome threats you won’t be isolated I’ll surround you with my love providing

my protection my strength will guard you against the hardships of this world

offering you a sanctuary stride with Assurance with a

smile that mirrors the peace within show everyone your glowing face declaring my

almighty God my heavenly father showers me with love protection and care I place

all my confidence in him as I touch your spirit your heart will find Serenity

I’ll whisper tender words giving you strength and comfort there is no need to endure storms in your mind day after day

no cause to suffer when others decide if I say there is peace within your spirit

believe in these mighty words that can heal you let gratitude be the only utterance from your

lips never forgetting any of the gifts blessings or benefits I bestow upon you

I forgive your wrongdoings and I forget them entirely I mend your pains lifting you

from Deep despair I fill your soul with kindness and affection if you give your heart to

me now you’ll never feel a lack of Love or a need for

attention you won’t depend on the company of insincere friends or yearn for the acknowledgment of deceitful and

unthankful people I will be your ally your Confidant your sustenance your

deity your Sovereign your guide your supplier your healer I am enhance your

spiritual vision so you can grasp the reality today step through this Gateway

into a life filled with Divine Marvels leaving behind any Abode of grief I have

Splendid and astonishing wonders in store for you blessings you haven’t even

asked for yet I will envelop you in favors born of my unwavering and

everlasting love if you have entrusted me with your heart and are committed to

following me with perseverance and loyalty then no one can snatch you from

my hand however the cunning enemy patiently waits for the moment when you become

distracted and glance back tempted to seek solace in the past causing doubts

to Cloud your mind allowing those traps those uncertainties to enslave you once

more no one can harm you or your family this is crucial to remember the enemy

attacks you to trample your faith and emotional stability the wicked and envious cannot stand to witness someone

as strong as you for they know their end is near their attacks are feeble and

futle when you show no fear and your spirit remains steadfast even in the

face of sudden trials Tranquility stability emotional maturity

self-control Supernatural power these are the gifts bestowed upon you today by

my Holy Spirit there is no room for cowardice or fear your legs do not

tremble with Dread and anxiety does not govern you when adversity strikes

unexpectedly maintain your composure do not waver from your position do not be

swayed by your emotions stay calm and composed remember these words that I

speak to you come and listen allow My Embrace to provide you with the

affection and peace you need during this time I grant you my grace and blessings

it is my fervent desire to see you Triumph and Thrive with eternal life by

my side in the Celestial Kingdom it is your inheritance accept it

live your life here on Earth as it’s meant to be lived with bravery and Zeal with a meaningful goal and foresight

with a steadfast commitment to doing good and spreading my message far and wide I will

work wonders through you I will offer hope and comfort to those in Search and

provide spiritual sustenance to those in need stride forward boldly not letting

the jealousy of others hold you back trust fully in me to find deep peace

recall my assurances when facing threats and my holy spirit will surround you

it’s my desire for you and your family to be encased in an unbreakable Shield

guarded by my Angelic Warriors at all times my Safeguard is constant rely on

me to stand firm against Temptation Revel in the awareness of my NeverEnding

love it carries plentiful blessings you will always have my Safeguard no matter the hurdles you

encounter do not fear for my blessings are with you and they are

irrevocable a pieace like no other awaits you in your future unmatched by

anything or anyone seek my presence and heed my guidance to stay Resolute

against Temptation your Victory your life’s Serenity your fortified Faith

your Keen spiritual awareness these are the rewards for your steadfast belief and your choice to

follow me without falter now is the time to reaffirm your commitment today your path is affirmed

and your spiritual journey is defined I have won it for you with great sacrifice

but you must accept it with faith gratitude and humility it is a gift of love that I myself want to give you

simply tell me sincerely my God I receive and accept this challenge without fear for any

cause I will not turn back when things go wrong fear not feel not bad you are

not alone I am with you I protect you I care for you I want to help and guide

you to find the solution to your conflicts I am lifting the burden of

worry that drains your spirit you have given me your heart I

will take care of your situation I hear your cries I do not ignore your

suffering these words cover you with Assurance peace joy and

confidence your heart feels this hope that fills you like a cup overflowing with water brimming with joy sharing

this beautiful emotion with your loved ones this is the day for your life to

change to leave behind all that has stolen your happiness I’m showing you the sign you’ve asked for I’m all around

you with my presence here I am ask in faith and I assure you mentally you

won’t be stuck in this situation forever I’ve got a plan for you and there’s no

failure on your Horizon good outcomes and blessings are on their way but I

need you to play your part each morning think of me first when you get up

dedicate your initial moments to me be thankful for your existence and all the wonderful blessings in your

life start doing this and it will seem as though the skies have parted showering you with blessings like a

downpour of Grace if you entrust your heart to me you’ll experience streams of living

water flowing within you quenching your Soul’s thirst filling you with the Divine sweetness and Whispering guidance

as you navigate both day and night my holy spirit will be with you

always everywhere you go have no fear I want you to feel and

live in this Joy of my divine presence this marvelous feeling that soothes your

spirit steadies your mind and fills you with with light chasing away the shadows

and heralding a new beginning a Rejuvenation a powerful motivation to

live and proceed on your journey remember your life isn’t shaped by

others words or random events you’re firmly in my care and that’s the reality

you may wonder about the future your family’s fate or when the days of struggle will

end now let me unveil the truth to you your Victory is already set in

stone stand upright and Express gratitude for your success is guaranteed

the world with its trials has been conquered yet your task is to believe genuinely with heartfelt faith and a

steadfast dedication to press on no matter the events or sights you face remember you’re not heading into the

freay alone your path isn’t towards defeat but towards a definitive Triumph this is the

way it must be for those who reach out to me in faith are endowed with extraordinary bravery and zest there

might come a morning when you find yourself amid hurdles and foes facing

more trials than blessings it might seem like Joy is an unreachable

goal but here’s the Eternal truth I lay upon your heart I’ve embedded in you the yearning

and the will to find Happ happiness don’t wait for others to bring

smiles to your face as everyone is engulfed in their own Journeys don’t

depend on the troubled to offer the affection you seek trust in me and

realize that I am the so provider of not just your basic needs but also your

inspiration tranquility and joy I’m your companion your God ever alert to what

you need there’s no one in this entire world who holds as much love for you as I do learn to place your trust and

Reliance on me freeing yourself from dependence on self-serving people from

sacrificing your worth for fleeting companionship close your eyes now no

matter where you are and share with me your thoughts confide in me your fears

if you entrust your life to me holy your heart will know no sorrow you won’t be Shackled by Gloom or

despair however I call for a deeper more active Faith from you our meetings are

daily not just weekly I wish to be your God every single day in every single

moment not just on weekends I’ve been your father since the dawn of time always available any hour of the day my

vigilance over you is constant I never rest In My Embrace you

are safe realize that my eagerness to bless you is sincere and you will start

to see the grand miracles I will perform in your life



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