Don’t Turn Back | God Says

my dear child trust me when life spirals into chaos and unexpected trials knock

at your door I am here lay down your burdens at my feet stay calm hold tight

to your trust in me don’t let your worries or confusion dictate your actions they might only lead you further

into trouble you know my promises you’ve heard them many times I can turn

adversity into blessings what seems to be against against you will eventually work in your

favor as you face hardships it may seem difficult to understand what’s happening

you may feel exhausted tempted to give up and withdraw yet remember you haven’t

come this far only to turn back now you’ve made significant progress opened

numerous doors and many more will open wondrous blessings are on their way but

in moments of Despair there’s much you might miss

this is why I remind you again and again this is not the time to flee or vent your frustration through harsh words or

outbursts do not be consumed by anger maintain your

Serenity consider how deeply I love you and how closely I watch over

you even in your current pain I am here to bring you comfort and Infuse your spirit with

peace you must grasp this comprehend it but above all believe it I am here to

embrace you to offer Solace and to lift you from these

trials put your faith in me I will advocate for you it is not for you to

react with wrath towards anyone I will lead you to Triumph in all things thus I

urge you to seek me to pray and to embrace the peace I offer stay still

I will unveil my plans to you and direct your steps when the time is right I will Empower you with the bright sword of my

mighty word I will signal when it is your turn to stand up I will accompany

you no one can stand against you the day will come but for now I ask

you to seek me in prayer to await my lead and not to let your heart be

troubled accept my peace and be still my dear child

today marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life Embrace this day with optimism and faith and watch as the

world transforms before your eyes step by step remember I am with you every

moment empowering you to surmount each obstacle and to appreciate the subtle Beauties and small blessings I bestow

upon you do not drift away from me or get lost in the negativity that the

world may throw your way stay positive even when when circumstances seem Bleak

inhale the peace I offer you allow your heart to rest and recognize that

everything has a purpose under my watchful eye for I am your almighty God

I am aware of everything that unfolds aiding you in both the significant trials and the Minor Details of life

nothing escapes my notice I extend my love to you and urge you to show

compassion and patience towards others I desire for you to forgive them your

interactions could lead many back to me today I Infuse you with new strength and

wisdom to address every challenge live today joyously and

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