y dearly loved child I offer my hand to you with a message of love and wisdom in

a world that is full with noise and uncertainty I hope you will accept it

instead of rushing past I would ask that you pause for a moment and pay close

attention to what is being said this is not a chance occurrence rather it is a Divine moment that has

been crafted just for you without any other consideration should you continue reading these lines you will discover

the solution to the puzzles that have been plaguing Your Existence do not let distractions have

the opportunity to take away this Priceless time have confidence in me as I lead you

from the concealment of the Shadows into the illumination of the truth inside this holy

place it is possible for miracles to take place and hearts to be changed

please please my dearly loved one do not turn away from the gift that is waiting for you and instead accept it with open

arms you and let it shine light on your path as we reach the end of this message

I promise to answer your deepest questions and bring peace to your soul are you ready my child let us embark on

this Divine journey together my child in the beginning moments of our journey together today hear my voice speaking

directly to your heart aure a promise of triumph over your hardships is being made by God who is

here to announce it you are the one who will emerge Victorious my dearly loved

kid the disputes that are attempting to make you feel uneasy will not be

successful you should not allow dread to obscure your spirit or uncertainty to infiltrate into your whole

being as you make your way through the storms instead steadfastly cling to your

faith and put your conf confidence in my Everlasting presence keep in mind that I

am here with you and that I will not do you any damage in those moments when

tears threaten to Cloud your vision I want to be able to touch you while I’m keeping a close eye on you as I do so

embrace my grace as a source of Solace and protection my most important mission is to provide nourishment to your heart

in order to mend the Brokenness and to alleviate your suffering by replacing it

with joy in my eyes you are more significant than everything else that might ever be to me

comprehend I am committed to your protection and your peace because of my boundless love for you never will I

forsake you cast aside all fear and let your heart be steadfast in faith for

even amidst life’s greatest challenges I will shower you with blessings and pave your path with success trust in me and

find rest I am the one who who wipes away your transgressions and heals your

wounds the when I am at your side there is no means by which you can be

defeated as long as I am protecting you those who are accusing you will have to face me with The Bravery of a

warrior your path is led by me and I fight clear away obstacles and

ultimately triumph over them I am the one who rescues you from the depths of Sorrow who bestows upon

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