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hear me my beloved child in the Silence

of your heart where Whispers of doubt

and fear often reside I am calling out

to you this is not just any call it’s a

Divine invitation from me your creator

your God it’s time for us to Converse

for you to share your deepest desires

and questions and for me to listen and

respond my words are not distant Echoes

they are as close as your breath is

intimate as your thoughts approach me in

prayer a your spirit with mine and you

will understand the depths of my wisdom

and love I sought you out first even

before you were aware of my existence

finding me is not a strenuous task it’s

a gentle Journey of Faith call upon me

and I will hear you cry out in your

moments of need and I will answer but

brace yourself for my response will be

more wondrous than you could ever

imagine I plan to bless you in ways that

exceed your wildest dreams yet I ask for

your trust and faith in me speak kindly

of yourself for you are precious in my

eyes you are my child created

purposefully for such a time and place

as this now I have a request for you

stay focused do not be distracted and

most importantly do not forget place

your faith and trust in me even amidst

the trials and tribulations you face you

are never alone I have always been your

protector your sustainer your guide it

is not too late heed my call for I’m

speaking directly to you you can feel my

presence can’t you I yearn for your

well-being and long to improve your

circumstances seek my face and I will

remove remove all that hinders you and

blocks your path should you find

yourself slightly astray kneel before me

and I will set your path straight again

distance yourself from malevolent

friends those who seek to convince you

of your inferiority those who fail to

appreciate your true self and those who

perpetually Endeavor to make you feel

inferior these toxic companions do not

serve your best interests if you part

ways with them shall not miss them for

or I shall bring beautiful individuals

into your life with gentle spirits and

nobler intentions prepare yourself for a

forthcoming Miracle you shall soon

receive Superior blessings I love you

and I do not wish for you to stray from

me if you distance yourself the

conflicts of this life shall steal away

your desire to live you are precious I

pay pay a great price for you rescuing

you with my own blood tearing you from

the clutches of the enemy my presence

dwells within your heart I have

liberated you from the curse and

Punishment I have never forsaken you nor

have abandoned you I am with you always

return to me and you shall witness many

things changing as you embrace the love

I am imparting to you discard once and

for all the hurt words of those who

belittled you understand that many

envied your success and wished for your

downfall aiming to destroy but today you

stand tall for I lifted you up with my

mighty hand the time for weeping has

come to an end you need not endure

suffering speaking to your life I am

granting healing and removing all

painful emotions from your being

starting today rivers of Living Water

crystalline streams of Exquisite

happiness immense emotional strength and

unwavering thoughts shall flow from your

heart your desires to progress and

Triumph shall multiply in this very

moment a time of significant

transformation is upon you you will see

and feel the Myriad changes unfolding in

your life I call you to return to me and

remain in my presence eternally I long

to bless every aspect of your life your

actions your dreams your giving and your

receiving they will flourish and

multiply under my blessings my desire is

for you you to worship me serve me and

stay alert to my guidance and humility

and surrender seek me for in such a

posture I will Infuse you with wisdom

making you a source of blessings for

your family friends and Nation stay

close to me for my love for you is

unending endure a little longer for you

are capable reflect on your journey the

challenges you’ve overcome and the

strength you found even when doubt and

weakness seemed overwhelming I urge you

stand firm persevere and persist I am

with you in this journey after these PES

our bond will strengthen and you will

emerge more you in this journey you walk

Let each step be a testament to your

faith in me the world may present trials

and tribulations but fear not for I have

overcome the world in your weakest

moments when you feel you cannot take

another step remember it is in your

weakness that my strength is made

perfect you’re like a precious gem

refined and shaped through the pressures

of Life each challenge you face is an

opportunity for growth a chance to shine

brighter do not shy away from these

moments for they are part of your unique

Journey designed to bring out the best

in you I am the Potter and you are the

clay Under My Loving Hands your life is

being molded into a beautiful

Masterpiece there may be times when the

process feels uncomfortable even painful

but trust in my design the outcome will

be a work of art a life that reflects my

glory and grace remember I am not only

your God also your loving father my

plans for you are for good to give you a

hope resilient than ever so you’ve

questioned why I allowed certain trials

and feared I had abandoned you no that

is not so I have a grand purpose for you

I intend to elevate you to bless you

beyond measure the challenges you face

are preparing you for greater things for

remarkable blessings ahead cherish my

words let them guide you avoid dwelling

on unfounded fears or harboring

resentment dedicate your time to me

immerse yourself in my words of peace

and strength let go of negativity and

burdens that hinder your faith and

understanding of my plans for you

release yourself from past hurt and

grievances even if you struggle to find

words or desire to speak to me come as

you are in silence if you must I am here

to be with you in solitude to embrace

you with love and understanding even

when words fail you pe know that I

perceive the unspoken yearnings of your

heart I know perfect but what you are

feeling trust me I have a new future in

store for you great blessings are on the

horizon anticipate them I in a future

when you feel lost or uncertain look to

me I will guide your steps light your

path and lead you to places beyond your

imagination in your Journey of Faith be

bold and correct just stand firm in what

you believe for I am with you speak

words of kindness act with love and

extend Grace to others in doing so you

become a beacon of my light in a world

that often dwells in darkness remember

that my love for you is unending a

constant presence in your life in every

Sunrise see my hope in every sunset find

my peace you are never alone for I am

always with you in your heart and by

side may you carry this message with you

a reminder of my unfailing love and

grace let it be a beacon in the dark of

comfort in times of struggle in a source

of joy in moments of happy happiness now

go forth with confidence knowing that I

am guiding you face each day with

courage holding on to faith and

embracing the love that surrounds you

for you are my beloved and in my love

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