Don’t Skip This Video If You Love Jesus! He Has a Message for You That Will Change Your Life

do you believe in the devil or in me

this is the most important question to

will ever face in your life if you

choose the devil then stop this video

right now and go back to your miserable

existence but if you choose me then keep

watching this video Until the End my

child I have something very important to

tell you the devil is a deceiver he

wants you to think that he is more

powerful than me but he is not he is a

liar and a murderer he is the father of

all sin and evil he has been sinning

from the beginning and he will never

stop he hates you and he wants to

destroy you he wants to take away

everything that I have given you and

prevent you from receiving the blessings

that I have prepared for you but do not

be afraid for I am with you always do

not be discouraged for I am your God I

will give you strength and courage I

will help you and protect you I will

hold you with my righteous right hand

and never let you go I love you more

than you can imagine and I want you to

be happy and successful that is why I

set my son Jesus Christ to die for your

sins and to defeat the Devil work he

rose from the dead and he is alive today

he is the way the truth and the life he

is the only one who can save you and

give you eternal life now I want you to

repeat after me this declaration say it

out loud with faith and confidence this

will help you to activate the power of

God in your life and to overcome the

devil’s lies I am a child of God God and

I belong to him I am forgiven and free

from sin and guilt I am blessed and

favored by God I am healed and whole in

jesus’ name I am prosperous and

successful in everything I do I am

protected and delivered from all evil I

am loved and accepted by God and by

others I am strong and courageous in the

Lord I am joyful and peaceful in the

Holy Spirit I am victorious and more

than a conqueror through Christ who

loves me amen do you feel the difference

do you feel the presence of God in your

life I hope you do because he is always

with you and he wants to bless you

abundantly now let us pray together

close your eyes and open your heart to

God he is listening to you right now now

dear heavenly father thank you for your

love and grace thank you for sending

your son Jesus Christ to die for our

sins and to give us eternal life thank

you for your Holy Spirit who guides us

and Comforts us Lord we come to you

today with Humble Hearts we confess that

we have sinned against you and we ask

for your forgiveness we renounce the

devil and his Works in our lives we

declare that he has no power over us

because we are covered by the blood of

Jesus Lord we ask for your blessing upon

Our Lives we ask for your wisdom and

guidance in everything we do we ask for

your provision and protection in every

situation we ask for your healing and

restoration in every area of Our Lives

Lord Lord we also pray for others who

need you we pray for our family and

friends our church and Community our

nation and world we pray that you would

save the Lost heal the sick Comfort the

Brokenhearted deliver the oppressed and

bring peace and justice to all Lord we

thank you for hearing our prayers and

answering them according to your will we

thank you for your faith faithfulness

and goodness we thank you for your mercy

and Grace we praise you and Worship You

Lord you are worthy of all glory honor

and power you are the king of kings and

the Lord of lords you are the alpha and

the Omega the beginning and the end we

love you Lord with all our hearts Souls

minds and strength in jesus’ name we we

pray amen before you go leave a comment

below to express how much you love God

and Jesus

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