a powerful prayer for the health of our

loved ones dear heavenly father we come

before you today with grateful Hearts

thanking you for the gift of family Lord

we lift up our loved ones to you those

near and far and we earnestly pray for

their health and well-being we pray for

physical health that you may protect

them from illness and harm Shield their

bodies from pain and suffering and Grant

them the strength to overcome any health

challenges they may face we ask for your

healing touch to be upon them restoring

them to full health we pray for mental

and emotional well-being that you may

grant them peace in times of anxiety and

Clarity in times of confusion surround

them with your love and comfort

reassuring then that they are never

alone in their struggles we pray for

spiritual health that you may draw them

closer to you each day fill their hearts

with faith hope and love and guide them

in your ways May their relationship with

you be a source of strength and purpose

Lord we also ask for wisdom and

discernment for ourselves as we support

our loved ones show us how to be a

source of

encouragement understanding and

compassion help us to be a beacon of

Your Love in their Liv in times of

sickness be their healer in times of

weakness be their strength in times of

Despair be their hope and in times of

doubt be their unwavering faith we trust

in your plan for each of our family

members knowing that your love for them

is greater than we can fathom may they

feel your presence and experience your

grace each day in jesus’ name we pray


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