DON’T SKIP MY CHILD #godmessage

you hate me keep scrolling but if you

love me please pause for seconds my

child you are very special I created you

in my image do you believe that Jesus

Christ can change all of this and bring

peace and victory you will also increase

your income this week if you believe

that Jesus Christ can change everything

type on men this will give strength to

the weary and increase your luck this

week we will face life challenges and

difficulties we will believe in the

grace and mercy of the Lord and allow

his love to fill our lives we will love

each other and face all life’s

challenges and difficulties with love

and passion send this video to all your

friends and family if you refuse

remember what was said my child If you

deny me before others I will deny you

before my father you will receive good

news and blessings this week may God

bless you now it’s your turn if you

believe please share this gospel with

someone you love if you still don’t care

friend click the Subscribe button so you

don’t miss out on God’s messages in your

life thank you very much may God bless


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