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hello and welcome in times of need and

uncertainty I turn to the source of all

miracles our heavenly father with

gratitude in my heart I come before him

acknowledging his continuous care and

protection over my life his goodness

knows no bounds and his faithfulness

endures forever today I seek his

extraordinary miracles to manifest in my

life knowing that his power transcends

all understanding I commit my entire

being to his care trusting that he will

Redeem Me from any adversity for he is a

miracle working God capable of

transforming The Impossible into reality

as I embark on this journey of faith I

pray for the removal of every fear and

the strengthening of my unwavering trust

in him may his will be done in my life

and may his miracles abound bringing

glory to his name amen let us pray

heavenly father I come before you today

in need of your miracles in my life

thank you for your continu care and

protection over my life you are good and

your faithfulness lasts for a lifetime

bless my life with your extraordinary

Miracles every day fill me with your

faith that never shakes I commit my

entire life to your care redeem my life

from the hands of the wicked Lord you

are a miracle working God display your

power in my life remove every fear and

replace it with wholehearted faith in

you my God deliver me from every plan of

the wicked to frustrate and dest destroy

my life I pray father Lord that your

will for my life will come to pass in

jesus’ name please come through for me

and Grant me your Miracles I put all my

trust in you Lord I pray you to

intervene in every situation that I am

facing in my life I Praise Your Name

Lord that even though my circumstances

seem hopeless I have hope in your

Miracle fight all my battles for me Lord

you are my refuge in my time of weakness

I cannot do anything without your


I pray you will stretch forth your hands

and lift me out of every problem help me

realize the exceeding greatness of your

empowerment for me in my weakness I give

you all the glory for you are able to do

much more than my wildest imaginings

according to your power at work in my

life I claim your powerful miracles for

my life in the mighty name of Jesus

Heavenly Father your word says in

Deuteronomy that he is the one to

be praised he is your god God who

performed for you those great and

awesome wonders you saw with your own

eyes I exalt Your Name Lord for your

goodness and mercy perform great wonders

in my life so that the world will see

the mighty works of your hands and give

glory to your name beautify my life with

unending favor and blessings make me

prosperous in all that I do Lord please

grant me the grace to remain steadfast

in your love and faithfulness Cover Me

with Your Precious Blood and fill me

with your Holy Spirit help me to be

patient loving and compassionate to

others as you have shown me all things

are possible with you father quiet every

storm in my life and fill me with

Endless Possibilities I believe you are

my only source of Miracles and

breakthroughs use me as a point of

contact to those expecting to receive

miracles from you I remain hopeful as I

look to you as my only source of miracle

I am thankful Lord for your unending

miracles in my life in Jesus Jesus

mighty name I pray amen thank you for

who you are in my life I thank you for

loving me before I first loved you I

know I don’t deserve the grace I have

today but you gave it to me anyway thank

you for the cross and the blood that

heals us from all our weaknesses I

possess healing in Christ Jesus I know I

bear the mark of Jesus Christ and I know

you are my strength when I am weak you

died for me and took away all my

infirmities and will give me a body that

is healthy and glorifies God Isaiah

says but he was pierced for our

transgressions he was crushed for our

iniquities the punishment that brought

us peace was on him and by his wounds we

are healed Malachi says but unto

you that fear my name shall the son of

righteousness arise with healing in his

wings and ye shall go forth and grow up

as scaves of the stall for this reason I

believe you are our healer and B bom of

Gilead I plead the blood of Jesus over

any infections and wounds inflicted on

me by the enemy Psalm verse makes

me understand that many are the

afflictions of the righteous but the

Lord delivers them from all their fears

therefore perform and perfect your word

in my life rescue my body from the hands

of the wicked one Lord Jesus here I am

again asking you to do what only you can

do in my life heal save and preserve me

from sickness father I know in my

witness I am made perfect by the blood

of Jesus sickness has no power in my

life deliver my body and soul from

destruction in the hands of the devil

scripture tells me that you are the same

yesterday today and forever you are the

God who performs Miracles so do a

miracle in me heal me through and

through deliver me from my tendency

towards anxiety fear and worry show me

how you fight for me fill me with the

Holy Spirit give me a vision for what a

healthy heal me looks like and make me

whole once again in Christ with Divine

Health tenacity and purpose take my

efforts and multiply them Lord my soul

waits for you to do what only you can do

I am free in Jesus name amen heavenly

father I call on you right now in a

special way it is through your power

that I was created every breath I take

every morning I wake in the moment of

every hour I live under your power I ask

for your healing power in my life I ask

that you touch me with your power for if

you created me from nothing you can

certainly recreate me fill me with the

healing power of your spirit and cast

out anything that should not be in me

mend and heal what is broken root out

any unproductive cells open any blocked

arteries or veins and rebuild any

damaged areas remove all inflammation

and cleanse any infection let the warmth

of your healing love pass through my

body to make new any unhealthy areas so

that my body will function the way you

created it to function restore me to

full health in mind and body so that I

may serve you the rest of my life my

Affliction has become a cross that

burdens me with fear and uncertainty

cast out every fear and revive my faith

give me strength that may be filled with

hope let your Holy Spirit come to my Aid

that I might live each day in the joy

for which thou fashion me I pray for

healing in My Body Soul and Spirit that

I may be your servant in this world and

enjoy the fullness of your presence in

the life to come I thank you for all the

blessings in my life the stripes Christ

endured provided healing and power over

illness Lord direct that healing towards

me and some others who suffer who

believe you can restore them to full

health I believe you have already

provided my healing thank you for being

my great physician in faith believing I

accept your gift of of restoration your

word says in Isaiah but he was

wounded for our transgressions he was

bruised for our iniquities the

chastisement of our peace was upon him

and by his stripes we are healed I

declare your healing power in my life

you are the hope for the Brokenhearted

and save those who are crushed in spirit

the righteous person may have many

troubles but you Lord deliver him from

them all I ask that you deliver me Lord

I know you will never leave nor forsake

me I declare victory over my life I

declare that I am free from Satan and

his demonic agenda over my life I

declare strength fruitfulness and

Supernatural healing all glory honor and

praise be to you Lord from whom all

healings flow in the mighty name of

Jesus I receive my healing amen Lord

Jesus thank you that you love us I know

that you hate what illness does to your

children and our loved ones I ask in the

name of Jesus that you will heal this

disease that you would have compassion

and bring healing from all sickness help

me to trust in your healing Grace the

scriptures say in Exodus

You Shall Serve the Lord your God

and he shall bless your bread and water

and I will take sickness away from the

midst of you it is no doubt that from

Generations ped up to today God has kept

his Covenant with his children and it’s

our sole right and responsibility to

take advantage of this this promise and

live in Divine Health as children of

Promise his word to us is truly clear

but he said my grace is sufficient for

you for my strength is made perfect in

weakness I will restore your health and

I will heal your wounds declares the

Lord Jeremiah

father I pray for healing a quick

recovery build up our immune systems and

remove any virus that tries to linger I

pray for complete healing in jesus’ name

I also lift up other families who are

enduring sickness some are encountering

severe illness and some serious and some

minor ones I pray you will Comfort the

sick and heal them completely give them

strength and peace from above Psalm

says the Lord will sustain him on his

sick in his illness you restore full

health father please give me the

strength to endure any pain Lord Jesus I

need your help in my weakness let the

blood of Jesus cleanse me from within

almighty God you’re the only source of

health and healing in you there is calm

and the only true peace in the universe

Grant to each one of us your children an

awareness of your presence in the Holy

Spirit and give us perfect confidence in

you oh Lord in all pain weariness

Brokenness and anxiety teach us to yield

ourselves to never failing care knowing

that your love and power surround us

trusting in your wisdom and your

outstretched hand to give us good health

strength and peace in the midst of the

storm Heavenly Father your word says the

prayer of faith shall heal the sick

therefore we declare by faith Psalm

which says he that dwelleth in the

secret place of the most high shall

abide under the shadow of the mighty

king of glory keep my soul from fear and

Body in Divine safety that my soul

dwells in safety all the days of my life

that the enemy never has access to any

part of my body thank you Father for

healing me and setting me free from all

forms of danger thank you for the

healing Grace thank you for the blood of

Christ I declare I am whole and declared

free in Jesus name amen thank you for


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