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my beloved child I watch over those I

cherish with meticulous care and each

challenge that comes your way shall be

transformed into a source of blessing I

shall distance those who align

themselves with malevolence and seek to

sabotage your future undermining my

divine plan they are unaware of the Fate

that awaits them deceived by the false

belief that they possess more power than

your heavenly father who loves you

unconditionally stand Resolute in your

faith do not waver pay no heed to the

critics and attackers who may cross your

path Focus your heart and mind on

preparing to manage the multitude of

blessings I have in store for you I am

your true father the one who loves you

unconditionally each day as the sun

ascends I eagerly await to meet you

these words my child resonate deep

within your heart feel my presence pres

as you read them today bow your head in

reverence before me allow yourself a

moment of Stillness close your eyes and

surrender to the Embrace of my love let

not your tears be held back for they

shall wash away the doubts and despair

that have clung to your spirit rise my

beloved shake off the dust of yester

years and stretch your arms toward the

heavens letting your joyful shout

reverberate victory

is yours and as you move forward never

forget the triumphs of your past from

this day forth you shall achieve even

greater Feats for you have entrusted me

with your life and submitted to my will

know that I love you deeply and folding

you in a warm and affectionate embrace

you shall neither be defeated nor

overwhelmed fill your spirit with

courage and declare your unwavering

belief in me for your faith ignites the

very essence of our connection amen just

as the words in this video resonate

deeply I hope they have touched your

heart and spirit the journey we shared

today is a testament to the power of

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you’d like to share no one can serve two

masters either you will hate the one and

love the other or you will be devoted to

the one and despise the other you cannot

serve both God and money therefore I

tell you do not worry about your life

what you will eat or drink or about your

body what you will wear is is not life

more than food and the body more than

clothes truly I tell you unless you

change and become like little children

you will never enter the Kingdom of

Heaven therefore whoever takes the lowly

position of this child is the greatest

in the kingdom of heaven and whoever

welcomes one such child in my name

welcomes me do not store up for

yourselves Treasures on Earth where

moths and Vermin destroy and where

thieves break in and steal but store up

for yourselves Treasures in Heaven where

moths and Vermin do not destroy and

where thieves do not break in and steal

for where your treasure is there your

heart will be also greater love has no

one than this to lay down one’s life for

one’s friends for those who exalt

themselves will be humbled and those who

humble themselves will be exalted come

follow me and I will send you out to

fish for people therefore I tell you

whatever you ask for in prayer believe

that you have have received it and it

will be yours and when you stand praying

if you hold anything against anyone

forgive them so that your father in

Heaven May forgive you your sins share

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