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my beloved child do not skip if you are

a real Christian I understand the

burdens you bear and the trials you face

life in its endless complexity can often

seem a daunting maze filled with

obstacles and

hardships but take heart for these

struggles are not for not they exist to

mold you to refine you to make you

stronger in these challenging times it

is Faith and perseverance that will be

your guiding Stars they are the beacon

that will lead you through the darkest

nights and the stormiest Seas hold on to

them for they are the essence of your

spirit the very fabric of your being yet

know this my child you do not face these

trials alone Divine love envelops you a

love so profound and so encompassing it

defies mortal

comprehension this is the love of the

creator for his creation a love that

sees past your flaws your mistakes your

imperfections it is a love that is

unconditional never wavering always


you are cherished my child in the depths

of your despair in the height of your

joy in The Quiet Moments of solitude and

in the bustling thrum of life you are

loved you are cared for you are watched

over not a moment goes by that you are

forgotten or neglected even when you

stumble even when you fall I am there

ready to lift you up to set you back on

your path I am there in the laughter of

a child in the warm of a friend’s

Embrace in the Solace of a quiet prayer

I am there always there never far from

you remember my child as you walk

through life you are never alone I am

with you every step of the way lean on

this Divine love draw strength from it

let it guide you it is a Beacon of Hope

a testament of Faith a symbol of

unyielding love it is yours always and


my beloved child the Journey of Faith is

not without its challenges there are

twists and turns Hills and Valleys and

sometimes we stumble but remember it’s

in these moments of stumbling where we

find the true strength of our faith

forgiveness is a vital part of this

journey it’s like a bomb soothing the

wounds of your heart and creating space

for love and compassion to grow it’s not

always easy but it’s a step you must

take to move forward on your path to

spiritual grow growth have you been

holding on to pain are there grudges

that weigh heavily on your heart I

encourage you let them go forgive those

who have wronged you not for their sake

but for yours by doing so you free

yourself from the chains of resentment

and open your heart to the

transformative power of divine love but

forgiveness is not just about others

it’s also about forgiving yourself we

all make mistakes and sometimes these

mistakes lead to to guilt and regret but

remember my child mistakes are not

failures they are lessons opportunities

for growth forgive yourself for the

missteps you have made and see them as

stepping stones guiding you towards a

stronger faith I know you have doubts I

know you have fears but let me reassure

you these are not signs of weakness they

are signs of your growing Faith doubt

means you are questioning you are

seeking and fear means

you are stepping out of your comfort

zone you are growing so do not shy away

from these feelings embrace them use

them as tools to deepen your

understanding and strengthen your faith

and remember you are never alone on this

journey I am always here guiding you

loving you cheering you on do not fear

the doubts my child embrace them for

they are signs of your growing

faith my beloved child sh sharing this

message of faith and love is a testament

to your belief in this vast Universe of

digital connections subscribing to this

channel is your way of passing on the

torch of Jesus’s teachings by clicking

that button you are not just following

you are leading others to discover their

own path towards Divine love and

spiritual growth you are extending the

hand of Fellowship making the circle of

Faith wider

Stronger by sharing this message my

child you become a Beacon of Hope hope

and love to

others my beloved child your journey

does not end here you have absorbed the

Divine message walked the path of

forgiveness and responded to the call

yet the road to spiritual growth is a

continuous Journey there is more wisdom

to glean more love to understand and

more faith to

nurture awaiting you is another step


Revelation are you ready to deepen your

faith click on the end screen video

where we EXP Lord the power of Prayer in

your life our

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