Don’t Skip | God Is Begging For Your 1 Minute | #god #godmessage

my beloved child I am with you your

blessing is coming and nothing will stop

it there will soon be an answer to your

question your needs will be met and your

health will be better the person you

love will come back to you this is meant

to give you courage start being happy

today because friends family will come

looking for you I’d like them to see

your happy recharged face let your smile

affect them and let them see the

wonderful gift I’m about to give you my

word has been given in plenty is being

announced I never tell lies and I always

do what I say I will do remember this

all the time to stay calm and WorryFree

now that your time has come I will end

your pain myself tomorrow will bring you

days of happiness and fun so make the

most of them my child don’t be afraid

don’t cry and don’t give up trust me

because I’m good talking to you today

believe it with all your heart because I

hear you I can feel your humble

heartbeating and I can hear your prayers

from my Throne I will bless you and

favor you with all my might the gates of

my grace will open for you simple

Believers people with Humble Hearts and

people who truly and honestly call on my

name are all in my presence remember

that you can always count on my strength

in goodness I will never leave you or

forget about you as the years go by I

will always be with you even when you

have problems and enemies or when you

feel weak needy and sick this is

something I always tell you so you don’t

forget I wish you to look for me every

day and remember what I said because I

can save you I tell you every day that I

will do it because I want you to believe

me rest easy at night and when you wake

up in the morning be happy and sure that

my promise can’t be broken I love you

and will always bless you it this way it

is this way and it will stay this way

now tell me that you believe I want to

feel strength and happiness through your

words that enemy has come with all their

might to try to pull you away from my

side because you are about to receive

that long awaited blessing it’s not a

reason to get angry and give up if

things aren’t going the way you plan

today I know how you feel look look at

me and we’ll make things right avoid

getting away from me and don’t hide how

could you ever doubt that I’m real where

did you get the idea that I can’t love

you why do you think so little of

yourself your words have made me cry I

also have a heart that really feels I

care about you please never leave my

side you didn’t come looking for me

first when you were depressed and

hopeless when you thought your last day

had arrived EI went to where you were

and hugged you so softly cleansing your

soul and heart because I have forgiven

all your sins I comforted you healed you

helped you stand up you were born again

and could walk again now tell me what

are you going to do will you always

believe what I say no matter what you

see or feel I promise you again that I

will not let you down I firmly say this

my promises will not be broken so walk

with with me handin hand with a calm

heart and full confidence I promise that

I will never break my promise to you I

know that life gets busy or have to put

me aside sometimes so I ask that when

the noise stops and there is silence you

give me a minute of your time one minute

with me is better than a thousand hours

in this world of pain come on over

because I’ll be there to hear your

prayers remember that your beautiful and

tender face faith in my word can give

you the peace your spirit need you

already know that I will keep my

promises if they are written down they

are stronger and more reliable than

anything else in the world you give me

your heart you feed on my words and you

believe with all your heart I like how

you act how dedicated you are are I will

reward you there share this video with

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