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son right now as I speak to you I ask

that through your prayers you bring all

your troubles to me dedicate your life

to prayer surrender your concerns to me

for I your God am willing to lead you on

A New Path a path for which you were

destined my beloved Son if I told you

that every day your faith is tested that

often The Winds of adversity blow

forcefully trying to drag you away from

my love and my will would you believe me

know that what the enemy wants most is

to see you succumb to difficult ulties

to the trials you have faced for when

you surrender the enemy takes over

pushing me away from you but I ask you

with all my love do not surrender never

give up for I am here with you and what

I have to tell you today will leave you

well with positive thoughts and full of

faith that everything will be resolved

for I declare that your life will be

rewarded with my divine blessing I have

such confidence in the blessings you

will receive in your life in your home

that you will thank me and remember

everything I’m telling you now you will

witness the Wonders that will happen in

your life I trust and ask for your trust

and faith above all else son do not be

swayed by despair by the darkness of

Doubt for this is not what I want for

your life it is harming you be assured

that I am with you and I will be with

you until the end of days when you give

in to discouragement when you bow your

head in the face of difficulties the

enemy rejoices he strengthens himself in

your weakness in your lack of faith he

desires for you to distance yourself

from me to forget my love and my promise

of Abundant Life lift up your head stand

firm in faith have confidence in what I

am prophesying now for I am giving you

power over every enemy and nothing

absolutely nothing can Prevail against

you when you are in me my son remember

my Servants of the past the men and

women who faced Giants who traversed

arid deserts who were thrown into the

lion’s then they were all tested but

none succumbed to despair for they

trusted in me and I delivered them from

all their afflictions just as I was with

them I am with you now I know your

struggles your fears your pains and I am

here to tell you do not fear for I am

with you do not be dismayed for I am

your God often the reason you find

yourself in difficult situations is

because of your distance from me when

you allow strange voices to influence

you when you let yourself be swayed by

counsel that does not come from my

spirit you open space for the enemy to

act in your life beware sometimes there

are those who may seem like friends but

deep down do not wish you well they are

like wolves disguised as sheep ready to

lead you down Twisted paths distancing

you from my presence from my truth when

you let yourself be guided by these

voices when you allow doubt and fear to

take root in your your heart you drift

away from me from my light that

illuminates even the darkest paths and

it is in this distance that the enemy

finds room to seow chaos in your life

when you are close to me when you allow

me to guide your steps all the difficult

things in your life become bearable for

I have an answer for each of your

afflictions a miracle reserved for each

of your needs a blessing ready to be

poured out upon you may today Mark the

beginning of a new Journey for you full

of purpose and meaning where hope shines

within you like a guiding star leading

you towards the blessings I have

prepared for you leading you to your

desires to everything you have asked of

me through your prayers walk forward

with confidence Knowing You are not

alone I am here as your companion your

Safe Harbor and storms the light that

dispels all Darkness the peace that

calms your worries and the love that

heals your deepest wounds believe that

my love will transer form your life your

being and your destiny open yourself to

receive my blessings my gifts and my

Limitless grace allow yourself to Marvel

at unconditional love and let these

words reside in your heart bringing calm

and healing to your soul whenever you

need the path I have laid out for you is

filled with blessings victories and

prosperity if you are anxious about the

future or unsure of what to do in the

face of challenges do not fear I am here

to envelop you with my love and

alleviate your worries even though you

may not see me know that I am working on

your behalf with unlimited power

remember my words in Psalm

even though I walk through the

darkest Valley I will fear no evil for

you are with me your rod and your staff

they comfort me my words are a reminder

that even in the face of the most

frightening adversities You are not

alone I am with you guiding you and

strengthening you every step of the way

I am bringing a Divine source that will

provide the peace and strength you need

it was never my intention for you to

suffer or feel abandoned let the

transformative power of my love fill

your being and guide you out of

difficulties my beloved child just

believe in me and you will see how I

calm the fiercest storms of your life

remember that I am the god of the

impossible the one who fills your life

with goodness and rescues you from evil

I am the one who crowns you with favor

and mercy your lord and provider who

looks upon you with love despite your

mistakes and Imperfections I am your God

guiding you on Paths of righteousness

even in the darkest moments do not fear

for I am with you trust in me with all

your heart I will strengthen you in

weakness lift you up in adversity and

sustain you in the storm in me you will

find strength and the comfort you need I

am your Solid Rock rock your protective

shield and your secure salvation trust

in my love and in this promise and you

will see that by my side you can

overcome the toughest

challenges listen only to my voice and

hold on to this promise close your ears

to the voice of the enemy do not listen

to his words or follow his plans he

desires to lead you into the alley of

fear to confuse you and lead you away

from my light be strong and courageous

and always remember my words I am ready

to bless you abundantly for I desire to

cover you with blessings nothing can

prevent what I have planned from

happening offer me your loyalty and

steadfast faith I want you to trust me

fully for I also place my trust in you

my promises are secure and will not

disappoint you everything that is

Promised will happen and you will

witness what I have guaranteed your

tough times will soon come to an end and

any adversity you face will turn into

Triumph joy and Victory

be ready to defend my principles of Love

patience hope and salvation for all I

will give you reasons for a new smile

and your eyes will reflect the mercy

that surrounds you focus on the path I

have set before you and gain strength in

my company for it will bring you great

good you are unique and while I cherish

everyone with eternal love I have

selected you for special favors in which

I trust you will use wisely what I grant

you I am eager to see your faithfulness

and Truth truthfulness keep your speech

clean guard your thoughts refrain from

speaking harmful words and avoid actions

that cause pain when you wake up invoke

my love in your soul declare aloud that

I am your God your leader and your

protector I wait with open arms ready to

receive you and restore all things in

your life you will see the Miracles I

will perform soon amen if you believe in

these words leave your Amen in the

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blessings for your life thank you

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