Don’t Make Me Leave By Ignoring This Message |

my beloved child I will turn your trials

into triumphs your sadness into strength

and I will ease your pain mending your

heart with the soothing Touch of my love

no matter where you are caught up in the

hustle of daily life and surrounded by

crowds take a moment to accept through

faith this gift I offer peace for your

soul and calm for your mind I give you

the strength to manage the overwhelming

feelings that storm your thoughts to

face settling news without fear and to

regain the energy you thought was

slipping away my child don’t worry life

goes on this will pass your future is

protected by a Heavenly blessing safe

from any foe aiming to bring you down it

is not a game this is not luck or magic

or empty declarations I’m talking about

my holy word the one that always

fulfills in the perfect time according

to my will you want a change you want

things to go well you desire to prosper

so that your family lacks nothing so

that everyone seeks compassion and that

wisdom and Truth exist in their lives

you desire a transformation with all

your heart I want and I can transform

you I have the power I can change Hearts

and Thoughts From night to morning and I

will do it but I always need your faith

you are entering a new land that you

will soon see leave what is behind and

reach for forward your hand with faith

hold on to the blessing that I will put

before you the test has passed your time

has come today I’m going to work wonders

in your life and your family’s lives so

don’t fret over the door that’s just

shut talk to me say it out loud solidify

your thoughts write it down now tell me

you trust in me that you welcome this

word of Solace and that you Embrace this

Divine boost sent Straight from Heaven

just because because one door has closed

doesn’t mean you should lose hope a

bigger door is about to swing open

bringing with it something far greater

there’s a battle in the spiritual

Heavens over your life and your faith

you have adversaries aiming to hinder

your progress launching attacks from the

outside and wounding you from within

even though they remain unseen I will

guide individuals owed with Heavenly

wisdom into your life to support your

breakthrough welcome their Guidance with

ility invest time in prayer and I will

disclose even more to you you are going

to overcome this fight every hurdle in

your path will be demolished it’s true

that I can deliver you in a second but I

need you to value your faith your talent

and your gifts to learn that victories

are not won by you alone if you reject

my word and renounce your faith the

enemy will tear you apart and leave you

lying in the mud you will go very very

far you will bless many your family will

also grow in wisdom and humility of

heart they will be prospered in

everything but we need to walk together

give me your hand you are already

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