DON’T MAKE ME CRY BY IGNORING | God Message Today | Gods Message | Gods Message Now

my dear

child in moments of darkness when

negative thoughts threaten to overwhelm

you remember that I am here to lift you

up and guide you towards the

light do not succumb to The Whispers of

doubt and fear for they do not define

you instead cling to the truth of my

love and Embrace The Power of Positive

Affirmations repeat after

me I am fearfully and wonderfully made

crafted in the image of the

Divine my worth is not determined by my

circumstances or the opinions of others

I am enough just as I

am I release all worries and anxieties

into the the hands of my loving father

he is my refuge and my strength

providing comfort and peace in times of

trouble I choose to focus on the

blessings that surround me counting my

blessings instead of dwelling on my

shortcomings with gratitude in my heart

I open myself up to receive the

abundance of blessings that God has in

store for

me I am not defined by my past mistakes


failures each day is a new opportunity

for growth and

transformation I embrace my journey with

courage and resilience knowing that

God’s grace is sufficient for

me believe in these affirmations dear

one for they are a reflection of your

true identity as a beloved child of God

let them anchor you in times of

uncertainty and Lead You towards a


tomorrow with love and

encouragement your heavenly

father my child if this message

resonated with your heart I invite you

to share it with others by spreading

these words words you multiply the

blessings in your life remember you are

a beacon of light and together we can

illuminate the world subscribe for more

Divine messages and let’s journey in





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