Don’t Ignore This Message: God is Knocking on Your Door Right Now!🙏Let Him In!

imagine that I am knocking on your door

right now would you open it for me don’t

scroll past this message if you would

don’t ignore me if your heart is longing

to hear my voice listen to me carefully

my child they told you that you were a

failure they told you that you were

unworthy they tried to prevent you from

getting my best they will always try to

deceive you but I never will give me

your life and I will protect you

remember that all your blessings come

from me what I promised you no one can

take away no one can stop or destroy my

plan for you keep your faith strong your

Miracle is on the way I will bless your

life I am always with you I love you

more than you can imagine if God has

ever helped you in your life Say Amen

now I want to ask you a question what

are you waiting for why are you

hesitating to open the door for me why

are you doubting my love and power why

are you letting fear and worry take over

your peace and joy don’t you know that I

have already overcome the world don’t

you know that I have already prepared a

place for you in heaven don’t you know

that I have already paid the price for

your sins and healed your wounds don’t

you know that I have already given you

everything you need to live a Victorious

Life my child it’s time to make a

decision it’s time to choose life or

death blessing or curse light or

Darkness it’s time to choose me or the

world am not asking you to do anything

that I haven’t done myself I left my

throne in glory and came down to birth

as a humble servant I lived a sinless

life and died a shameful death I rose

again on the third day and ascended back

to Heaven I did all this for one reason

to save you from Eternal separation from

me to show you how much I love you and

how much I want you to be with me so

what will it be will you open the door

for me or not will you accept my

invitation or not will you follow me or

not the choice is yours but remember

this I will never force myself on you I

will never violate your free will I will

never stop loving you no matter what but

I will also never leave you alone in

this world no matter what I will always

be knocking on your door waiting for you

to let me in I hope and pray that today

is the day that you you say yes to me

that today is the day that you open the

door for me that today is the day that

you welcome me into your heart and into

your life because if you do I promise

you this you will never regret it you

will never be disappointed you will

never be alone you will never be afraid

you will never be defeated you will be

blessed beyond measure you will be

filled with joy unspeakable you will be

transformed by Grace Unstoppable you

will be empowered by faith unshakable

you will be mine and I will be yours

forever and ever amen now I want to

invite you to join me in making a

declaration and a prayer based on God’s

word let us stand up and lift our hands

to Heaven as a sign of surrender and

submission to God’s Authority and power

let us declare together we declare that

we are God’s children and he is our

father we declare that we have been

redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ

from sin and death we declare that we

have been filled with the Holy Spirit

who guides us into all truth and

empowers us to do God’s will we declare

that we have been blessed with every

spiritual blessing in Heavenly places in

Christ Jesus we declare that we have

been healed by his stripes and N whole

by his grace we declare that we have

been delivered from the power of

darkness and transferred into the

kingdom of his beloved Son we declare

that we have been given Authority and

power over all the works of the enemy

and nothing shall harm us us we declare

that we have been called according to

his purpose and he works all things

together for our good we declare that we

have been chosen to be his Witnesses and

his ambassadors in this world we declare

that we have been equipped with gifts

and talents to serve him and glorify him

we declare that we have been destined

for greatness and excellence in his

kingdom let us pray to together father

we thank you for your word that is alive

and Powerful in our lives we thank you

for your promises that are yes and amen

in Christ Jesus we thank you for your

love that never fails and never gives up

on us we ask you to help us to live

according to your word and your will

help us to walk by faith and not by

sight help us to trust in you and not

lean on our own understanding help us to

obey you and not rebel against you help

us to love you and not forsake you help

us to serve you and not please ourselves

help us to glorify you and not seek our

own Glory help us to follow you and not

go astray from you help us to grow in

Grace and knowledge of you help us to

bear fruit in every good work help us to

overcome every trial and Temptation help

us to endure every hardship and

persecution help us to Rejoice always

pray without ceasing and give thanks in

all circumstances help us to be salt and

light in this world help us to make

disciples of all Nations help us to

finish the race and keep the Faith until

the day of your coming we thank you for

hearing our prayers and answering them

according to your perfect will we agree

together in jesus’ name amen before you

go surrender your worries and desires to

God in the comment below God will seize

it and he has a plan for you

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