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dear beloved child of God it’s easy to

be tempted to go through life competing

with everyone around us when we see

someone who’s more talented better

looking or has more gifts instead of

running our race and being comfortable

with who we are often times we feel

inferior and think I’ve got to catch up

to them the problem with this unhealthy

competition is that it’s a NeverEnding

cycle there will always be someone ahead

of us but it’s a very freeing thing when

you realize

I’m not competing with you I don’t have

to have as big a house as my neighbor to

feel good about myself I don’t have to

keep up with my coworker I don’t have to

be a certain size no I understand that

I’m not in competition with my friend my

neighbor or my coworker instead I’m

going to be the best me that I can

possibly be contentment is an attitude

God can work with when you focus on

being who God made you to be and focus

on running your own race that’s when

you’ll see things happen that’s when

you’ll rise up higher and position

yourself for every spiritual blessing he

has in store for you a prayer for today

Father I humbly come to you giving you

all that I am I choose to keep my eyes

on you and allow you to work in my heart

and mind I declare that I am free from

competition today in jesus’ name amen

like if you believe in



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