the Bible says so we praise God for the

Glorious Grace he has poured out on us

who belong to his dear son God says you

had one bad day but that doesn’t mean

you will always have a bad day look up

to me and you will find peace God says

life will not always be great so I want

you to remember the great times when

troubles hit you God says I need you to

take a breath life can be beautiful but

it can also be messy

I want you to praise me when life is

great and terrible I will get you

through anything God says very soon you

will get everything you want you will

find your love and your dream life will

be reality as you read this God says no

one lights a lamp and then puts it under

a basket instead a lamp is pasted on a

stand where it gives light to everyone

in the house God says I’m going to

surprise you what you thought would

never turn around suddenly it is going

to happen comment amen if you


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