Does God exist?

elon musk’s personal views on god and

religion are as astounding as they are


actor reign asked the outspoken

billionaire whether he had a spiritual

life when he interviewed him

in his response musk ended up addressing

the big question of whether god exists

check it out

do you have a spiritual life

well it sort of depends on what

spiritual means and there’s certainly

things that we don’t understand about

the universe

but uh

you know i’m i’m less convinced that

there’s say um some some super

consciousness watching over our every

movement and kind of evaluating it

against some criteria and deciding

whether we’re going to go to one place

or another when we die that’s unlikely

right rain continued to interview musk

on what he worships from elon musk’s

response it was clear that he was an

agnostic but not an atheist as most

people would think

as an agnostic musk neither believes nor

disbelieves in god since the existence

of god cannot be proved the physics guru

only believes in facts and science

listen to musk’s response in matters of

worship what do you worship

well i don’t really worship anything but

i do devote myself to the advancement of

humanity using technology and it does

beg the question if there is some super

consciousness of consciousness where did

the superconsciousness come from so i

think the most likely explanation is

that uh complexity evolved from

simplicity you know that the simple

elements over time combine to become

more complex and arrive to what we are

the tech genius made it clear in the

interview that science and religion

cannot co-exist

the former economic student from

university of pennsylvania was probably

borrowing from karl marx a german

economist who said that religion is the

opium of the masses

the deeply religious reign was shocked

to learn that musk doesn’t pray have a

look can science and religion coexist

hold on

do you pray

i don’t i didn’t even pray when i when i

almost died of valeria

wow that’s really not praying right so

you put your money where your

bug spray was


you’re blowing my mind

you deal with so much stuff i mean you

deal with space travel and energy and

the source of consciousness and you’re

thinking about all of these giant

lifespan questions

what blows your mind what gives you all

well i think that i mean the

nature of the universe

gives me more and just the

huge expanse of the universe and

how far away things are and how big they

are the fact that there are things like

supermassive black holes that are equal

to a billion


what about dark matter doesn’t that

freak you out too uh yeah and dark

matter um is also i mean a dark matter

dog energy are are kind of interesting

cause i’m i mean i’m not sure

what those actually are you know people

don’t know what those actually are and

it’s particularly dark energy in fact

you know that may be an argument for

this being a simulation because in a

simulation you could just make things be

however you want

the the lowest number will have to be

consistent don’t be deceived into

believing that musk is ignorant about


as a child the boy elon musk attended an

anglican sunday school and learned at a

jewish preschool

he probably knows more about the bible

and christianity than most folks as seen

in the following interview follow


how many people have actually read the


fewer than probably say they have but oh

yeah i mean do you have a reason i mean

at one point you know when i was a kid i

was like i had this existential crisis

and i was trying to figure out what the

meaning of life and i was like oh it all

means nothing it’s all and i and i you

know read like a whole bunch of

religious books including the bible and

i’m like there’s a bunch of things in

there they didn’t teach you in sunday


uh some gamora


um yikes

you know god sure changes his mind

from the old testament in the new

testament i’m like whoa

that’s pretty vengeful in the old


i remember we could have a chapter past


but like is there a happy ending here

like uh


revelations part of the happy ending

in the same interview musk was

challenged as to whether he would accept

jesus as his personal savior

after evading the question for some time

musk responded by saying that he would

not mind being saved if jesus has the

powers to save it would be quite a

spectacle seeing musk being baptized

we’re wondering if you could do us a

quick solid and accept jesus as your

lord and savior

but hey if um you know if if jesus is

saving people i mean i i wouldn’t stand

in his way you know like they’ll be sure

i’ll be safe why not

sweet we did it in the interview musk

revealed that he accepted some of

jesus’s teachings on love and


however the genius was quick to

criticize how jesus chose wine over

water in a wedding

the interviewers were amazed at elon’s

criticism on various biblical accounts

have a look

i mean let’s just say like i agree with

the principles that jesus advocated

you know there are some some there’s

great wisdom in what in in the teaching

teachings of of jesus uh and i agree

with those teachers

and things like tone the other cheek


very important because as opposed to an

eye for an eye

an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind



you know is important and

treating people as you would wish to be


love that neighbor as they sell

very important

and like jesus was obviously very

pro-alcohol you know because one of his

miracles was turning water into wine

yeah that was like they were having a

party they ran out of wine

and they’re like let’s keep this better


good stuff

who can solve this problem we’re at a

white club freaking stores closed

and jesus is like i got you

okay water now

i like party on

so you know accurate

without all eyes literally

it is interesting how the spacex ceo

understands rocket science but does not

understand the origin of life the genius

explained to dr crystal dilworth of the

efforts that he has made to help

understand the existential crisis during

the late night chat at canadian consul’s

residence in los angeles

here’s what elon had to say i had this

like existential crisis when i was a kid

and and try to figure out what’s it all

about and

none of the books i read seemed to

actually have a good answer

you know so i said i read all the

religious texts and i read a bunch of

philosophy books and

it all quite depressing

actually when i read

the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy i

thought this was a pretty good one

you know just to sort of try to

gain greater enlightenment over time

that seems like a good goal if you don’t

really know what the meaning of the of

life is um but or even really what the

right questions are to ask but if we can

improve our outstanding universe then

eventually we can figure out what the

right question to ask

is you know

just not meaning life it’s something you


it really doesn’t matter whether elon

musk is a jew christian muslim or


the thing that matters is that elon musk

is a good human who is focused on saving

humans by making us a multi-planetary


elon cares so much for humanity that he

would want them to continue living on

mars in case the earth is destroyed you

may not agree with musk on religion but

you must admire his selflessness for


do you think elon musk is right in his

spiritual views kindly share your answer

in the comments section below

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