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God is speaking to you right now my

little child doubts might arise when

there is a lack of understanding or

response to prayers during some Seasons

it’s important to maintain faith and

focus on the Assurance of knowing who

you are and what you can achieve rather

than the uncertainty of

unknowns if you don’t understand

anything or don’t get responds to your

prayers don’t worry you’ll eventually

realize why things transpire the way


did After experiencing these gifts you

will Express gratitude to me for

everything that has transpired in your

life remember that everything is part of

my plan too prepare you for

Success like the video if you have truly

faith in

Lord Almighty says during terrible times

in our lives we may blame God however it

is us not God who are responsible for

the situation blaming God and he Gates a

refusal to let go of past

transgression when we let go we see


clearly attempting to serve both

ourselves and God will lead to

challenges uncertainty and confusion our

attitude should be one of entire trust

un God when we reach that stage leading

a saintly life becomes

effortless attempting to use the holy

spirit’s Authority for personal gain

might lead to issues when you follow God

you will get his approbation in the form

of Peace Jesus provides an enormous and

profound calm unlike that natural peace

that the world

provides if peace does not arrive either

wait for it or investigate the reason

for its absence if you behave just for

the sake of impressing others you will

not experience Jesus peace this lacks

unity and belief in God the Holy Spirit


Simplicity Clarity and Harmony not your


choices God encourages Simplicity and

unity instead of sful choices my

questions emerge any time I fail to

comply obeying God brings problems but

they serve to keep my attention focused

on the reveal

truth disobedience is the root cause of

all problems between God and ourselves I

get satisfaction in knowing that my

father understands and cares about my

issues even if they arise during my

obedience I can anticipate how he will

resolve them the Old Testament measured

a person’s connection with God by the

degree of separation in their life

Abraham’s exile from his homeland and

family exemplifies this

sentiment today separation refers to

being emotionally and morally divided

from family members who lack a personal

connection with God rather than

physically separated this is what Jesus

Christ meant in Luke

living a life of Faith involves not

knowing where you are being

led however this requires a love and

understanding of the leader living by

faith rather than thinking and reasoning

involves recognizing the one who invites

us to co faith is based on a person’s

understanding one common

misconception is that having faith

guarantees success in life the the

ultimate goal of religion is to achieve

character which involves a series of

Transformations when we pray we sense

God’s presence yet only experience


change as we return to our daily

routines we lose sight of our

achievements according to Isaiah

– a life of faith is consistent

day-to-day living rather than a series

of spectacular

experiences the issue at hand is not the

Holiness of

sanctification but rather a later

development this faith has been tested

and shown to be strong Abraham

exemplifies a life of faith that is

tried and real based on the true God

rather than holiness by a

sanctification to take the next step in

your Devotion to God reading and

studying his word family life or

responsibility it’s important to have a

Clear Vision from God passion and

encouragement from

others write Jesus’s Supreme

King taking the next step requires

deeper faith and

understanding of God’s grace compared to

just preaching the gospel to fully grasp

the meaning of the

Incarnation Christians must engage in

Hands-On activities that bring the next

step into tangible

reality we lose interest and quit up

when we lack a clear goal encouragement

and opportunities for growth instead

focusing on on daily

responsibilities perseverance in the

face of adversity is what really

demonstrates gods and his people’s worth

living an undefeated life requires a

focus on

God by focusing on the resurrected

Christ you may overcome drudgery and

discouragement remind yourself that some

jobs are important and not beneath your


dignity come to me with your bodily

emotional and spiritual

shortcomings take refuge in my presence

knowing that nothing is impossible with

me take your mind off your issues and

concentrate on me remember that I am am

capable far exceeding your

expectations instead of directing me

focus on what what I’m currently doing

when woring arises tell yourself that I

am your Shepherd I am taking care of you

so don’t be frightened of anything

instead of attempting to control your

life surrendered to my

will my will is the safest place to be

even if it seems frightening or

dangerous if you are prepared enter yes

and transmit this video to seven others

who believe in the Lord when you feel

far from me say my name with loving

Faith this simple prayer restores

awareness of my presence my name is

often misused and used as a curse term

worldwide the verbal Onslaught extends

to heaven where every word is heard and

recorded your trusting murmur of my name

soothes my hurting ears the world’s

blasphemy pale end comparison to a

child’s innocent statement of Jesus the

power of my name to benefit both you and

me is beyond

comprehension relax in my peaceful

presence avoid bringing performance

expectations into our holy place of

connection being with someone you

totally trust allows you to be yourself

this is one of the Delights of genuine

friendship although the first am Am Lord

of lords and King of Kings I also want

to be your close

friend when you are tight or arrogant in

our relationship I feel wounded I see

your flaws as well as your strengths I

want you to totally trust me and be

yourself with me when you are honest

with me I can bring out the best in you

including the talents I have placed in


spirit you may live as close to me as

you want I do not create boundaries

between us nor do I remove those you

create many people believe that there

circumstances negatively impact

their quality of life they focus their

emphasis on controlling these

events individuals experience happiness

when things are going well but sadness

or frustration when things do not go as

plann people sell them explore the link

between their situations and the

emotions contentment is possible in

every circumstance

Focus your efforts on trusting and

appreciating my presence maintain your

well-being regardless of circumstances

connect your Delight to my promises I am

with you and will keep you safe wherever

you go I will supply all of your needs

with my beautiful

resources type Al if you believe in

God my dear beloved child child I reach

out to you today with a heart full of

love hope and guidance open up your

heart and listen carefully for I have

something important to share with you

today I present you with a

straightforward yet deep Mission simply

listen listen to The Whispers of your

heart because that’s where you’ll hear

my voice calling you do not get

sidetracked by the chaos around you as

the message I have is solely for you my

child place your trust in me and I will

guide you towards a life filled with

peace and deep

satisfaction I urge you not to turn your

back on this message don’t let doubts or

fears Cloud your judgment welcome my

words with an open heart and let the

them truly change your

life in the next few minutes I will

answer your doubts come your fears and

light up the path that lies ahead of you

but you must listen attentively because

through listening you will discover the

answers you are searching

for let me share with you an eternal

truth the essence of true giving goes

beyond the physical aspects of size or

amount true giving is about the

sincerity that Springs from deep within

your heart consider the story of The


might her small contribution was not

from her Surplus but from her deep

humility and unwavering faith in its

Simplicity or gift shown brighter and

the most lavish offerings made for show


self-interest therefore let your own

giving mirror the purity of your

intentions give freely and joyfully

without any thought of being recognized

or gaining personally and giving

selflessly you align yourself with the

Divine Harmony of my

kingdom remember the true Riches of my

domain are not material but are found in

acts of kindness compassion and

generosity by giving selflessly you tap

into the vast store of blessings that

await those who choose a path of

altruism if you cherish the grace of God

in your life consider supporting our

ministry by clicking the thanks button

until we meet again always remember that

you are

loved immensely more than words can

express you are forever cherished within

the infinite Embrace of my love secure

in the knowledge that I am always with

you go forth and let your acts of giving

shine as beacons of light in a world

desperate for love and

compassion dear child there are moments

in life when the ordinary

transforms into the

extraordinary when simple daily routines

become gateways to divine revelation

these Sparks of inspiration Are Not Mere

coincidences there are sacred gifts

gentle reminders that you are never

alone and always guided even in the most

uncertain times in life’s symphonies

some may doubt your faith demanding

physical proof for what lies beyond the


Realm however faith is not confined by

what can be proven or explained it

exists deep within us a profound knowing

that goes beyond mere

validation when faced with skepticism

respond with understanding and


those who doubt off and view the world

from a different vantage point one that

does not yet see the deeper truths we

cherish despite this stay true to your

beliefs rooted in the intuitive

understanding and nourished by divine

grace Embrace every moment of

inspiration as a Divine connection and

let this guidance illuminate your path

towards self-discovery and Enlightenment

consider those who dismiss Faith as a

kin to someone blind denying the

existence of colors they simply do not

perceive what is vividly present to

others in life’s journey we encounter

moments where understanding and

compassion are the stars guiding our

wait through the darkest nights picture

this you’re standing at the crossroads

of doubt and sure W path to

take but fret not for in these moments

The Gentle Touch of empathy and the

beacon of patience illuminate The Way

Forward is easy to find ourselves lost

in the tumultuous Waters of

disagreement surrounded by the jagged

rocks of resentment and anger

but here’s the secret forgiveness my

friend is the key that unlocks the door

to Liberation it’s not about condoning

the wrongs or excusing the pain

inflicted upon us it’s about reclaiming

our peace and

healing imagine forgiveness as a river

gradually carving its course through

unyielding Rock smoothing the rough

edges of animosity over time as we

Embrace this transformative Force we

acknowledge our inherent worthiness of

peace and healing recognizing that no

hurt can diminish our

value now let’s talk about connection we

are all threads woven into the grand

tapestry of existence bound together by

our shared Humanity

surface differences fade away when we

realize the unifying force of our


Spirit as we internalize this truth We

rise above Discord and division becoming

bastions of Serenity and a chaotic

world but remember dear one patience is

the wind beneath our wings guiding us

along life’s winding path with each step

fueled by compassion and empathy we anch

closer to Enlightenment nourishing our

souls with it sweetness of divine

grace so my cherished friend have faith

and trust in the constancy of love that

surrounds you together hand in hand

heart tohe heart we Traverse the

Labyrinth and corders of existence

reaffirming our sacred bond with each


drawn in the end it’s not about dwelling

in the shadows of regret or fixating on

an uncertain future it’s about anchoring

ourselves in the present moment where

the seeds of transformation are sown and

nurtured so let’s walk this path

together fly present in the richness of

each passing moment embracing the

journey with Open Hearts and unwavering

faith if you believe in the power of

love and forgiveness let’s Journey


together if you have faith in God right

amen Jesus is telling you right now we

should not act without God’s guidance

instead of relying exclusively on

ourselves we should seek God’s Direction

and Aid it’s important to see advice

from others rather than depending just

on own

expertise it’s important to avoid


self-sufficient and egotistical

believing we can handle everything on

our own we should not think ourselves

smarter than our professors or the

scriptures nor should we brag about our

own intelligence as if it is superior to

others instead let us fear the lord

since this is genuine wisdom without

fear vanity and self assurance cannot

lead to wisdom the fear of the Lord

includes humility respect Faith

dependency recognition of God seeking

his guidance and avoidance of offending

him let us reject all sorts of

wickedness including self-confidence and

arrogance The Dread of God leads people

to avoid immorality and distance

themselves from its

effects God says right yes if you trust

me according to the text obeying God’s

commands demonstrat Ates our knowledge

of him keeping God’s Commandments

ensures we fully know him this knowledge

is more than just academic or

theoretical it is rooted in love and

obedience the gospel presents God as the

compassionate and forgiving father

rather than only the lawgiver and judge

this understanding comprises true love

and a desire to follow his

will knowing Christ as our Advocate and

the atonement sacrifice for this

understanding extends beyond the level

of our sins awareness of his person and

functions the Holy Spirit imparts

spiritual and transforming wisdom it

recognizes Christ as our savior

reconciling us to God and relying only

on him him true love and Devotion to

Christ stem from knowledge which goes

beyond faith affection and obedience

loving and obeying Christ demonstrates

our actual understanding of him these

evidences confirm our actual connection

with God via

Christ keeping God’s and Christ’s

commands demonstrates true faith

this excludes arbitrary human

prohibitions based on the ignorance of

God acknowledge the Lord in all aspects

of Our Lives recognize his presence and

concentrate on him always seek his

Direction and approval before making

choices or taking action we should seek

Insight from him who is Bountiful in

offering let the scriptures be our guide

trust in him and follow his Direction

recognizing the providential pathways he

creates for

us let us walk in the ways of the spirit

not in the body submit to God’s

sovereignty and trust that he is in

charge even when things don’t go as

planned he works for his glory and our

advantage when things go well we should

give God credit and acknowledge that all


have including circumstances and Grace

comes from him he will lead and steer

our ways since humans are incapable of

doing it alone the Lord provides

instruction for his people in both

temporal and spiritual

Affairs God chooses the righteous and

separate Ates them from others by Grace

God’s purpose is to accomplish his will

and serve his glory God does not choose

People based on their piety or Purity

they are chosen to De only by the

sanctification of the spirit rather than

being predestined to be

such the election produces Holiness

Faith godliness and good acts not the

other way around the term Godly combines

the meanings of good and merciful

implying that God is gracious and

merciful to those who receive his free

grace and

favor God picks and sets aside

individuals based on his kindness

compassion and Sovereign will and that

for himself for his own use and service

for his credit and honor and for the

glory of his grace is ultimate goal

includes predestination election and


benefits God claims comment alond if you

accept my

grace attention listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me our

father thank you for guiding us securely

through dark and frightening times

according to your word you are the

father of the Heavenly lights and do not

alter like

Shadows we appreciate your consistent

availability and

dependability many of the people here

are dealing with difficult circumstances

they are unfamiliar seas and crave for

the protection of a recognized Shore

many individuals experience feelings of

isolation and

fear leaving them unsure of their next

steps you understand everyone’s needs

and emotions may they find tranquility

and experience your presence they are

not alone vulnerable or unprepared for

their situation they may not know the

path but you do we feel most secure when

we have AO Ator


side peace comes from your presence not

the absence of worries encourage courage

and faith in challenging situations

Jesus said that he is the light of the

world and those who follow him will not

walk in

darkness encourage us to believe that

our fears are only Stepping Stones to a

deeper connection with you the dark

valleys are not meant to be permanent

but rather a journey towards

self-awareness and

understanding you summon us out of the

darkness to be named Children of the

light Jesus is the bright and Morning

Star Illuminating the darkness he is

Emmanuel who is always with us he is our

loving Shepherd who assures you ask that

we will have all we need and need not be

afraid since he is with

us please guide us with your knowledge

and wisdom so that we might apply your

word to our lives as assist us in

committing your truth to our hearts and

thoughts for daily

meditation may your light and kindness

throw away all fear and shine a beacon

on our road thank you for loving and

caring for us we hope to find Comfort

relaxation and serenity in you today we

express our gratitude and advance

for your efforts in jesus’ name we pray

amen type thank you Father if you

believe May Lord Jesus bless you all

today your life will uplift mentally

spiritually financially may you get

success remember if you want to support

us you can donate through super thanks

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