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my beloved child listen to me carefully

I the creator of the universe the

almighty Lord come to you at this moment

not just as a voice in the void but as a

tangible palpable presence that you can

feel even when your eyes are closed you

may wonder how this is possible how you

can trust in something you cannot see

but I tell you trust in me even

blindfolded for what I can do far

surpasses human understanding

I want you to think of the darkest

moments of your life the times when you

were on the brink feeling lost and

helpless now think of how you overcame

those moments how you found strength you

didn’t even know you had I have been by

your side every step of the way holding

your hand invisibly guiding you through

the darkness into the light you may

doubt yourself you may doubt others but

never doubt me for what I can do is

beyond anything you have ever seen or

exper experienced you may be thinking

how can I trust in something I cannot

see but I tell you you can feel my

presence around you enveloping you with

love and protection even when your eyes

are closed to the world think of the

Miracles you have witnessed in your life

the unexpected blessings that surprised

you when you least expected them is that

not proof enough of my power I make the

impossible happen every day transforming

lives and changing destinies there are

no limits to what I can accomplish in

your life if only you would trust in me

with all your heart you may be facing

challenges now that seem

insurmountable obstacles that block your

path and seem impossible to

overcome but I tell you nothing is

impossible for me I can move mountains

open paths where there is only Darkness

bring light to the darkest of

situations all I ask of you is to trust

in me to have faith in my power to

overcome any adversity

close your eyes and feel my presence

around you let me guide your steps

illuminate your path and give you

strength to face whatever lies ahead

trust in me even blindfolded for I am

your God your Creator and I will never

abandon you allow me to show you what is

possible when you fully trust in me my

child I want to take you to a deeper

level of faith and communion with me

Trust in Me Not only in times of

difficulty but in every moment of your

life practice your faith daily seeking

me in prayer meditation and reflection

on my word seek out people who also seek

my presence in their lives together you

can strengthen your faith encourage each

other and share the blessings I have

poured out upon you do not underestimate

the power of communion among my children

where two or more Gather in my name

there I am in their midst surrender your

day your life to me every day be begin

each morning with a prayer entrusting me

with your plans concerns and desires

allow me to guide your steps direct your

thoughts and shape your heart according

to my will trust that by fully

surrendering to me you will find peace

and purpose in every step of the way

throughout your journey through life I

have shown the signs of my presence in

your life in various ways be attentive

and you will notice the moments when my

hand was upon you the moments when my

voice whispered in your heart the

moments when my blessings enveloped you

like a mantle of Love do not let these

signs go unnoticed each one is a

reminder of my love and care for you

cultivate love in your heart for love is

the most perfect representation of me on

Earth love yourself and others as I love

you forgive those who have hurt you

reach out to the needy spread kindness

and compassion wherever you go for where

there is love there are I am present

blessing and transforming lives never

forget that you are loved beyond measure

I created you in my image and likeness

and my love for you is eternal and

unconditional trust in me fully

surrender to my love and experience the

fullness of life I have reserved for you

may these words touch your heart and

inspire you to seek a deeper connection

with me I am always here ready to

welcome you with open arms trust in me

cultivate your your faith and let my

love transform your life amen if you

believe in these words leave your Amen

in the comments


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