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God messes for you

today if you don’t fill your mind with

God’s word the enemy will fill it with

stress anxiety negativity and

Temptation God is often found gently

whispering in the cutness of a humbled

heart when you realize God is for you

you want to fear what happens to you

because you know God is working in you

the end of the day God is the only one

you can to lie depend

on if God changes your heart be willing

to change your plans I don’t care about

likes or follows I just want to do what

God has called me to do to be a light in

this world Spirit the word and bring all

the glory to his

name I don’t know who needs to hear this

today but don’t worry about how God is

going to do it just now that he

definitely will remember whenever

you are in a position to help someone be

glad and always do it cuz that’s God

answering someone else prayers through

you I’m thankful for all the trauma

failure and

disappointment I have

endured because it led me to

God hold on God now knows what he is

doing do not allow the enemy to bring

doubt and anxiety into your

life the devil can’t take everything

from you when your everything is God you

may be waiting for something that God

has promised to you people may betray

your trust but not him he is true to his

promises he will take care of you as you

walk through his process get there but

trust him first enjoy the journey he has

prepared for you in him the process is

more important than the destination God

can do the

impossible lift it higher worship it

louder declare it stronger pray it more

boldly until every doubt worry and fear

sounds like God you are so good you make

all things possible no season is ever

wasted in God’s timeline whatever you

are going through no matter how painful

it is God will definitely use it so he

can bring you closer to him and so I

hope you seek worship and trust him more

he is a God who doesn’t waste a

pen the battle you are going through God

already knows that the offense the hurt


bound God has seen it all but he will

watch he wants to see you turn every


into a opportunity to trust him deeper

the future you are so worried about God

is already there and he will still be

faithful God knows when is the best time

to answer your prayers if you are in the

season of

waiting keep seeking him delight

yourself in the Lord and watch how you

will no longer be just waiting but also

moving by faith fulfilled in his

presence surrendered in his perfect

will thank you God for using that pen so

I can learn how to forgive fully to be

humble completely and to grow maturely

in you never defeated right now you

might think that your life is hopeless

what you can’t see is God picking up all

the broken pieces that you are too

scared to touch he fighting battles you

don’t ever now you are about to give up

but God is declaring you are about to

walk through your breakthrough my child

have faith in me I am fighting for you

that’s why I all the more need God’s

help I need to call and seek his name

every day people don’t know

everything others don’t even have an

idea of what I’m going through but God

knows he knows every detail and I

believe he will carry me through this

struggle are heavy but there is victory

in the

Lord God is still good God is good even

if your heart hurts even if your whole

world seems to be breaking God’s

goodness doesn’t depend on your

situation you can continue trusting him

despite your

circumstances he is still good even when

life is not don’t be surprised when he

ask you to let go of of your good plans

in exchange for his best plans don’t be

surprised when he ask you to forgive and

to be humble don’t be surprised when he

puts you in difficult situation because

when God is in charge there is growth

forgiveness and eternal things that are

worth the sacrifices

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