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dear listener Jesus came to break the

curse of sin shame and condemnation in

our lives he came so that we could see

things the way God sees them do you know

how God sees you he sees you as valuable

he sees you as strong he sees you as

capable talented and trustworthy the

voice of condemnation says exactly the

opposite condemnation is a loss of value

it’s the accusing voice of the enemy

that says you’re not good enough you’ll

never be good enough you’re a failure

condemnation is never from God the Bible

tells us there is no condemnation for

those who are in Christ Jesus when you

Embrace and declare God’s truth in your

life you activate his power to overcome

the voice of condemnation no matter how

you may be feeling wake up every morning

and declare that the greater one lives

in you declare that you are strong in

the Lord and in the power of His might

declare that he loves you and has called

you according to his purpose choose to

see yourself as valuable the way God

sees you Embrace his truth so that you

can overcome condemnation and live in

Victory all the days of your life a

prayer for today Father in Heaven thank

you for setting me free from

condemnation thank you for believing in

me and filling me with your vision for

my life help me to see my life the way

you see it in Jesus name amen like if

you believe in


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