welcome beloved Believers to a sacred

moment of connection and spiritual

upliftment as always together in a

powerful prayer full of Faith strength

and the Divine promise of

prosperity before we begin this journey

of supplications and thanks to our

beloved God I want to ask you for a

gesture of love and

solidarity leave your Amen in the

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remember sharing is an act of generosity

that can bring the Divine word to Hearts

thirsty for

hope our mission is to spread the light

of the Lord and with the help of each of

you we can reach more souls thirsty for

love Faith and

prosperity may this prayer deeply touch

your hearts and may together we be

instruments of divine grace in the lives

of those who need it



Amen in the name of the Father the Son

and the Holy Spirit

dear God I ask you to give me strength

when I am weak to offer me a shoulder to

cry on when I am sad and to lift me up

when I

fall I would like to learn to be patient

and to wait for your

time remind me that you will never give

me a burden that I cannot bear for where

my strength ends yours

begin Lord guide me along the paths of

prosperity open the doors of abundance

in my

life may your light illuminate my steps

leading me to achievements that reflect


grace grant me wisdom to make choices

that promote growth and the realization

of my

dreams may the prosperity I receive be

shared generously spreading blessings

around me

with unshakable faith I recognize that

your love is the source of My

Hope strengthen my faith so that I can

face challenges with courage and

confidence may my journey be marked by

testimonies of overcoming showing the

world the Grandeur of your

power May Faith be the foundation for

building a future full of a achievements


victories in the Tranquility of prayer I

find the peace that surpasses all

understanding in moments of uncertainty

strengthen my trust in

you may prayer be a constant link

between us strengthening our

communion enable me to hear your voice

Discerning your plans for my life May

prayer be the source of inspiration that

drives my journey towards prosperity and


Faith May every challenge I face be an

opportunity for spiritual

growth may your constant presence be the

reason for my

perseverance bless me with the courage

to face adversity trusting that with

your grace I will overcome all all

obstacles may my life be a living

testimony of your faithfulness revealing

to the world the beauty of the journey



Amen in the name of the Father the Son

and the Holy


Spirit as we close this sac time of

prayer and reflection I invite each of

you to become an active part of this


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connection with the Divine with each new


shared if this prayer resonated in your

hearts leave a like as a testimony of

the spiritual union we share here

May the peace and blessing of the god of

Hope love and life be with you

always let us continue walking together

remembering that we are the resurrection

and the

life may each gesture be a testimony to

the transforming power of faith in our

lives until the next

video the peace of God be with you



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