Discover What God Created You For!­čÖĆInspiring Prayer On Fulfilling Your Destiny

are you ready for a life-changing

message do you want to discover the

amazing plans God has for you do you

want to receive the blessings and

increase he has prepared for you if you

answered yes then you don’t want to miss

this powerful message imagine a sculptor

who is working on a masterpiece he has a

vision of what he wants to create and he

carefully chooses the right materials

the right to tools and the right

techniques to bring his vision to life

he knows that his sculpture will face

different elements different pressures

different challenges he knows that it

will not always be easy for his

sculpture to stand tall and shine bright

but he also knows that he has prepared

his sculpture for everything it will

encounter he has made it strong enough

to endure the wind the rain the Heat and

the coal he has made it beautiful enough

to reflect the light the color and the

glory of its surroundings he has made it

unique enough to stand out from the

crowd to attract attention and to

inspire others he has made it with love

with care and with purpose you are that

sculpture you are God’s Masterpiece when

God designed you he took into account

everything you would face every struggle

every unfair situation every setback at

he put in you the strength the Courage

the determination to withstand he did

not make you weak he did not make you

ordinary he did not make you by accident

he made you strong he made you

extraordinary he made you on purpose he

made you for a reason you may not always

understand why you you have to go

through what you’re going through you

may not always see how God is working in

your life you may not always feel like

you have what it takes to overcome the

obstacles in your way but you have to

trust that God knows what has doing you

have to believe that God has a plan for

your life you have to remember that God

has equipped you for your destiny don’t

let the enemy convince you that you’re

not good enough that you’re you’re not

talented enough that you’re not worthy

enough don’t let the negative voices in

your head drown out the positive voice

of God in your heart don’t let the lies

of the world rob you of the truth of

God’s word you are not a mistake you are

not a failure you are not a victim you

are a Victor you are a champion you are

a child of God you have everything you

need to fulfill your purpose you have

everything everything you need to

overcome your challenges you have

everything you need to live your dreams

you have everything you need because God

gave it to you he gave it to you when he

created you he gave it to you when he

called you he gave it to you when he

saved you so don’t let anything stop you

from being who God created you to be

don’t let anything hold you back from

doing what God called you to do don’t

let anything keep you from living the

life God has for you you are God’s

Masterpiece you are fearfully and

wonderfully made you are more than a

conqueror you are the head and not the

tail you are blessed and highly favored

you are amazing you are awesome you are

incredible you are you and you are

enough Heavenly Father we thank you for

this day and for this opportunity to

hear your word we thank you for creating

us in your M likeness for making us your

masterpieces for giving us everything we

need to overcome every Challenge and

fulfill our destiny we thank you for

loving us for caring for us and for

having a purpose for our lives Lord we

ask you to bless us as we listen to this

message we ask you to open our ears our

eyes and our hearts to receive what you

have to say to us we ask you to speak to

us personally to touch us deeply and to

transform us completely we ask you to

fill us with your spirit with your power

and with your joy Lord we declare that

we are not a mistake we are not a

failure we are not a victim we declare

that we are a victim

we are a champion we are a child of God

we declare that we are fearfully and

wonderfully made that we are more than

conquerors that we are the head and not

the tail we declare that we are blessed

and highly favored Lord we believe that

you have designed us with everything we

need to overcome every Challenge and

fulfill L our destiny We Believe that

you have a plan for our lives we believe

that you have equipped us for our

purpose we believe that you are with us

for us and in US Lord we trust you with

all our hearts we lean not on our own

understanding we acknowledge you in all

our ways and we know that you will make

our paths straight Lord we praise you

for who you are we worship you for what

you have done we honor you for what you

will do in jesus’ name we pray amen

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thoughts to God through the comment

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