Devil Will Harm You If You Skip This Video, Serious Warning | God’s message Today | Jesus Helps

my child hold on to your joy and peace

no matter what happens you are meant to

be an overcomer in me and I assure you

that you will Triumph with me by your

side take one step at a time facing each

problem as it comes and you’ll see

everything working out just fine I’m

always with you in every situation so

trust me to provide you with enough joy

and peace for today and every day you’re

and I love you more than you can imagine

trust in me and we’ll get through this

together my dear child type amen if you

believe my dear Child come be filled

with my abundant joy and peace they flow

into your heart and soul as you rest in

my loving Embrace placing your trust in

the depths of your being these precious

blessings are essential for nourishing

your spirit and providing strength in

times of need the joy of the the Lord is

a Wellspring of power that you must not

Overlook a delightful gift available to

you always regardless of the

circumstances even when you find

yourself in search of it know that I am

and my peace oh how it surpasses all

understanding I freely bestow it upon

you as you keep your faith in me know

a certainty firmly grounded in the

through my sacrificial love on the cross

ensuring that your future is secure and

filled with Everlasting Delight type

Amen in the comments and get blessed


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