Daily Message From God | Lord Jesus Has Chosen You To Hear This | Don’t Deny & Watch This


message for you today

Jesus has said that we will have trouble

in this world but he has overcome the


he himself will help you overcome any

and every trouble you might be facing


whenever troubles around you be still

and know that he is God


let go of every other things that is

holding you back

allow God to work in your life

the Lord our heavenly father will bless

you today and always you are blessed

dear friend

no matter how difficult your situation

might seem right now

you can choose to stay stuck or choose

to go through it and come out Victorious

going forward you will have a new energy

a new excitement for life

you will be able to get up and do what

needs to be done because the Lord is

with you

make prayer a habit in your life

once it becomes a habit success will

become a lifestyle

a door will be open for you that has

been shut for a long time

like if you believe

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