my beloved child I see you I know you I

crafted you fearfully and wonderfully in

the secret place before the dawn of time

you are the work of my hands cherished


measure in this moment I am reaching out


you quieting the clamor I draw near my

breath upon your cheek my fingers

tracing the Contours of your

soul attend to my words for I am impart

in to you wisdom from on high ancient

Secrets not scrawled in ink but etched

into the fabric of creation

itself wisdom to navigate the dark and

light wisdom to

rise the path to True wisdom to

unlocking all I have for you begins and

ends with

humility this precious virtue rarer than

the most brilliant gem is the very key

to the riches of heaven with it a world

of Beauty unfolds before you as a meadow

bursting with a riot of wild

flowers without it you stumble through a

Barren Wasteland forever

thirsting humility is not weak

capitulation but Valiant strength it is

bowing low to be raised up emptied to be

filled to

overflowing as you walk in humility know

that I have positioned you for this hour

my anointing drips from your pores

my power coiled in your spirit waiting

to Spring forth you are no cowering wisp

but a Burning Flame a city on a hill a

light in the void the world aches for

what I have placed within you will you

rise to the call the enemy that prowling

Shadow seeks to extinguish your light

with Insidious Whispers he strangles

your mind hoping you will forfeit the

fight but I say to you my Fierce beloved

you will not yield you will not sit in

darkness you will not make peace with

despair by my spirit you will do what

your flesh cannot you will take control

of your mind capturing every Rogue

thought and fixing your Gaze on the true

the noble the right the pure the lovely


admirable as you do something will shift

Darkness will dissipate like Mist under

a blazing sun

peace will swell like the tides of the

sea this is no mere platitude but a

concrete promise align your mind with

mine and I will drain the poison from

your veins and flood them with honey I

will sustain you I will satisfy you I

will strengthen you to scale mountains

and shatter

strongholds if the climb wearies you if

you stumble on Jagged Stones I am Swift

to lift you up I’m not standing far off

arms crossed brow furrowed no I’m the

father sprinting toward you ready to

sweep you up in an Embrace there is no

wrath or scorn in my eyes only

compassion only unflinching

affection I am eager to answer your

cries to attend to your needs but I’m

after more than granting passing

wishes I’m after your heart I’m after

sweet communion Moment by moment

abiding I’m after your

surrender will you relinquish control

will you move at my impulse speak when I

say speak be silent when I say hush run

when I say go rest when I say be

still in the space between your breaths

in the chambers of your heart I am

speaking learn to Incline your ear to

discern my still Small Voice amidst the

den of this world when I prompt you to

take a leap of Faith trust me enough to

jump I will never lead you astray or

call you to walk where I have not

already cleared the path when I give you

a command cling to it like a Lifeline

for it is simple intentional obedience

is the portal to the miraculous it is

the master key that unlocks The

Impossible right now I am calling you to

awaken no more Soul Slumber no more

cowering no more evading the Glorious

mission for which you were perfectly and

precisely fashioned the stakes are too

high for you to shrink back if there is

unconfessed sin in your soul let’s deal

with it here and now drag it out from

the Shadows every Shard of it and spill

it at my feet I will not despise a

contrite heart I am faithful and just

eager to forgive eager to cleanse eager

to restore when you repent turning from

self and sin and surrendering wholly to

my spirit I will raise you up I will set

your feet upon the rock I will securely

establish your every step do not doubt

for a moment that my favor upon you is

an all-encompassing Shield it is an

impenetrable bullwark no foe can scale

and as for those foes do not fear their

attacks they may come at you like a

deluge but I will raise a mighty

standard against them I will turn back

the tide for every assault against you I

unleash divine retribution against the

forces of Darkness I will fight for you

I will vindicate you I will restore what

has been stolen and redeem what has been

broken my precious one I am a god of

action not just Airy words my every

promise is backed by the full weight of


being as surely as the sun rises what I

have spoken over you will come to pass

not one word will fall to the ground


I know the journey has been

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  1. Amen Lord Amen
    Bless The World Lord With Love, Peace and Harmony and Love for God in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s Name we humbly Pray.



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