Chosen Ones: 7 Ways God Will Bring Deliverance To You This Year! – Do This!

the Bible teaches that God has delivered

us from the power of darkness and

transferred us to the kingdom of his

beloved Son Jesus Christ in whom we have

Redemption this means that we are no

longer under the authority and bondage

of sin and Satan but we belong to God

and have access to his grace and peace

however this does not mean that we are

immune to the attacks and temptations of

the enemy the Bible also warns us that

we are in a spiritual warfare against

the rulers the authorities the cosmic

powers of this present Darkness the

spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly

places in this video I will be showing

you seven ways God will deliver you so

without wasting your time let’s get into

it the first way God delivers you is

through the word certain spiritual
The Word

forces will never leave you alone until

you grow in the knowledge of the word of

God in Matthew the Bible says when

the even was come they brought unto him

many that were possessed with devils and

he cast out the spirits with his word

and healed all that were sick some

deliverances don’t necessarily need

prayers they just need a sound knowledge

of the word of God some people usually

find themselves tormented by evil forces

because these forces know they are empty

when it comes to knowledge but when they

begin to immerse themselves deeply into

the Divine wisdom of the word of God

Deliverance begins to take place

automatically for example maybe you used

to struggle with a lot of nightmares or

bad dreams or you might been struggling

with certain addictions before you got

saved but as you grew in your knowledge

and understanding of the word those

nightmares and addictions began to

slowly fade away even without a single

prayer this is because certain

deliverances will only take place in

your life not only through prayers but

also as you mature in the knowledge of

the word of God as you listen to sermons

and give yourself to the word the word

of God begins to dwell in you richly

automatically setting you free from some

of the webs of the enemy the second way

God might give you Deliverance is

through abstinence now this might sound

simple but here’s the truth there are

also certain types of deliverances that

will only take place when you abstain

from doing certain things consider it as

drawing a line in the sand a boundary

against the onslaught of the devil this

type of Deliverance requires you to

avoid anything that might be giving the

devil an open invitation for example you

might always keep finding yourself sick

to the point that you keep getting being

admitted to the hospital but what you

might not realize is that your

deliverance might fully come to you only

when you get rid of anger issues so even

though you might be praying fervently

you will get full Deliverance when you

decide to let go of bitterness and

unforgiveness because as long as you

keep holding grudges and unforgiveness

towards others that sickness will keep

repeating itself take for instance the
Spiritual Warfare

story of the man whom Jesus had just

healed by the pool of Bethesda in John

chapter when when Jesus found him in

the temple Jesus strictly instructed him

to go and sin no more lest something

worse happens to him this is because

sometimes demonic strongholds could keep

toying around with you if you continue

to indulge in certain sins this is why

sometimes Believers get Victory but then

fall back into the attacks of the enemy

because they fail to close that door to

their past the Third Way God brings

Deliverance to you is through spiritual

warfare itself now I’ve heard many

Christians say that we don’t need to

fight the devil because Christ has done

it all this is correct but it’s only

partially true you see even though Jesus

Christ died for us and overcame the

enemy it doesn’t mean that the Devil

Himself has stopped attacking you in

fact the devil will never bother

attacking you if he thinks he hopes to

achieve nothing from it the reason why

the devil keeps attacking you is because

first he refuses to acknowledge your

Authority and secondly he knows that his

attacks are still effective the Apostle

Paul Peter and all the other Apostles

did not tell us that we no longer need

to engage in warfare prayers instead

they continuously emphasize that we

should be vigilant and prayerful Jesus
Devil Attacks

himself told us to Be watchful if you

are a Christian and the devil is not

attacking you it means either of two

things it either means you are already

under his control and so he doesn’t need

to bother you or the devil believes that

you are actually not doing anything big

enough to threaten him or to disrupt his

plans because if if you are a genuine

Christian who is on fire for God and is

disrupting his plans preaching the

gospel and setting captives free there

is absolutely no way that the devil will

not attack Satan by default always

attacks anyone who is of God and so it

means that anyone who is a Believer

automatically becomes an enemy of the

devil this means whether you like it or

not you must engage in some level of

warfare because it’s not about you being

a good Christian the devil doesn’t care

whether you’re good or not all he cares

about is how he will bring you down and

so if you try to be a nice Christian

believing that you don’t need to pray or

do anything to stand up against the

forces of Darkness you might be

surprised the devil will wipe you off

Jesus did not come to make us lazy

enough not to pray he himself said men

always ought to pray the key word there

is the word always part of his ministry

of giving us power was to put us on a

platform to overcome the devil so being

born again does not exempt you from the

Devil attacks being born again simply

puts you on a better platform to

overcome the enemy because Jesus has

given you the weapons that’s what the

Bible tells us that the weapons of our

Warfare are not carnal but are Mighty

through God in the pulling down of

strongholds the Bible will not tell us

that if the Bible knew that we no longer

need to do anything this is the essence

of warfare prayers the kind of

Deliverance that comes when we boldly

put the enemy in his place the fourth

key to Deliverance is is submission this

is not about defeat but about embracing

Victory through humility you see in

order to carry out effective Deliverance

you need two things you need power and

you need Authority F Believers have

power because Jesus has given us the

power over scorpions and serpents but

the problem is that sometimes they lack

Authority because they are not submitted

to God’s own authority demons will only

respect you when you are submitted under

God’s Authority if you are not subject

to God’s Authority then they cannot be

subject to your Authority because when

you live in sin you might still have the

power but you will not have the

authority in other words when you try to

tell a demon to leave you it will ask

you by whose authority are you casting

me out so you can only cast out a demon

when you’re living under the authority

of Christ for example in Matthew chapter

the Roman Centurion told Jesus I’m a

man under Authority and I have those

under my authority so for God to

manifest EST his power through you you

must first be under his authority before

you can have demons under your own

authority if you do not obbey God whom

demons themselves are subject to they

cannot be subject to you similarly our

deliverance often lies in our

willingness to submit to God’s Authority

when we surrender our will to him we

close the door to the devil and open the

pathway to Freedom the fifth key to

Deliverance is Faith this kind of

Deliverance is a testament to the power

of unyielding belief in God’s promises

no matter the

circumstances it’s about holding on even

when the storm rages knowing that the

sun will shine again because God said it

would consider the story of Abraham

despite the odds Abraham held on to

God’s promise he believed that he would

be the father of many nations even when

it seemed impossible his faith was so

strong and unwavering that it was

accounted to him as righteousness this

Faith triggered his Deliverance turning

him into a blessed man the father of

Nations faith is not just believing that

God can it’s knowing that he will the

sixth key to Deliverance is obedience

obedience is not just about following

rules it’s a heartfelt commitment to

heed God’s directives it’s about

listening to that still Small Voice that

Whispers Direction like a compass

guiding a ship through stormy seas

obedience to God’s commands can lead us

to a place of safety and deliverance

let’s consider an example in the Book of

Luke lepers approached Jesus who

instructed them to go and show

themselves to the priests they obeyed

without hesitation and as they went they

were healed this is a clear

demonstration of Deliverance by

obedience the lepers could have

questioned the instruction but their

obedience led to their miraculous

healing it was while they were obeying

God’s instructions that they got healed

the seventh and final key to Deliverance

is confession words are not merely

sounds that Fade Into The Ether they are

potent vessels carrying our faith our

conviction and our Authority when we

confess the word of God we are not

simply reciting verses but we are

wielding a Divine weapon against the

forces of Darkness confession is more

than mere repetition it is an Act of

Faith a declaration of belief a

proclamation of Truth over the lies of

the enemy it’s about standing firm in

the face of adversity armed with the

word of God and declaring no more I am a

child of the highest and I will not be a

plague ground for the enemy consider the

story of David and Goliath David a mere

Shepherd boy stood against a giant of a

man he didn’t cower in fear or run away

instead he confessed his faith in God

aloud declaring you come against me with

sword and Spear and Javelin but I come

against you in the name of the Lord

Almighty his confession was his

Deliverance you see when we confess the

word of God we’re not just speaking

words into the air we’re speaking to the

spiritual realm to the forces that seek

to oppress us we’re declaring our faith

our trust in God we’re affirming his

promises over our lives and rejecting

the lies of the enemy confession is our

testimony our proclamation of victory in

the battle against evil thank you for

watching if you love our videos please

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