Choose Integrity Even When No One Is Looking | God’s Daily Message | Daily Mrs From God

beloved child of God Integrity is a

powerful attribute in the life of the

believer integrity means that you are

Dependable you are a person of your word

you’re consistent and honest you might

say oh I’m a pretty good person I do the

right thing most of the time but

understand it’s the little foxes that

spoil the vine you can Veer off course

just a little bit and before you know it

you’re miles away from your destination

don’t allow the little things to keep

you from your destiny choose Integrity

even when no one is looking for instance

you might need some paper at home but

you shouldn’t take supplies from the

office or you might be running into a

store for just a minute but don’t park

in the handicapped parking spot unless

you’re supposed to if the checkout clerk

makes a mistake and gives you too much

money back that’s not God’s provision

that’s a test of Integrity remember if

you’ll be faithful and choose Integrity

in the little things God will make you

ruler over much be a person of integrity

and open the door for God’s blessing and

honor all the days of your life a prayer

for today father today I commit to live

a life of Integrity I choose a life of

excellence and ask for your hand of

favor show me any area that is not

pleasing to you so that I can continue

to grow and increase in you in jesus’


amen like if you believe in



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