Child, Cease Your Worrying | God message today | God message for me today | God’s Message Now

after a while

you may locate yourself feeling that god is around you

watching over you

so don’t forget about these moments

don’t allow them to go incomplete

your life is on the brink of change

after listening to this message from god

make sure to observe the whole video

every word spoken here lays a direction on

your brilliant future

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if you are geared up

god is speaking to you today

hear me my dearest baby

I need you to recognize that I am in detail with you

dwelling in your heart

this fact that I stay in you

transforms your existence in wonderous ways

both now and for all eternity

do not agonize about whether or not

you are a suitable living for me

I joyfully take house within

the humble hearts of believers

wherein I work patiently to renovate and rework them

however I can’t abide in individuals

who agree with their correct enough without me

such individuals are like whitewash tombs

beautiful on the outdoor

however putrid within

as you meditate

at the marvelous fact that I live in you

allow your heart overflow with boundless joy

I am no longer a transient guest

present best when your conduct pleases me

I actually have come to stay completely

yet I ought to warning you that

the manner of my preservation can be painful at times

when my transformative paintings inside

you causes discomfort

preserved directly to me with unwavering agree

with live by using faith in the person who loved you

and gave himself for you

as you continue to yield to

the modifications I am making

you’ll increasingly more grow to be the masterpiece

I designed you to be

whenever you encounter anything

this is great or praiseworthy

fix your mind on such things

this may additionally appear sincere

but it runs counter to the winning subculture

the media often spotlights what is wrong

neglecting to spotlight the various top deeds

completed by way of my human beings

maintaining effective awareness

isn’t always just counter to the arena

it additionally goes against human nature

your thoughts

a stunning introduction

became marred with the aid of the fall

choosing to recognition on

excellence does not come evidently

it calls for ongoing effort

repeatedly making the proper choice

daily second

by way of second

select to are seeking the coolest

in spite of the massive problems

for your global

much stays worth of praise


the one most deserving of praise is right beside you

nearer than your very mind

rejoice in me beloved

when people undergo their souls to you

consider which you stand on holy ground

your role is to pay attention in love

no longer to hastily fix their troubles

which might defile that sacred area

some may additionally withdraw

whilst this occurs

at the same time as others

can be too wounded to recognize they’ve been violated

in both case

you omit a valuable possibility to feature


on this holy ground

you require the help of the Holy Spirit

ask him to assume

through you

listen through you

love through you

as the spirits love radiates from you

my recovery presence starts off

evolved to work inside the different person

while you still listen

your primary assignment is to direct them closer to me

and my ample resources

if you observe these suggestions

both you and others can be blessed

they will hook up with my unwavering love

at a profound level

and I will display them the way they have to cross

as you pay attention and love

relying on me

my spirit will float for you

want streams of dwelling water

refreshing your soul

I am your power

this fact will become

in particular

valuable on

days when your weaknesses seem to shout at you

insisting that you can’t

keep on knowing me

as your energy is

like having a constant manual

showing you the way

removing barriers

and empowering you

for each step

I preserve your right hand

guiding you with my recommend

since I possess omniscence

and realize all things

my suggest is the best information conceivable

so do not be anxious over your weaknesses

they’re designed to train

you to depend upon my loving presence

with confidence

that I am with you

and could assist you

your international becomes much less intimidating

whilst you shed the phantasm of self sufficiency


I meet you to your weaknesses

the use of them

to draw others to me

my light shines

by your inadequacies

when you constantly appearance to me your power

let this love mild

float freely through you

filling you with a

joy that overflows into the lives of others

I am your treasure

I am immeasurably

extra treasured than whatever you could see

listen or touch

knowing me is the ultimate prize

surpassing all other treasures

earthly riches are frequently hoarded insured

fretted over

or hidden away for safekeeping

but the riches you’ve got in me

can in no way be lost

stolen or broken

on the contrary

as you freely proportion me with others

you benefit more of me

because I am countless

there will constantly be extra of me

to find out

and to love

your world may seem cluttered

with endless distractions

vying for your attention

many things

each massive and small

obstruct the direction to fully

taking part

in my presence

you may also discover yourself demanding

and troubled


numerous subjects

but handiest

one issue is actually essential

when you are making me

that one component

you pick out

something that can

by no means

be taken away from you

delight in my steady closeness

and permit your knowledge of me

placed everything else into angle

I am the treasure that can brighten

each second

I give you toes

like the ones of a deer

permitting you to stand

organization on high places

I created deer

with the high quality ability to climb

steep mountains

results easily

and to stand


on high cliffs

your trust in me

can furnish you

the warranty

to transport forward

and make progress

in the excessive places of hassle

duty or suffering

always do not

forget that

you live in an international

wherein your religious


and never cease their assaults

you need to stay vigilant

and ready for conflict

unlike warriors

who have servants to assist them

dawn their armor

you must diligently dress

yourself in it every day

regardless of what transpires

I need you with a view

to stand your ground

and after you have performed

the whole thing

to preserve status

in the warmth of war

claim your believe in me

your self belief

that I am with you

assisting you

you may also sense

as although

you’re losing the war

but do no longer lose heart

hold tightly to my hand

and continue status

this is actual victory

the light of my presence

illuminates every scenario

on your life

past gift and destiny

I knew you before

the inspiration of the arena

and I actually have loved

you with an

everlasting love

you are by no means alone

seek me in each moment

search for me

as in case you were

attempting to find hidden treasure

strive to look me

amidst all of

your situations

do no longer

allow them to

difficult to understand

your view of me

sometimes I display my presence in grand

and glorious methods

other instances

I appear myself quietly

in humble methods

that make experience best to you

ask me to open your eyes

in coronary heart

permitting you to understand

all my communications with

you beloved

as you go through this present day

remind yourself to

our searching

for the mild

of my presence

shining upon

your existence

do not narrow

your focus to

your responsibilities

and worldly worries

expand your

attitude to

encompass me

in each component of your day

you will discover me

as you are looking for me

with all of

your coronary heart

I am with you

and could watch over you

anywhere you go

an adventurous

adventure lies in advance of you

and you approach it with

mixed feelings

you eagerly

assume this

new journey

waiting for

to discover

plentiful benefits

alongside the way

however you


may harbour a degree of fear

about leaving behind

your acquainted

predictable routine

when annoying

mind a sail

you recall that

I may be watching over

you constantly

any place you are

the comfort of my presence is an

eternal promise

your first rate

guidance for

the adventure in advance

is working towards my presence

each day remind

yourself regularly

Jesus is with me

taking suitable care of me

visualize yourself

preserving my hand

as you stroll

trust me your

manual to expose

you the manner

grade by grade

I possess a great experience of direction

so do not worry


getting misplaced

relax in my presence

and have a good time

inside the marvel of sharing

your entire

existence with me

I supply strength to the weary

and increase

the electricity of

the susceptible

so do no longer be disheartened through

your weaknesses

there are numerous kinds of weaknesses

and nobody is exempt from them

I use these weaknesses to keep my loved

ones humble

and to educate them

to wait on me

in assured dependence

I have promised that those

who wait on me

will receive renewed energy

this ready on me

must no longer be an

occasional practice

I designed you

to always look to me

knowing me because

the dwelling person

who constantly sees

you waiting

focused on me

is in detail

related to trusting me

the extra time

you spend focusing on me

the extra you’ll believe me

as you agree with me more

your desire

to spend even greater time with me

ready on me deepens

waiting on me

within the moments of your life


deepens your desire in me

this hope blesses

you in countless methods

lifting you above

your occasions

and enabling

you to thank me

for the assist

of my presence

no rely what transpires

for your existence

you could discover pleasure in me

due to the fact I am

your savior

when Habucook

wrote those phrases

he changed into

awaiting the invasion of

his United States of America

by means of

the Babylonians

or ruthless

and dreaded humans

even as he contemplated this

terrifying prophecy

he was capable of

have fun in

his relationship with me

this kind of joy

is supernatural

powered by way of

the Holy Spirit

who is living

in all my followers

joy and thankfulness

are carefully


give thanks to me

for my unwavering love

and communicate

of my amazing works

with songs of joy

my love for

you’ll never waver

for I have already paid

the entire penalty

on your sins

it does not

depend on your overall


the more you

explicit gratitude to me

to your salvation

my love and

different blessings

the more you may realize

how profoundly

blessed you are

a grateful attitude

enhances your joy

you can nurture

this gladness

by thanking me

in silent prayer

prayers in spoken

or whispered words

and through tune

come earlier than me

with blissful

songs come to me

my weary one

and I will provide you rest

I realize the depth

and breath of

your weariness

nothing is hidden from me

there are moments

whilst you want

to push ahead

when circumstances demand it

and there are moments

whilst you should

relaxation even I

owning countless

energy rested

at the th day

after completing my work

of creation

seek my face

after which

linger in my

loving presence

as I shine upon you

let your favourite

scriptures meander by

your thoughts

clean your coronary

heart and spirit

if something

involves thoughts

that you do

not need to forget

jot it down

then return

your recognition to me

as you loosen up

in my presence

my love will

permeate the

very center of

your being you may


feel inclined

to specific

your love for me

whether or not

in whispers

spoken words

or track I want

you to recognize that

I wholeheartedly

approve of you

and of relaxation

when you unwind

in my presence

trusting in my

finished paintings at the go

both you and I

are revitalized

when trials

and demanding

situations a

sail you from

every facet

do not forget them

completely satisfied


do no longer

squander your


lamenting your situations

or craving for

the day past

remember that

I am sovereign

effective and loving

and I am with

you to assist you

rather than

being crushed

by using the


grasp my hand

with unwavering consider

while you alone

may be insufficient to address

your issues


you and I can

face anything

view your circumstances

from this broader


and find joy

even amidst

your struggles

you are not alone

you have my presence

and my spirit inside you

he is continually

prepared to help you

one of the most

hard components of

facing multiple trials

is enduring

the ready since

staying power

is a fruit of

the spirit he let

you endure these

periods of waiting

do now not try

to break out

your problems

in advance instead

persevere patiently


that this thing

power is shaping you

making you mature

and complete

I am mild in me

there’s no darkness

in any respect

I your god am perfect

in each way

there isn’t

always even

a hint of evil in me

you live in

an international

in which darkness

and ungodliness

often be triumphant

however bear in mind

that I am the mile

that continues to shine

even within

the midst of darkness

nothing can extinguish

or maybe dim

the brilliance of my

eternal radiance

one day you may

see my beauty in

all its glory

and enjoy impossible

joy for now

you must live

by means of faith

no longer by sight

when the world’s

occasions or

your personal occasions

threaten to

unsettle you

capture my hand

with unwavering

willpower do

not be intimidated

by means of

evil rather

overcome evil

with desirable

I am with you

and I actually

have already

received the

remaining victory

through my crucifixion

and resurrection

nothing can

undo these super occasions

which pierced

the darkness

in order that

my radiant light

ought to destroy

via and flood

the hearts of my fans

spend time basking

on this holy light

for my face

shines upon you

my dear toddler

you aren’t by myself

I am with you


providing my presence

energy steerage

and pleasure

trust in me

for I am your

constant partner

your ever gift

help in instances of need

find comfort

in my include

for I love you with an

everlasting love

seek me day by

day for I am

your source of light

and life as

you journey

through existence

do not forget that

I am your anchor

your shelter

and your best

treasure let

your heart overflow

with gratitude

and reward for

you’re my cherished

and I am yours

amen I love you

my child type

amen in case

you consider

in God if you

are prepared

type yes take

care of yourself

it’s now not

approximately being

the excellent

it is about

being higher than

you had been

the day past

type I declare it

in case you

obtain this


type yes in case

you’re equipped

and percentage

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our channel

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God bless you

my baby type amen

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