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dear friend we all face challenges and

obstacles in this life we all have

dreams in our hearts and at times it

looks like they’re not going to come to

pass during these difficult Seasons we

have a choice we can get negative and

discouraged and talk about how things

are not going to work out or we can

switch over into praise and thanksgiving

which opens the door for God to move on

our behalf a lot of times people think

I’ll have a good attitude as soon as I

get over this health issue I’ll give God

praise when I get through these tough

times but that’s not how Faith Works as

long as we’re negative discouraged and

focused on our problems it limits what

God can do you’ve got to give God praise

first and then the breakthrough will

come you’ve got to change your focus

first and then things will change in

your favor praise always precedes the

victory today if you’ve been dwelling on

the wrong things and focusing in the

wrong direction switch over into praise

and thanksgiving begin to declare that

God is good declare that he is faithful

declare his praises and open the door to

victory in every area of your life a

prayer for

today Father God today I humbly come

before you lifting you up and magnifying

your holy name thank you for your

goodness and faithfulness in my life I

bless you and honor you for your

goodness in Jesus name name amen like if

you believe in


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