CALL ON GOD, The Lord Is Near | A Blessed Morning Prayer To Start Your Day

imagine just for a moment your

Whispering into the wind your quietest

thoughts floating away seeking an

understanding ear what if I told you

there’s a presence ever so tender ever

so knowing that catches every word

before it even leaves your

lips this isn’t just a comforting notion

it’s a steadfast promise the Lord is

near to all who call upon him to all who

call upon him in truth this profound

truth from Psalm isn’t merely

ink on paper it’s a Lifeline an

assurance a constant companion in the

highs and lows of life now if you

believe that God can make a difference

in your life today let us stand together

in faith I will pray a fervent prayer

with you in the mighty name of Jesus

so watch until the end and open your

hearts to receive the blessings of this

prayer think about it in your moments of

sheer Joy or the depths of

Despair isn’t it comforting to know that

there’s someone you can always turn to

someone whose presence is just a call

away this closeness to the Lord isn’t

about distance it’s about connection a

hard to heart conversation that knows no

barriers no

limits in life we all carry burdens some

too heavy to Bear alone each prayer you

whisper believe it or not is a bridge a

bridge that spans the chasm between

Earthly struggles and divine

Solace when you

speak When you

pray your burdens are lifted shared and


not because the load magically

disappears but because you’re no longer

carrying it alone history and scriptures

are replete with stories Tales of those

who called upon the Lord and witnessed

their lives

transform think of David with his harp

and his

Psalms finding Solace and strength in

his music and Faith or Hannah whose

tears of Baron

turned into Joy with her heart’s Earnest

plea these aren’t just stories they’re

testimonies Testament to the power of a

prayerful Heart A Heart That dares to

call upon the Lord in our modern

fast-paced world

challenges come in various forms stress


uncertainty it’s easy to feel lost to


disconnected but it’s precisely in these

moments of trial that the Lord’s promise

shines the brightest his guidance his

comfort can navigate us through the most

perplexing paths if only we choose to

call upon

him in the hustle and bustle of Life

finding a quiet moment a moment of

silence might seem like a

luxury but it’s In These Quiet Moments

that you find gateway to communion with

the Lord be still and know that I am God

says Psalm

in the Stillness his presence

becomes noticeable his guidance clearer

his comfort more

profound and then there’s the power of

praise when your heart sings with

gratitude when your words resonate with

thankfulness you invite the Lord into

your life you create a space for his

comforting presence But You Are Holy

enthroned in the Praises of Israel this

verse from Psalm

isn’t just about singing or worship

it’s about creating a home in your heart

for the Lord a home filled with joy

gratitude and

praise commitment to this

relationship to this dialogue with the

Lord transforms your life it’s not just

just about the words you speak it’s

about the consistency the dedication

it’s about replacing fear with faith

chaos with peace and uncertainty with

trust and remember while your personal

prayer is a powerful dialogue with the

Divine there’s an amplified strength

when we come together when we unite in

prayer for where two or three are

gathered together in my name I am there

in the midst of them promises Matthew

verse there’s a collective power a

Collective Strength in our prayers a

fabric of Faith woven Stronger by our

Unity so whenever we come together in

unity like this in a community of

Believers there is indeed a significant

spiritual impact my friends as you all

move forward as you face the highs and

lows of life

remember this the Lord’s presence is

just a prayer

away Embrace this Divine

promise let your heart find peace

strength and comfort in the powerful

prayer that follows for in calling upon

him you’re not just speaking into the

void you’re opening the door to a life

graced by his presence Guided by his

wisdom and comforted by his unfailing


now to all those within the sound of my

voice let us go to the Lord in

prayer I want you to pray this prayer

with me so that you can have all the

blessings of this prayer you may also

listen to this prayer daily as you build

your faith and come in

agreement let us pray to our gracious

and loving God Heavenly

Father the author of life and the

architect of all that is good and

pure I come before you with a heart full

of Praise I exalt your mighty name for

you are worthy of all glory honor and

adoration from the rising of the sun to


setting your name is to be

praised Lord I Thank you for the

countless blessings you have poured into

my life your mercies are new every

morning and your faithfulness is vaster

than the

skies in humility and reverence I seek

your forgiveness Lord I acknowledge my

failings and shortcomings and I lay them

at your feet forgive me Father as I also

extend forgiveness to those who have

wronged me let my heart be free of any

bitterness or resentment mirroring the

boundless Grace you have shown me I

stand in the Assurance of your divine


Lord envelop me in your loving

Embrace let me feel your

nearness not just in The Echoes of my

triumphs but also in The Whispers of my


moments you are my refuge and my

Fortress in you alone I find Solace and

strength in my trials and

tribulations be my rock and shield

grant me the courage and resilience that

come from knowing you are by my side

transform my challenges into testimonies

of your unending

faithfulness equip me with

wisdom to navigate life’s

complexities and let your light guide my

path towards righteousness and

peace Lord I seek your healing touch

upon my life mend the Brokenness within

and around me

restore my spirit heal my body and

rejuvenate my soul I believe in your

power to make all things new I

declare in the name of Jesus Every Chain

of Affliction is

broken and every shackle of Despair is

shattered I pray for your provision and

abundance to overflow in my life open

the floodgates of heaven and shower

blessings upon

me so that I may never lack any good

thing I rebuke every Spirit of scarcity

and bind every plot of the enemy aimed

at my

prosperity in the mighty name of Jesus I

declare My Life as a beacon of your

generosity and Grace in The Quiet

Moments Lord let your voice be the one I

hear in the

Stillness let your wisdom res resonate

within me teach me to embrace the

strength found in silence to listen

attentively for your guidance and to

cherish the peace that comes from being

in your

presence let my life be an expression of

praise and

gratitude may my every word thought and

action bring glory to your

name I

rebuke and Spirit of ingratitude and

declare my heart as a sanctuary of

Praise a testament to your enduring

goodness I pray for Unity and fellowship

within my community my family and my

church bind us together with chords of

love that cannot be

broken let our Collective prayers be a

force of change a wave of Love washing

over every hurt and healing every Heart

Lord as I say this prayer together with

everyone listening I am grateful for

every heart that is humbled before you


now we come in agreement knowing that

you are in our midst as you promised

bless each one of us in this community

Lord let the Assurance of your closeness

be a shield around us a Beacon of Hope

in our trial

and a source of strength in our

weaknesses we claim victory over every

challenge for greater is he that is in

us than he that is in the world we

declare healing over every illness peace

in the midst of turmoil and joy in our

hearts protect us guide us and let your

Holy Spirit dwell richly within us for

yours is the king om the power and the

glory forever and ever thank you Lord

for hearing and answering my prayer in

the mighty name of Jesus I pray amen if

you were blessed by this prayer type the

word amen in the comment section below I

declare that all the blessings of this

prayer are now upon you in the name of

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all the glory May the grace and peace of

our Lord Jesus Christ be with you


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