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in the tender Embrace of my Everlasting Love I Your Divine father have observed

your steadfast Journey Through The Valleys of tribulation the scorn and ridicule that once echoed around you

causing your heart to tremble and your eyes to weep have been but fleeting shadows in the light of your unyielding

faith those who once sought to see you falter their Whispers of doubt and envy

will soon stand in awe their voices hushed as the fruits of your unwavering

trust in my omnipotence Bloom for all to see I have seen every tear heard every

silent prayer in the Stillness of your trials your faith a radiant beacon in

the night of your adversities has been refined like the purest gold shining brighter in the darkest

moments in your journey where pain has become your strength fear your courage

anxiety your joy and sadness your song of Victory know that a tapestry of blessings woven by my hands awaits you

for in your steadfast belief in the depths of your trials you have shown the world the true power of faith in your

heavenly father’s boundless love upon your heart I etch these

Eternal words a sacred script that shall echo through your soul with each Dawn’s

light gone are the days of waking to the heavy chains of Despair and sorrow for they

have been broken by my hand the curses that once lurked in the shadows of your life have retreated into

the nothingness from which they came take my word hold it close let it

be the lamp unto your path write it down a cherished treasure

nestled within the pages of your Bible at the beginning of Psalm

in the quiet of night speak with conviction in Jesus I trust and feel my

presence enveloping you Proclaim it for I am your Shepherd and in me you shall

want for nothing delve into the entirety of the psalm for it is a gift from me to

you heed my call and discover a strength within you untapped and Majestic you

shall rise an eagle soaring to new heights of faith I set on the horizon of blessings I am ready to pour upon you

return here tomorrow lay your Bible close as you sleep and at break of day I

will awaken you my Whispers will gently stir your spirit guiding you unveiling Mysteries

and wonders meant only for you welcome to a realm where Miracles are your

reality where Joy is forged in the fires of divine revelation here learn the essence of

gentleness and humility I bestow upon you power over Darkness To Tread fearlessly on serpents

and scorpions unharmed and bold step through the door I open before

you into a world where the miraculous is your daily bread believe for nothing is beyond my

reach all is within your grasp in adversity your faith has been

unwavering a beacon in the storm for your steadfastness a bountiful reward

awaits the season of scarcity is ending and a time of harvest

Begins the trials you’ve endured the forge of your soul ready you for an

immense blessing on the horizon I hear your cries your longing

for its arrival I assure you the Fulfillment of my promise is at your very doorstep do

your part rise open the door embrace your faith step forward to claim

your blessing with a heart of Triumph cast aside all obstacles all excuses for

inaction dispel the doubts that Wilt your faith your talents and Gifts like

seeds about to bloom stand on the cusp of a wondrous unfurling upon this Earth

a magnificent Garden awaits and it is within this realm that I call upon

you you are more than a transient Blossom you are akin to a a mighty tree

offering shade and Solace to those who seek my presence through you I plan to bestow

blessings of Plenty to spread the message of my love to your family to

reach out to those in pain and to bring prosperity to your household G yourself for the Harvest is

nigh Venture forth and immerse yourself in the fragrance of the fields ripe and

awaiting your Victorious touch you are one of my chosen and I vow

to fortify you to elevate you above all lack and want heed my direction do not follow the

path of those who disregard my words wasting their days in frivolities when chaos ensues they

resort to blame ens snared in a cycle of complaints and envy for the blessings I

have reserved for you the yield of this Harvest Belongs to You guard my gifts with care those who

take my grace for granted let my blessings fall to waste do not Surrender Your Offspring to

the jaws of the Devourer nor open your home to

destruction in the Morning Light listen to my voice and I will endow you with

the wisdom to thrive in every Endeavor your Harvest will be rich for

this chapter in your life is a Prelude to wonders Untold await it with baited breath

for these are the promises of your heavenly father in your suffering you

seek my Aid my love that wraps around you healing without judgment my presence

that Comforts in silence without rebuke you need my empathetic ear ever

patient ever attentive confess your yearning for me for in this truth lies your Liberation

your strength alone has reached its end now is the moment to recognize your need for

me in your prayers of Faith you have called to me and so I have come to your

Aid I know that you and your family are traversing a cruel desert where Solitude

parches hope and your soul thirsts for love due to countless slights the journey is scorching and you

cry out when you step upon the hot stones that bring tears of pain I understand how you feel

continuing onward and believing that even amid this suffering my hand sustains you can be

challenging nevertheless I have come to protect you from the adversaries that assail and wound you even if you feel

defeated and weary I shall revive your desire to live strengthening You From

the Ashes those around you and many generations to come shall witness the

extent of my blessings upon you I shall clothe you in honor clear your paths and

fill your home with my glory all that you are contemplating today is but a process of purification

akin to Gold that only shines when it passes through the fire so shall you

also shine and be cleansed of all the negative aspects that still exist within

you I say to you my daughter my son I will not exalt you to Humble your

sibling but to to instill in you the understanding to extend your hand to help those who have

fallen I urge you to relinquish anger vanity fear doubt and the lack of

faith never gaze upon the past for nothing from your past experiences can

compare to the joy that shall be yours from this day forth seek in your life both the small

and Grand things for which you are grateful walk with a clear conscience

carrying my virtues within your heart do not despair if you find

yourself feeling unwell on this day or if you believe your strength to be

lacking I implore you to listen to me to open the doors of your heart and to

accept the sweet peace I offer take this time to rest your

mind I am the creator of the universe and I command the winds that Buffet you

to fall all silent and hush their voices you shall hear no more Whispers of the

world’s threats for they seek to frighten you may your faith remain unshaken your

charity unwavering and may you not lose sight of the progress you have made discard all that you have achieved

for you believe yourself to be weak but hear me well it is better that

you recognize that your own strength has its limits and that you require me

with your faith and my power you become invincible your spirit renewed and your

resolve Indestructible with this word of faith your weakness

dissipates you can confidently Proclaim I am strong with hope without hesitation

continue your Ascent to this mountain where I await you this is the summit where your grand

aspirations may come to fruition here you shall achieve your

dreams this is the time and the place for you to accept my will and allow me to work in your life from here on you

shall soar I brought you here so that you may not turn back spread your wings and soar

higher so that you may witness the land of blessings from above you shall no longer live in

despair nor go to sleep in anguish nor rise in sadness or

desolation from this day onward you shall live a life of fervent and active Faith each morning as the sun rises make

the decision to be happy in the face of any circumstance do not allow any bad news

or concerns to erase that beautiful smile that illuminates your face you are

my daughter my son always remember this you have given me your entire being

and my Holy Spirit dwells within you you are unique and there is no need for you to imitate

the actions or words of others many tremble at the slightest

rumor their hopes crumble and fear consumes them but you my beloved are not

like them Supernatural love resides within you and your faith is wondrous

from your lips flow prayers and Powerful Words fly now for you are

free be happy go forth and share these words with your family I love you and I

will lead you out of the desert I will bring you to victory and the happiness you so greatly

need I do this because I love you and you hold Great Value in my

eyes I have a significant purpose for your life pay close attention for the words

you hear and read are true they are not empty I know that the situation you are

currently experiencing has brought you sadness and has made it difficult to face each day with

joy you are going through a trying time but your life is about to change in a

surprising and Supernatural way there have been many days of sorrow

and misunderstanding however your journey through this desert is coming to an end

today the world attempted to Blind you to shake your faith but you were not

defeated my child you reached the end of this long and arduous

trial from this point forward I will make your days better and I will make

you smile again everyone around you will see how my strength and power have renewed you

in a surprising way my wisdom will help you solve all the problems you have

faced after those days of solitude that you endured the days when you were thirsty tired and felt weak your faith

and your love for me and your family gave you the strength to rise and keep

walking you persevered to the end and today I send clouds filled with special

rain Living Water of blessings and healing balm for your heart I am filling

your soul with my spirit of Love The Covenant I made with you remains valid and I always listen my

ears are attentive to you every time you approach me in prayer and invoke my Holy Name today you are facing a time of

great Miracles and wonders that will reach you and your family due to your loyalty and

Fidelity your perseverance in not giving up in the midst of the difficult journey

and your belief in me entrusting your destiny to me have not been in vain I

will not fail you because I love you deeply my child know that my thoughts toward you

are thoughts of good and not of harm I will place in your hands that

which you ask of me speak your desires with your lips and I will hear you from

Heaven fulfilling the purest desires of your heart Rejoice my child for the suffering

has come to an end and the moment of your Victory draws near do you believe

me I love you could you pause for a moment and lend your ear solely to

me set aside all distractions I ask for your full attention to savor each word I speak to

you you I’m drawn once again to express this profound love I have for you a love that

goes beyond simple words and emotions my love for you is an

Everlasting Covenant I have affirmed this love with my own declarations sealed it with my

blood and my commitment to you is unshakable you hold an eternal sacred

place in my heart each star twinkling in the night sky was crafted to light your

way in darkness and to to remind you of your deep intrinsic belovedness the Sun that beams down from

the heavens enveloping you in its warmth exists to let you feel the tenderness

that though unseen is as boundless as the cosmos itself chasing away any

shadow in your soul every night before you sleep Feel My Love enveloping

You rekindle this feeling each morning and every time you awake embarking on a

new day of life life know that you are profoundly loved and have unwavering faith in this love

as tangible as the air you breathe not an illusion or a figment of your

imagination the deepest longing in your life is for love and it is precisely This Love that I am lavishing upon your

soul I am bestowing upon you something so wondrous and magnificent that it will

alter your entire view of life my love for you is Paramount and it

is essential to me that you flourish armed with the strength to weather any storm no matter its size or

intensity you will walk over life’s turbulent Waters without fear my love will be your fortitude my

promises will be your anchor keeping you steadfast on your journey I reaffirm this truth I want you

to live fully treasure and honor the future I have planned for you Believe In

My Love For You embrace it wholeheartedly I offer you life and

encouragement which you must accept with faith to Triumph you will be well all will be

made right behold the sign you have sought you have cried out to me sought

an answer and I have come to reply from the moment you first called

out an angel was dispatched from my heavenly domain buing the key to your

freedom however you are a remarkably special individual and a battle for your

life is unfolding in the celestial domain the adversary wishes to see you

crawl on the ground and does not desire your Triumph my armies engage in combat on

your behalf in the heavens contending against the forces of evil the sudden turmoil you are

experiencing is no mere coincidence you must be vigilant and Discerning exercise caution in your

words do not divulge your secrets to anyone be very Discerning about whom you

confide in the enemy seeks to devour you finding a in your Soul’s armor to

destroy you with lies and deceit your faith May face attempts to be extinguished for many envious Souls

have witnessed the grace I have poured upon you your future is filled with Miracles

you you may encounter afflictions for a time but your problems are not Eternal

they shall soon come to an end the sorrow that burdens you shall pass those who have offended you may

return seeking your forgiveness and you shall not deny them you shall love them

as you love yourself aiding them in every way you can however your faith and

trust shall remain solely in me even when others come promising you the moon

and stars never place your trust in them none possess the power to bless you and

deliver you from evil as I can none possess the true word that only I can

bestow if you cease to believe in me and begin to place your trust in empty promises from deceitful people your

blessings will dissipate into the wind and some may never return this is your moment let your

faith be anchored in this powerful and eternal word Resolute and unwavering

throughout eternity the hour of decision is approaching swiftly choose my love my affection my

Solace and My Embrace as a solemn commitment to hear me every morning filling yourself with the word I have

shown you it leads the way and provides a reason for you to

persevere this is your sign open your eyes the problems that beset you will

vanish the assistance you await shall arrive and the provisions you need will be provided I love you and today it is

proven I will deliver you from this situation you asked for it and I have heard you I have come to bestow these

promises upon you so that you may receive them with faith my word affirms

it and Promises it my victory is your Triumph from my Throne it emanates from

my hands you shall receive your reward soon the recompense for all your

suffering the prize for your Valor the medal for your determination the Crown

of Life and many more blessings affirm with your lips and your heart that you believe and shall receive

them even if you feel weary today do not fear I have come to bestow strength and

stability upon your legs agility to your feet and courage to your soul

you are sensing that Supernatural desire kindling within your heart as you listen and read my

words rise and continue reaching for more victories my dearest child this is

who I am I concern myself with my Offspring and it pains me to witness

them in sorrow and depression assailed by thoughts of Despair and

death their bodies afflicted by so much worry that they allow into their minds

I do not wish to see you in this state therefore every night when your eyes

close and you entrust your repose to me I shall come into your dreams and

express my profound affection with my melodious voice you shall no longer

endure sleepless nights you will rest like an innocent child when you awaken

in the morning and open your eyes I shall be there once more caressing your head and nurturing your soul so that you

rise with the firm determination to embrace happiness a multitude of divine

blessings awaits you a marvelous family reunion lies

ahead and you will also encounter new individuals with Splendid intentions your life shall continue and

you shall not live weeping over the past I am rescuing you from the shackles of

slavery and fear granting you Freedom promise me that you will cherish

this blessing as you listen to my words I am bolstering your courage for you

have never been faint-hearted I am pleased to witness your good intentions faith and the

effort you exert to ensure things turn out well when you see yourself Victorious surrounded by success and my

blessings pour down o on you filling you with immense Joy return to me daily even

though you may be strong and brave always remember you are my child I desire you to spend time in my

presence and feel my love you shall forever hold a special place within my

heart I have witnessed your struggles and observed your strength in the face of life’s

injustices you have endured many trials and tribulations you have faced numerous

challenges I see how deeply moved your heart is you pray and cry out for

guidance light and assistance the night does not shroud you

in fear and Solitude for I Am by your side infolding you in my presence and

truth I am here beside you even if you cannot perceive me but you can feel me

every night when you enter your room close the door and kneel by your bed to pray and

Converse with me I am always with you granting you my peace infusing you with

my love and filling you with courage I remain by your side watching

over you and dispatching my angels to Shield you from nocturnal fears I am the

reason you stand strong when fear and distress attempt to invade your

sanctuary I’m the one who responds to them preventing you from sinking into negative emotions or losing the strength

to persevere how many times have you gone to sleep Laden with sadness shedding

tears over life’s circumstances only to awaken TR tranquil fortified and

renewed your storms shall never surpass your God’s might tears may endure

through the night but joy which I bring always arrives in the morning Feel My

Love listen to my voice and envision The Splendid future you wish to have in your

life what you can imagine is beautiful does not even compare to what I truly

have in store for you I possess Grand things great blessings a future of love

unity prosperity and open doors never lose Faith do not let sin

Seize Your Life stand steadfast and when malicious thoughts attempt to seduce you recall my

promise and remain steadfast in my ways when you feel confused unsure of

how to act or which direction to take pray speak to me and feel my love let my serenity enter your heart

dispelling all fears and doubts if you do this my child I promise

no enemy shall harm you negative emotions shall not overwhelm you I shall pour my peace upon

you granting you the strength to make the right decisions on your path I love you I am your father your

protector your guide no one shall approach you to cause harm I am with you always listening to

your prayers I shall restore what is rightfully yours I am pleased with your character

even though you have been attacked countless times subjected to undeserved pain however I shall continue to pour

abundant blessings upon you receive them and do not worry about those who seek to

instill fear in you you are truly fortunate hearing

words and Revelations that others have never heard but remain steadfast do not

stray Focus always envious individuals have sought to ens snare you in difficulties

attempting to bring you down and slander you yet you stand here unwavering

steadfast in your faith I am delighted that you have learned to cherish what truly matters and to dismiss the words

and intrigues employed by your enemies to hurt you their Envy blinds them to

the light that radiates from you my presence in your life troubles them my favor within your home ignites

such anger within them that they cannot sleep yet as these envious individuals

lose sleep you can rest confidently for I Safeguard your life your family your

home and your employment I shall take care of them redirect their attention to other

Pursuits they have realized that regardless of their efforts they do not cause you the slightest

concern their families are in Ruins because they rejected my word and love I

offered them counsel for their well-being but they rejected it and distanced themselves from me but you

chose to follow me recognizing that the solution and escape from all your problems lie within

me you surrendered to my will wholeheartedly believing in my word without

doubt you know not everyone is like you look around you many could be basking in

my love but their hearts have grown callous things have never unfolded as they desired and they blame

me you are different now you understand that your happiness and future do not depend on

people your life and blessings hinge solely upon me I want you to continue this way each

day you shall become better and stronger your enemies shall seek you out to hear

about me there is a greater blessing awaiting you further along your path

maintain your faith and Fidelity I shall be with you every day

keep on fighting and do not give up my timing is neither slow nor fast my

timing is perfect are you listening to me today I have something to tell you I

am hearing you I am not closing my ears to your request I’m not delaying and I am not angry

if I have not yet responded it is because I have something better in store for you you will receive more than what you

ask for I will also Grant you wisdom to appreciate and Safeguard your

blessing you will see your dream come true that which you have longed for soon

in your hands be prepared great blessings and open doors are coming your

way new friendships with good intentions will replace those who hinder your progress criticize you day and night and

only think about causing you more problems I desire your peace and

Tranquility I do not want you to live in solitude seek friends who help you

become better not those who lead you astray you call out to me in your

darkest moments and I respond here and now you are hearing me and you will not

forget these words whether you hear them or read them my pen continues to write the sound of

my voice gives you strength and encouragement letter by letter with

punctuation and accents my Commandments are engraved in your

heart tell me who can harm you or dare to raise their hand against you bring me

their name tell me who they are in my presence close your eyes kneel down and

pray for them that person is lost in darkness and wickedness tormenting their

soul you forgive those who persecute you and threaten you I will take care of

your enemies but maintain a righteous heart do not hold

grudges I do not want curses or judgments to come from your lips I have

spoken to you many times your sensitivity is growing and your

Supernatural vision is becoming clearer now you can see with your own

eyes that I I truly love you in my book I have your name and

beneath it all your prayers and requests are recorded strive be brave and remember my

timing is neither slow nor fast it is good and perfect in your distress I

answer you in danger I protect you in your need I provide

help I have granted you my support forever for you your family and all your generation

do not fear I am with you my beloved child I am the best medicine to

alleviate all your pains whether they pierce your body with cruelty or your emotions with poison

swords I fully grasp those moments when weariness overwhelms you when Clarity

Fades and composure seems a distant memory yet in these times remember I am

everpresent not as a judge but as a steadfast

friend I am here to set a banquet of blessings before you even in the midst of your adversaries elevating you in the

eyes of family and friends I am poised to lead you to Uncharted territories through your life’s

testimony and message many will come to know me you are on the threshold of a

new era marked by Miracles and Supernatural occurrences anticipate witnessing

extraordinary events in the lives of your loved ones ready yourself for this

new chapter that beckons Embrace Temperance and humility as Guardians of the blessings that will

flow into your life Safeguard your heart and always remember the source of your

blessings dedicate time each day to seek my presence to prepare your soul for the

joy that awaits I cherish you deeply affirm your

belief in me persist in your trust do not falter continue to reach for the heavens

especially when weariness seeks to encumber your journey in moments of Doubt let the warmth of my love remind

you of my constant companionship place not your trust in the fickleness of human promises for

they may lead to disappointment know that you are never solitary you are not an

orphan even if your Earthly parents family or children may drift away my

unending and beautiful love will never falter or fail you it remains steadfast

and secure for you guard your heart from those who might forsake you and your future from those who after reaping all

benefits May cease to love your moment of Hope Has dawned and

your peace has been fervently sought embrace it wholeheartedly today

amen if if you wish to extend the blessing you’ve received feel free to share this message with those you love

and who are in need of my presence join in the mission of spreading good news

and together let us continue to touch and transform lives





















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