BIG BREAKING! – ” TWO ANGELS ARE CALLING YOUR NAME FOR… “👆 Archangel Michael | Lord Helps Ep -1410

two angels are calling your name day and

night because Ste is a person doing

something very strange that you must be


of you are receiving this message

directly from the Heavenly Kingdom

because you are chosen for these words

and the things that are included in this

message are relevant for your

life you might wonder how to get

connected to your Divine

protectors but you must know that you

are already connected to your

godian and even when you cannot feel it

they are covering you up with their

Divine powers with their Divine

Powers now listen their words

carefully in this huge

Cosmos you are

interconnected with every other person

living inside of this

Cosmos their energy their

thoughts their actions have an indirect

effect on your journey of life

but today we the Divine angels from

Heaven are trying to communicate with

you through this video

message that there is a person out there

who is doing something very special that

will touch your soul in the near

future he hiding behind the curtains and

preparing to surprise you with some

something very strange and

wonderful dear beloved child please

don’t let yourself be distracted by the

unnecessary things happening around you

because significant changes are

unfolding at this very

moment these changes were pre-ordered in

heaven and now they are starting to take

shape for your life

life you might try to overlook them but

you won’t be able to because there have


instances when you ignore the guidance

of your spiritual Guardians and the

outcomes were not as positive as they

could have

been this is the reality of your

existence you are are not here by chance


coincidence you have been chosen you

have been chosen by us to fulfill a

purpose that you couldn’t accomplish in

the spirit

world your birth is an opportunity to

correct the past mistakes and contribute

to achieving your

goals understand that we are always

concerned about you and that is why we

provide you with our vibrational

energy allow this potential to enter


mind the spiritual World from which you

receive these

energies is a place where happiness and


Prevail as every living being on Earth

is connected to our world and whatever

happens there has an

impact on your

life therefore dear child be present in

this very moment focus on the things

happening around you and believe that

everything is unfolding to guide you

toward your pre-planned

destination and the puls IT of peace and

joy it is crucial to recognize that

worries can disrupt your peace of mind

instead find Relief by placing your

trust in those who have bestow this life


you every living being in this world

possesses a combination of flaws and

virtues refrain from challenging your

focus energy and time into these

aspects allow the perfect time to unfold

its greatness

naturally shift your focus from the

timing of events to the magnitude of the

blessings that are on their way to

you don’t dwell on how close or far you

are from your next


instead gather your energy and elevate

it to a level where you can feel our

presence and understand our

guidance always remember

that you at attract what you

radiate so beloved child radiate

positivity in your

surroundings preventing any dark Forces

from approaching

you understand toar child that some

people around you may Harbor

negativity despite being children of God

initially they their negative actions

have drawn them closer to evil spirits

leading them away from the divine

presence God is

supreme having existed before the

creation of everything and will continue

to exist when all else is

destroyed there is no room for doubt

regarding the existence of God

so refrain from wasting your energy on

futile matters and concentrate on the

blessings that await you in the

future dear child it is important for

you to know that the people around you

might also criticize or try to bring you

down they may not be happy to see you

blessed and living a joyful life

but don’t let their negativity make you

fearful instead accept the Divine

protection we are offering

you by doing so you will discover new

and uplifting places places where you

will rise to new levels become Kinder

and more

generous love every one Harbor no hatred

and gain confidence in your

actions it is a place where patience

becomes a virtue allowing you to receive

everything at the right

time so be patient and sense our

presence through your

intuition keep walking on your chosen

path and don’t let out hinder your

progress we are concerned about your

choices so take this message seriously

and continue on your path with complete

trust in us because it is the right

one also dear child avoid dwelling on

thoughts that slow down your growth

clear your mind and walk with us

remember we are always here to guide you

show you the right path bring you

benefits and protect

you we never wish for you to endure

suffering without any reason or

purpose faith is the essential for any

Endeavor so continue walking with faith

have belief that incredible things are

on the Horizon for you seize starting

and commence believing in

them let your character shine through


actions make courageous decisions that

benefit both you and

others refrain from causing harm through

your words or

actions instead spread happiness

Smile as much as you can and

consistently seek guidance to stay on

the right


remember the angels are calling your

name every night and day because this

person is doing something very

significant in the

nighttime that is going to blow your

mind completely so put your trust in

Your Divine Angels universe and the

Supreme God and pray this powerful

prayer that is coming on your screens


now Heavenly

Angels Guardians of the Divine Light and

Protectors of her Earthly

journey I come before you with a humble

heart Hur seeking your guidance and


today in the midst of life’s

complexities I acknowledge the profound

messages you have shared through the

recent words of

wisdom I open my soul to your Celestial

energy ready to receive the strength and

guidance you graciously

offer Angels you who witness our

struggles and

triumphs I recognize the challenges

embedded in the chinney

ahead your rephrased words reminds me

that the world may test my faith

attempting to pull me away from the path


righteousness yet with your Divine

protection I find Solace and strength to

face these trials with unwavering

faith I am aware of the negativity that

may surround me the doubts caused by

others that threaten to shake my

resolve in these

moments I seek the radiant energy of


presence surround me with your ethereal

light sh shielding me from the darkness

that tries to cast Shadows on my

purpose in the pulsed of Peace joy and

fulfillment I embrace the understanding

that worry May disrupt my

serenity however I choose to Anchor my

trust in you divine

Angels the appears of heavenly

protection I Surrender my fears to to

you knowing that your Celestial forces

will guide me to places I have never


before as I walk this Earthly path I’m

mindful of the impact of my choices also

your teachings inspire me to make

decisions that not only uplift my spirit

but also contribute to the well-being of

those around me I W to be kind and

generous to love

unconditionally and to nurture a heart

free from

hatred angels of light I recognize the

significance of timing in my journey

your words encourage me to shift my

focus from the taking clock to the

magnitude of the blessings awaiting me

so I patiently await these gifts

trusting that they will unfold at the

pred decided time A Time known only to

the Divine orchestrations of the

Universe I acknowledge the presence of

negative forces in the world beings who

were once children of God but succumbed

to the influence of

darkness in the face of their negativity

I call upon your protective Wings to

Shield me from harm guide me to radiate

positivity in my surroundings ensuring

that no Dark Forces can touch my

spirit dear angels in this moment I’m

present focused on the unfolding

incidents around me I believe that each

event is a stepping stone leading me to

a pre-planned destination designed by

the Divine hands that covens the

cosmos so Angels bless my journey with

with your radiant light guide me protect

me and fill my heart with the courage to

face the challenges that lie ahead May

Celestial energy envelop

me providing me with the strength to

spread happiness love and positivity to

all who cross my path in the name of

divine guidance of angelic

protection I pray


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