Beware !! You are under CCTV Surveillance but you are Not Aware of that…

your guardian angels are warning that today’s message is quite different from what you might typically expect it

involves a disturbing reality of covert surveillance and I’ve been uncertain about whether to bring this to your

attention however transparency is crucial recently I uncovered some

unsettling evidence suggesting that someone might be attempting to invade your privacy right in your own space

before you dismiss this as mere paranoia stay tuned because the evidence is compelling my friend I have something to

reveal that shook me to my core if you value your privacy or have ever wondered

what goes on behind the scenes you’ll want to listen closely hit that subscribe button brace yourself and

let’s dive into the unsettling Revelation that’s left me on edge but before we get into the details the

father has a message for you how long oh Lord have you ever asked that question

have you ever found yourself in such a situation you know the feeling behind those words you’re probably thinking

about a variation of it right now the Divine is deeply familiar with these moments of waiting it might involve

sending out yet another round of resumes enduring another chemotherapy session

facing another negative pregnancy test experiencing another disappointing first

date Consulting another specialist enduring another gloomy winter day

working another monot ous shift at the same old job or spending another afternoon staring at the Four Walls of a

prison cell longing for Nightfall how is this possible here’s the response the

most authentic form of prayer is one that can only be described as a cry have

you ever prayed like this God if you don’t intervene I don’t have the

strength to carry on I don’t believe I can endure this without you David known

as a man after God’s Own Heart heart poured out his emotions to the Lord without reservation in Psalm he

expressed his raw feelings questioning how long God would seem absent and hide

his face from him David lamented the sorrow that engulfed him daily and the

apparent Triumph of his enemies over him he pleaded for God’s intervention to

prevent his downfall and urged God to illuminate his path yet amidst his

despair David declared his trust in God’s unfailing love and anticipated

rejoicing in his salvation he resolved to sing praises to the Lord

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