Believe in What I Say |God message jesus | God Tells |

my dear child believe in what I say all the tough times you’ve gone through will

soon be forgotten the sadness that’s weighing you down will vanish and won’t come

back a new source of bravery and happiness will spring up in your heart

if you just trust in my miraculous power stay strong in this belief you

won’t ever be on your own in this world my love will always surround you

day and night I keep telling you these words every day so that your soul will

truly understand that there is a God in heaven who protects you from storms and

keeps you safe and loved say this word out loud trust think

about it remember it because I want all of you to learn to believe and trust with all your heart it’s the truth I

love you believe in it show me your faith right now and when

you’re surrounded Ed by problems and fears feeling like everything’s falling apart remember that I’m asking for your

trust come to me with your requests and I’ll provide what you

need be confident that I’ll respond to you give me your dreams your deepest

wishes and your goals and I’ll be right there with you guiding your

steps I won’t leave your side not even for a second I don’t get sidetracked by

by Small Things call on me when you’re struggling and I’ll be there to hear you

out when life gets too much find comfort in being with me I’m here to calm your

concerns and bring peace to your heart don’t think of me as far away because in

my eyes you’re valuable and unique as you go through life look up at the sky

the bright Sun and the gentle clouds are reminders of how important you are to me

always keep in mind that with faith and trust in me everything becomes possible enjoy the

blessings you can have today Peace Love safety forgiveness understanding warmth

patience and comfort you know I’m ready to do whatever it takes to ensure you live

peacefully to give you strength during tough times and to fill your heart with

bravery don’t be afraid you’ll wake up every day feeling refreshed and with a new outlook go ahead without doubt and

climb to the top of that mountain no challenge life throws at you will be too

hard so you need to have trust in me feed your mind with my teachings and let

the spark of the Divine gift I’ve given you grow brighter you’ll receive Abundant Blessings so that you can be a

blessing to others your foes will witness you and turn away as they

observe my Holy Angel angs encircling and safeguarding you the powers of

Darkness will hesitate to confront you this is the spiritual height I aim to lift you to so come listen to me today

and return to hear me again tomorrow let me etch this message aresh in your heart

today I intend for these words to instill steadfast courage within you

tonight when you shut your eyes you will encounter me once more your spirit will

rejuvenate and your afflictions will mend as you perceive my voice comforting

your soul in your dreams I will visit you I’ll converse with you about the grand designs and

formidable wonders I will enact in your life stand up proceed March ahead with

Assurance Triumph and blessings are On Your Horizon Prosperity abundant Divine

Insight I will set you amongst kind people who will support you numerous opportunities will unfold

before you don’t overlook any chance utilize this Vigor to commence new

Ventures concentrate on acquiring knowledge and working diligently I Aspire for you to mature

spiritually yet your education should also Advance heed My Words Be attentive

ready yourself and your family for I am guiding you to unfamiliar territories

where you’ll need to commun communicate in different languages you’ll transport my might to

places unknown to you you’ll Ascend Like an Eagle to the farthest corners of the

world you will travel extensively yet always remember the source of your

blessings never lose sight of the crucial word trust disregard the bearers

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