BEGIN YOUR DAY WITH GOD | Gods message today

good morning beautiful

souls welcome back to our Sacred

Space today we have something truly

special a powerful morning prayer for


God as the sun gently Rises painting the

sky with Hues of warmth let us take a

moment to express our deepest gratitude

to the Creator

in the Stillness of this Dawn we find

Solace and connection to the

Divine before we begin I invite you to

close your eyes take a deep breath and

let go of the worries that may linger


yesterday this prayer is a symphony of

thanks a Melody that resonates with the

Gratitude within our

hearts oh divine presence as the morning

sun bathes the Earth in its Golden Glow

I bow before you in Humble

gratitude thank you for the gift of a

new day a canvas upon which I may paint

the colors of Love kindness and

joy with each breath I inhale the

essence of your grace and with each

exhale I release any remnants of doubt

and fear today I choose Faith over worry

love over judgment and kindness over

indifference thank you divine creator

for the beauty that surrounds me the

rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze

the laughter of children and the

Symphony of bird

song in Nature’s Embrace I feel your

presence and I am filled with awe and


I express my gratitude for the blessings

in my life the love of family the warmth

of friendships and the lessons learned


challenges each moment whether joyous or

challenging is a stepping stone on my

journey of growth and

understanding take a moment now dear

friends to reflect on your own


what fills your heart with

gratitude let those moments dance in

your mind like stars in the night

sky thank you Heavenly Father for the

gift of

self-awareness in The Quiet Moments of

reflection I find the strength to

forgive the courage to grow and the

wisdom to embrace the fullness of my

being as I thank thank you for the

blessings of this moment I also extend

my gratitude for the experiences of the

past the tapestry of my life woven with

threads of joy and sorrow tells a story

of resilience love and the constant

presence of your guiding

hand with each Sunrise I am reminded

that the journey continues and I step

forward with hope in my heart

thank you for the promise of a new

beginning for the unwritten chapters of

my story and for the endless

possibilities that lie

ahead as I offer my thanks I extend my

prayers for the entire

world may every soul find solace in your

light and may the collective gratitude

of humanity create ripples of love and

compassion uniting us all in in a

tapestry of divine

connection dear viewers take a moment to

join me in this

prayer speak from your heart and let

your gratitude

flow feel the warmth of divine love

surrounding you and know that you are


alone thank you thank you thank you for

the gift of life for the beauty that

surrounds us and for the love that binds



amen thank you dear friends for sharing

this sacred moment of gratitude with

me may your day be filled with blessings

and may the love we’ve cultivated in

this space Ripple out into the

world until next time stay blessed and

be the

light amen

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