Be Ready Sharing Your Good News | God message jesus |

get ready for a moment of pure joy and

Elation because something incredible is

about to happen in your life your angel

is sending a message promising you

unimaginable blessings and positive

changes but amidst this wave of

Happiness there’s a word of caution

beware of someone in your family who may

not have your best interest at heart

despite their outward displays of

kindness they might be harboring

ulterior motives discovering their true

nature might come as a shock leaving you

feeling betrayed and deceived however

take solace in knowing that your

heavenly messenger Is Watching Over You

guiding you through the haze of

uncertainty though it may be challenging

to accept the reality of the situation

trust that the truth will come to light

and the one who has wronged you will

eventually recognize their errors and

seek forgiveness as you navigate through

these turbulent Waters lean on the power

power of prayer for financial blessings

and divine intervention remember no

matter the trials you face keep your

standards High your faith unwavering and

your hope anchored in the promise of

brighter days ahead you are going to be

celebrating something very special soon

you will be so full of joy and so much

happiness sharing your good news it will

almost seem out of this world how

suddenly it all happened for you be

ready for it expect it it’s happening

your angel is saying to you today the

holy Messenger will Spike you through

unimaginable results and positive

results throughout everyday life your

karma is improving and you are climbing

to far superior things the Heavenly

messenger is cautioning you about an

individual be careful this individual

from your family is a snake not a

supporter you have total confidence in

them and have never envisioned that they

can do something like this with you they

are showing compassion also offering

their grace to you however they are

cutting despite your good faith it is

deplorable for you since you totally

trust them and now as you have stood up

to their true side you are feeling

deluded it is difficult to concede what

you are hearing when people talk about

you with a particular goal in mind the

Heavenly messenger is continually with

you from being ignorant about who is

certified or who is fake you are

regretting what your close one has done

to you you are genuinely regretting what

your close one has done to you it’s

beyond your imagination to see their

true nature however don’t stress the

Heavenly Messenger will adjust their

perspective they will positively feel

remorseful over the things they have

finished with you they surely don’t

can’t stand you furthermore have no

feelings of spite against you except for

because of certain conditions they are

acting in a specific manner they will

understand their errors very soon and

will apologize with everything that is

in them prayer for finance repeat after

me dear God you know about my issue also

you realize that I am in desperate need

of a monetary Miracle at the present

time I supplicate that your favors track

down me today

Lord bless my finances if it’s not too

much trouble open roads for me to be

financially secure I ask against any

evil power allotted to risk my abundance

and flourishing I ask against any

profound spillages depleting my wealth

any spiritual hindrances to my financial

advancement are represented in jesus’

name I will not be burdened by the

neediness in my life I appeal to God for

divine help with my finance an es amen

if you love God don’t skip this video

because God has something to say to you

stick around and watch Until the End God

is saying to you today remember to keep

your standards high for what you can

achieve keep your focus on the good

things constantly unfolding for you keep

your confidence centered on where you

are going keep your faith fixated on the

possibilities of your future keep your

gratitude rooted in what you have

already achieved keep your intentions

clear about what you can create my child

place your trust in me and you will find

my unwavering love embracing you some of

my beloved have lost their hope along

the way burdened by disappointments that

deter them from taking risks again they

move forward mechanically without the

spark of hope in their hearts others

seek hope in worldly Solutions like

Medical Treatments the stock market or

even the lottery yet I invite you to

place your hope entirely in me

regardless of what challenges you face

in your life right now your story has a

glorious and joyful ending though the

path ahead may seem dim there is an

eternal light awaiting you at the end of

your Earthly journey through my

completed work on the cross the only

hope is yours and it is certain

embracing this assurance can fill your

present Journey with exuberant Joy the

more you invest your hope in me the

brighter my love light will shine upon

you illuminating your days I the creator

of the universe am with you and for you

what more could you possibly need when

you sense a void within it’s because you

haven’t connected with me deeply enough

I offer you Abundant Life all I ask is

for you to trust me completely and

banish worries from your mind it is not

the adversities themselves that cause

anxiety but rather your thoughts about

them your mind becomes entangled in a

Relentless pursuit to control the

situation and shape the desired outcome

in doing so you lose sight of the fact

that I am in charge of your life the

remedy lies in shifting your focus from

the problem to my everpresent presence

ciso striving and witness the Wonders I

shall unfold remember I am always by

your side and I am the very essence of

Hope comment amen if you believe my dear

child I want to remind you of a truth

that if you truly embrace it has the

power to transform your life it is a

message of Hope courage and unwavering

determination as your loving savior I

say to you don’t just follow your dreams

chase them with utmost determination

throughout your life you will encounter

obstacles doubts and NS who will attempt

to hold you back from pursuing your

dreams but I tell you this do not be

discouraged for I am with you every step

of the way I have instilled within you

the seeds of greatness and it is your

Divine Purpose to nurture and cultivate

them remember I walked this Earth as a

humble servant but my dreams were

greater than anyone could fathom despite

facing IM men’s challenges and

opposition I never wavered in my pursuit

of fulfilling my purpose I ask you my

child to draw strength from my example

believe in your abilities and have faith

in the extraordinary plans I have for

your life there will be times when the

world around you seems devoid of Hope

and filled with despair but I assure you

my child that even in the darkest

moments there is a flicker of light that

resides Within in you it is the spark of

divine inspiration that ignites your

dreams and propels you forward nurture

this flame and let it guide your every

step do not allow fear to paralyze you

or doubts to diminish your resolve for

it is when you confront your fears

headon when you refuse to succumb to

doubts and insecurities that miracles

happen take a leap of faith knowing that

I am there to catch you embrace the ch

challenges that come your way for they

are not obstacles but stepping stones

that will lead you closer to the

Fulfillment of your dreams in your

pursuit of success never forget the

importance of Integrity compassion and

humility let love be the foundation upon

which you build your dreams extend a

helping hand to those in Need for enli

in others you too shall rise remember

that it is not the destination that

defines you but the journey itself

cherish every moment every lesson

learned along the way my child you are

capable of achieving greatness beyond

measure do not underestimate the power

that lies within you embrace your unique

gifts and unleash them upon the world

the road may be long and arduous but I

promise you this as you chase your

dreams with unwavering determination you

will discover a strength and resilience

you never knew existed may your spirit

be filled with unwavering Faith

unyielding hope and boundless love let

the world witness your Relentless

pursuit of your dreams and may your life

be a testament to the miraculous power

of determination I Am With You Always

guiding you and cheering you on go forth

my child and life each day with

intention and passion seek opportunities

to serve and uplift others embrace your

Journey fully knowing that I am by your

side cheering you on together we will

make a difference in this world one step

at a time type amen if you resonate with

this message

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