As You Obey God’s Word Your Needs Will Be Met | God Message Now | God’s Daily Message

my friend when you accept Jesus as your

lord and savior you have access to

everything he is peace provision

protection and more that means no matter

what is happening in the world today as

you obey God’s word your needs will be

met no matter what is going on with the

economy gas prices or housing market God

is still your source and if your source

is okay then you are okay too rest

assured There Is No Lack in heaven not

only is God able to meet your needs he

wants to meet your needs it gives him

great pleasure to bless and prosper you

expect that God is working behind the

scenes on your behalf look for his hand

of provision in your life and praise him

for his faithfulness do whatever he says

to do and watch him open the windows of

Heaven A Prayer for

today father thank you for your

provision in my life thank you for

loving me and guiding me I trust that

you are meeting every one of my needs

today help me to follow your commands

that I may honor you in jesus’ name amen

like if you believe in


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