ARE YOU PREPARED FOR IT? | God message jesus |

my precious and dearly beloved child I come to you on this day with a message

that resonates through the very fabric of existence a message that speaks directly to the essence of your being

and the sacred Journey upon which you tread the question I lay before you is

one of profound significance are you prepared for it a inquiry that reaches

far beyond the surface delving into the depths of your soul and the unwavering

conviction that gu your every step from the moment I breathe the Divine spark of

life into your being I have been an everpresent force a constant companion

walking beside you through the intricate tapestry of experiences that shape your path every Triumph every challenge every

joy and every sorrow they have all been meticulously woven into the grand design

a masterpiece in the making crafted with the utmost care and wisdom to mold you

into the extraordinary Soul you were always destined to become yet as you

Traverse the winding roads of this Earthly existence there will come a time when you will find yourself standing at

a Crossroads a pivotal juncture that will test the very depths of your faith

your resilience and your unwavering trust in the Divine wisdom that guides your every

step this moment this it is not something to be

feared or or dreaded but rather an opportunity to demonstrate the true strength of your spirit and the extent

of your preparation a chance to Bear witness to the profound transformation that has taken place within you forged

through the fires of experience and the unwavering guidance of my infinite love

have you cultivated the patience and fortitude necessary to weather the storms that may arise embracing the

lessons they bring with open arms and an open heart have you nurtured the compassion and understanding that will

allow you to see beyond the surface to recognize the beauty and Divine Purpose that lies within even the most trying of

circumstances have you fortified your heart with the unshakable belief that no matter what challenges may come I am

everpresent guiding you towards the highest good the ultimate realization of

your sacred purpose my child the preparation for it is not a singular task a finite Endeavor with the

definitive end but rather a continuous process of growth self-discovery and

unwavering faith it is the journey itself that shapes and refines you

equipping you with the tools the wisdom and the spiritual fortitude necessary to

face whatever lies ahead with Grace resilience and an unshakable trust in

the greater plan that guides your every step remember you are never alone on

this sacred path I am the everpresent light that illuminates your way the unwavering

strength that upholds you when you feel weary and the boundless love that encompasses your entire being Sheltering

you in the warm embrace of my divine grace trust in my plan for it is

conceived with the purest intention to bring you ever closer to the realization of your Highest Potential and the

Fulfillment of your Divine Purpose the sacred destiny that awaits you when the

moment of Reckoning arrives when it stands before you in all its magnitude

and Splendor do not cower in fear or doubt instead embrace it with the

courage and conviction that can only come from a soul deeply rooted in faith and trust in my infinite wisdom and

boundless love for it is in those moments of profound challenge that the true depth of your preparedness is

revealed and the Brilliance of your spirit shines forth like a beacon in the Darkness

a testament to the transformative Journey you have undertaken and the unwavering strength that resides within

you my beloved child the path ahead may be arduous fraught with obstacles and

trials that will test the very limits of your endurance but know this you were

born to undertake this journey to face these challenges headon and emerge

Victorious your spirit tempered by the fires of experience and your faith in my

Divine guidance un unwavering each step each trial each Triumph they are all

intricately woven threads that come together to form the Masterpiece of your life a tapestry of such exquisite beauty

that it takes the breath away and as you navigate this sacred path know that I am

with you ever present ever loving ever guiding you towards the

Fulfillment of your highest Destiny my love for you is boundless an infinite

Wellspring from which you can draw strength courage and the unwavering

conviction that all things work together for your highest good in perfect harmony

with The Grand Design I have laid out before you so are you prepared for it

the answer lies not in the fleeting circumstances of the moment but in the unwavering strength of your spirit the

depth of your faith and the steadfast belief that all things unfold according to my divine plan a plan conceived with

the utmost wisdom and the purest of intentions to shape you to refine you to

elevate you to the highest Realms of existence where you will shine forth as a beacon of light a living embodiment of

the Sacred potential that lies within each and every one of my beloved children embrace the journey my child

for it is through this sacred Odyssey that you will discover the true essence of who you are and the profound purpose

that awaits you a purpose that will resonate through the ages leaving an

indelible Mark upon the tapestry of existence itself trust in me and know

that whatever it may be you have been prepared since the moment you took your first breath prepared to face it with

courage resilience and an unshakable faith in the Limitless love and wisdom

that guides your every step that shapes your every experience and that prep repels you ever forward towards the

realization of your highest Calling May your heart be filled with an abiding peace that transcends all

understanding a peace that can only come from the unwavering knowledge that you are deeply loved cherished and guided by

a force greater than any Earthly power may your spirit be emboldened with a

strength that knows no bounds a strength that is forged in the fires of experience and tempered by the

unwavering conviction that you are never alone that I am with you always walking

beside you Sheltering you in the warm embrace of my infinite grace and may

your soul be illuminated by the radiant light of my divine presence a light that shines forth from within you casting its

warm and loving glow upon all those whose lives you touch inspiring them to embrace their own sacred Journeys with

the same unwavering Faith courage and trust that guides your every step

I Am With You Always and Forever My Precious Child through every Triumph

every challenge every joy and every sorrow my love for you is eternal a

boundless and infinite force that will never falter never Wayne and never

forsake you trust in me and know that whatever it may be you are prepared

prepared to face it headon prepared to emerge Victorious and prepared to take your

rightful place among the Luminous Souls who have embraced their sacred Destinies and allowed their light to shine forth

Illuminating the world with the radiant Glory of my infinite love I am ever by

your side guiding you loving you and cherishing you as the precious gift that

you are your loving creator of God Almighty if you want God’s grace always

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my beloved child I want to show you the depth of my love for you I will envelop

you in my kindness listening closely to your sincere prayers and astonishing you

by giving more than you request helping you in ways you can’t even imagine and

blessing you beyond your greatest hopes the Wonders I have planned for you are immense and awe

inspiring don’t allow ow doubt or fear to prevent you from accepting the blessings I have in

store I forgiven you and lifted you up erasing your past mistakes you are

deserving of Love don’t hesitate to receive what I’m giving you don’t turn away from the joy and fulfillment I have

prepared for you don’t close yourself off from happiness or from receiving the things you’ve genuinely prayed for and

truly need I will bless you abundantly granting you freedom and infusing your

life with joy and plenty so that you can share these gifts with your loved ones and others I deeply appreciate those who

give joyfully assist the needy and go the extra mile to help the less

fortunate I’ve given you so much and will continue to bless you but if you keep your blessings locked away unused

and unshared they will shrink and vanish true blessings are only understood by

those who receive them openly I give you seeds to sew Grace to nurture them

wisdom to grow them strength to reap the Harvest and insight to make them Thrive

being blessed by your heavenly father is a joy you long for but you must be willing to seek me entrust your heart to

me and banish any sense of defeat from your life don’t let anyone persuade you

that these Miracles aren’t meant for you you are my precious child I love you

deeply no one can separate you from my love yet you struggle with doubts that hinder

your joy release these negative thoughts I’ve saved you and will bless

you in my own way without needing anyone’s approval I love you just as you are even as you strive to improve don’t

seek from others what I alone can provide I’m speaking directly to you I

am the true faithful and eternal God I have promised to bless you I have

declared my word and I will fulfill it because I love you listen to my voice

remain steadfast to the end cherish these wonderful things I wish to give you I am in control no detail escapes my

notice when troubles come your emotions are stirred up your mind almost

instinctively turns to worry but from this day forward do not be troubled it

is not necessary though circumstances may seem to go against my plan it is

unfolding like a puzzle with everything falling into place all will be well my

blessing will not be delayed it is rapidly approaching don’t be deceived by what you see it’s time to think in new

ways don’t be afraid of the future my promise is with you everything will work

out for the good of those who love me just as you do I will lift you up and

guide you on to the right path just allow me to calm your fears

listen to my words and reflect on them as you prepare for rest let my peace my

tranquility and my heavenly Stillness fill your heart concentrate on the

Abundant Blessings in your life that bring you Joy but when difficulties arise your focus May wander keep me in

your thoughts to prevent this from happening and when you encounter challenging times look to the Future and

envision a different peaceful reality coming your way this is how I want to

see you my dear child persevere be courageous my help is all you need I

love you deeply accept and believe it I’ll say it again I love you and from

this day forward you will see these words written in the sky and the clouds

the morning sun will etch them upon your walls as each new day Dawns the birds will sing them to you with joy even in

the fragrance of lovely flowers you will sense them embrace my words feel their

energy as they resonate with your soul only in my presence can you feel this Divine emotion that you now

experience you will rise from here and as you go about your daily tasks my

words will remain in your heart like a flame burning away sadness insecurity

and every nerve-wracking fear you and your loved ones are in my hand hands listen I will not abandon you in this

situation you will succeed today I’m granting you Victory because you are my

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member of our community I’m actively working in your life your health your job and your

family I’m opening great doors that will transform your present circumstances my hands are at work in

the matter that are important to you and I am resolving them hold your head high

No More Tears for I am bringing you my powerful blessings from now on you will

come into my presence more and more to give thanks for the Miracles that will begin to happen in your life Welcome me

into your home with open arms let everyone in your family honor and seek me I’m transforming Hearts I’m driving

away sorrow and pain those who are discouraged will smile again

I’m purifying your home from any sickness and lack Illuminating every dark corner with my light and salvation

only I can give you infinite love and peace I’m guarding your life and the lives of your loved ones with my

protective shield I’m keeping them safe under my care here you will be

secure I won’t allow any harm to come your way I will lead you along paths

filled with righteousness and love you’ll be freed from worries doubts and

fears I love you I watch over you and your loved ones with great care open

your heart wide to receive all the love I’m offering you spend more time with me in

quiet natural spaces where I will nourish your soul and renew your spirit

my power is at work along your journey my precious child I am here to open

doors clear away the darkness and make what has gone astray I’ve washed away

your wrongdoings and lifted the burdens that weigh you down so you can become stronger with each passing day trust in

me everything will work out for your good as my angels are diligently working

to pour out blessings upon you deepen your faith and worship me with all your heart you are so valuable to me blessed

with strength understanding and courage destined to thrive in all your endeavors

every obstacle you encounter is merely a stepping stone toward success so don’t give in to hopelessness even when it

seems like everything is crumbling around you do not be fearful I am by your side protecting you and fighting

alongside you until the very end I know there are those who try to rob you of your joy but their attempts will fail

your courage empowers you to face any challenge that comes your way I fill your arms with unshakable strength and

Grant you the wisdom to navigate life’s intricacies each day before you start

your journey humble yourself and bow before me when you face battles I go

ahead of you removing obstacles tearing down walls and defeating your

enemies be at peace everything will be all right even in your weariness I am

here to give you rest to fill you with Tranquility wellness and renewed V ality

so you can Rise Again rejuvenated and prepared sure of the victory that’s

coming your way my goodness will always be with you and my love for you knows no

bounds my dear child accept this gift of love and New Beginnings knowing that you

have the strength to not only overcome this challenge but any obstacle you face I am transforming what appears to

be your weaknesses into your greatest strengths and determination I am removing all the sadness and

feelings of inadequacy that have held you back I am also taking away your worries which Cloud your mind with

uncertainty and fear robbing you of peace now is your time to truly live

your time for happiness has arrived today I am holding your hand revealing

the strength within you which is even greater than you realize especially when you are under my care I give you the

power to achieve all the amazing dreams dreams you’ve had you are being made ready to be a warrior who is victorious

in every battle because my spirit is with you my angels will stand by your

side rise up with faith and courage for Triumph and incredible blessings are

coming your way you have given me your heart in all its honesty and Faith be

certain of my deep love for you I won’t let you fall today I am your strength

giving you a resilient Spirit to face face the challenges ahead move forward with confidence knowing that I am with

you whether you see me or sense my presence declare Yourself Strong and

triumphant in your trials my divine presence will energize you granting you

renewed strength patience wisdom peace and mental

Clarity I will remind you of the beautiful promises written on your heart dispelling those spiritual enemies as my

ch child always feel loved and secure In My Embrace but I also speak to you as a

warrior for you are not a victim or overwhelmed by fear my words are your

protection strengthening your hands to wield your sword effectively in battle ensuring your Victory the days when fear

held you back making you hide are over now is a time of

change listen to my guidance and recognize your true yourself a person of

deep love and great courage you don’t run from your battles like others do you are strong and unique you move forward

with resolve knowing that with my love and power nothing else is needed for

victory you don’t have to wait for years months or days to rise with faith and

pursue your happiness today is the day to listen to what I am telling you I am reaching out

to you urging you to take my hand and move forward with confidence approach

those doors for I will open them step into the new chapter of joy

peace abundance and prosperity that I have prepared for you this is the truth

and it will come to pass I am always with you but first you must offer your

belief in me say it out loud write it down I want to hear your declaration

listen to me fully with genuine faith and soon your soul will find rest and

your heart will be at peace I am always by your side even when you feel stuck or

that your life isn’t moving forward as time passes and you may not see progress know that I am right there

with you waiting for you to acknowledge my plan and my word then you will

understand that everything works together for your good and nothing is wasted you don’t need to be in turmoil

for me to come to your Aid I am there in peaceful times too so if you feel stuck

just relax stop overanalyzing and enjoy some peace when you’ve tried everything to

find answers and solutions and still can’t make sense of your struggles remember I’m still with you I will guide

you but please give me time and don’t look in the wrong places don’t ask others or make up

reasons and answers hand over your thoughts and worries to me when things

don’t seem to add up you feel frustrated and lost surrounded by the darkness of

worry uncertain about which direction to take believe in the promise I’ve made to

you the certainty of my love why keep worrying I’m watching over you your

feelings don’t control you and you shouldn’t be held captive by fear I’ve

given you a spirit not of fear but of power love and a sound mind so you can face and

conquer any challenges don’t rely only on your emotions as there might be times

you can’t feel my presence or see me however your deep Faith lights the way

and my holy spirit is Like A Mighty Wind pushing you towards a better place a

place where you will find Freedom and blessings my dear child your feelings are as deep as your dreams are wonderful

and your heart is tender place your whole self in my care and Trust in what I have planned for you

from now on let there be no doubt in your mind feel a deep Assurance knowing

and believing that I am always with you forever I will never abandon you don’t

worry about the challenges within your family do not let anxiety or sadness take over I am holding them in my hands

be at peace for my angels are stationed around your home my spirit surrounds

your house with love my watchful eyes see everything that happens even if

situations don’t seem to meet your expectations be patient for I am in

control of everything today find comfort in me and trust this I will turn each of

your troubles into something better my dear child I am here to uplift and

fortify you let a smile return to your face and do not allow fear to reside in

your heart any longer have confidence for I grant you the strength to persevere through and

conquer all of life’s challenges I know you desire peace and good health for your loved ones and for your home to be

a place of Tranquility continue moving forward and shift your focus away from your troubles

instead pray with a humble and hopeful spirit for I see your faith and trust in

me and I will honor it prepare yourself to be astounded by The Miracles that are

on their way tremendous blessings will envelop your life and conflicts will fade

away peace will permeate your home because my presence is the Bedrock of your

happiness my words bring Harmony to your household in my love you will discover

the courage to tackle any obstacle keep me in mind and ensure your family remembers who delivered them encourage

them to maintain their faith and steer clear of bitterness recognize that life has its

highs and lows Embrace forgiveness and love and don’t allow your hearts or Minds to Harbor grudges closed

mindedness baseless accusations or concealed untruths be cautious of those who act as

friends while secretly envying your blessings I Am with You shielding you

from their plots your family is dear to me continue praying for them and

watching over them make time each day for them to to gather together clasp

hands and pray in my presence in spite of the trials and tempests I have

blessed you richly I have consistently been there for you when the Thrive some individuals

may forget this growing arrogant and rejecting The God Who assisted them stay

vigilant to stop this arrogance from infiltrating your home daily remind them of the source of Their Blessings through

steadfast prayer your home will be shielded from harm and the afflictions of sickness and scarcity will vanish

permanently angels will watch over your house keeping foes at a distance you

long for Unity in your family and success for your children I intend for their lives to demonstrate my

extraordinary might I have a special plan for your family and I will keep them secure in my care as I generously

bless you I seek your hearts and dedication in return my word is alive

and eternal my vow to protect and enrich your lives is steadfast I simply ask for

a small amount of faith for you to place me first in your hearts and to continually seek me persevere in prayer

and keep your faith strong prepare to witness Miracles incredible things are about to unfold my presence is strongly

felt in homes filled with humility and gratitude I am steadfast always with you

honoring a promise I will never break I have gifted you with my holy spirit and divine gifts I will surround you with

love and bless your family members your grateful heart Delights me particularly

When You Wish well for your loved ones in my presence you will find everything

you need Faith courage wisdom and

patience welcome my love and accept my care even in the most difficult times I

have supported you through past trials and will do so again do not turn away

from me when times are tough I am here again urging you to have faith recall

the good times and don’t dwell on the negatives stay focused on the present stepping wisely into a new chapter of

your life today marks the start of your deliverance the ideal time to give your

heart to me fully release your burdens and welcome the outpouring of heavenly

blessings despite past struggles you continue to live holding fast to your almighty

God this year is filled with open doors and numerous opportunities laid out before you seize them cherish them be

courageous and look straight ahead finally embrace the peace and joy you

have been seeking your body will be rejuvenated and completely restored each

day take time to pray and listen with the spiritual ears I have given you

embrace the wisdom I am bestowing upon on you I want you to see how truly precious and important you are to me you

are special chosen to receive wonderful blessings and I am so grateful that you

can share the abundance I give you first with your family and then with others helping them to know me I am pleased

when you listen carefully follow my teachings trust in my words and realize

how much you mean to me when you wake up I want you to feel deeply cherished and

throughout your day remember that I love you and am right beside you and when the

evening comes even if the day was tough rest easy knowing I am guarding your

sleep and providing you peace let me reiterate I have not

distanced myself from you nor abandoned you especially not in your times of

Crisis even less so now as you stand on the brink of Triumph I love you and I

want to feel tranquil throughout your life knowing that your present and future rest in my hands when I declare

that you will be blessed it is because it is true your blessing is imminent and

will soon arrive I urge you to open your arms with faith and receive with

humility all the goodness I am sending your way I urge you to begin each day

with my words in your thoughts let your soul be uplifted with positive Reflections and eliminate fears and

anxiety for good your faith is genuine my power is beyond the ordinary your

prayers are effective and will bring about the outcomes you seek don’t start your day dwelling on the negatives

anticipate changes for the better trust that I will respond to you also let

light into your home open your windows and let the sunlight in call out to me

and I will brighten your soul with my presence keep my teachings in mind and

Cast Away all traces of Despair refrain from harboring bitterness or holding on

to resentment I do not wish for such feelings to reside in your heart nor

should you allow them space avoid dwelling on them articulating them or

echoing them ignore the rumors and gossip others might spread you are not

defined by their words in this world you will encounter plenty of negativity

remember you are different and should remain so do not let negative people into your

life or home they may try to unload their problems and anxieties onto you

which neither concern nor benefit you concentrate and stand strong in your endeavors aspirations dreams and Faith

be unwavering and bold moving forward with the Assurance of a faithful Soldier

unafraid though at times you may only see problems around you I see an army of angels whom I have dispatched for your

protection listen carefully focus on what I tell you and shut your ears to

malicious tongues fill yourself and believe me today you will be greatly

blessed and filled with my power my love and my peace my beloved child I love you

more than you can imagine let my will be your guide as you travel the path ahead keep your eyes

fixed on the goals I have set before you and align your heart with my purposes I

have wonderful plans in store for you plans to give you peace health and

abundance for you and all those you care about as you seek my help put your

relationship with Me Above All Else sink your roots deep into my word and let my

teachings fill your mind and spirit dive in fully to this Wellspring of Hope

courage and confidence I will hold you secure walking with you step by step so

you need never be paralyzed by uncertainty or fear there are always greater things on the horizon when you

trust in me see every challenge as an opportunity to exercise your faith and

to find your strength in me whenever you feel confused or burdened quiet your

heart meditate on my promises and let my spirit speak to you I will give you

insight to navigate through the toughest of times storms will come but you no longer need

to live in dread you will discover that I have a solution to every difficulty you face I am your sure

anchor piloting you through turbulent Waters to bring you safely into the harbor of my blessing even when the

waves crash over you and the winds threaten to overturn you do not give in to panic simply believe stand your

ground and you will not sink no matter how dire the reports you hear they

cannot shake you they have no authority over you rest in my care like a little

child trusting looking to me with pure and simple Faith secure in my loving arms

that hold you tightly place all your confidence in me just like this picture the gladness and

peace that are on their way to you even now imagine the moment when you will

hold in your hands all the good things you asked me for though Heaven and Earth may pass away my words to you will stand

unshakable forever they never weaken or fade they are alive and Powerful for all

eternity cling tightly to them in your moments of fear declare them aloud and

you will feel their Force when I make a promise I will always bring it to pass

when I bring something to pass it flows from my heart to bless you and if I

choose to bless you it’s because you belong to me if you are mine nothing can

snatch you out of my hand no power can separate you from my loving safekeeping

you are immeasurably precious to me and I will be with you always so place your

trust fully in me be at peace when Mayhem seems to take over and nothing

makes sense the wisest thing is to release it all into my hand don’t let anxiety take control just rest

and trust in me resist the urge to make impulsive choices in your hurt and

bewilderment that could only make matters worse time and again my word has

assured you that I am able to work all things even the bad things together for

your good what seems to be working against you will in the end work out to

benefit you when you find yourself under pressure and feeling battered when

you’re worn out and can’t see a Way Forward when you’re tempted to give up the fight and run away remember how far

you’ve already come you’ve made so much progress don’t jeopardize the blessings

in store for you now don’t walk away and lose your stake I’ve already brought so many good

things your way and I’m not finished yet The Best Is Yet To Come extraordinary

blessings are waiting for you up ahead but when you are dispirited

it’s easy to miss what I’m doing that’s why I’m urging you now is not the time to vent your frustration or fly into a

rage don’t let go of your inner calm recognize how deeply I care for you and

how close I am to you right now in your time of trouble I am here to steal your heart and wrap you in my peace it’s

crucial that you take this in and lay hold of it and believe it with everything in you I am here to put my

arms around you console you and lead you out of this tough Place depend on me I

will go to bat for you don’t retaliate against those who wrong you I will make

sure you emerge from these trials in Victory so I’m asking you to get on your knees to pray and let my peace wash over

you wait and be still I will show you my plans and let you know when it’s

time I’m going to put my mighty word in your hand like a shining sword I’ll tell

you when to take your stand I’ll be right there with you you will not be defeated that day is coming no

question but for now what I need you to do is seek my face in prayer wait for my

signal don’t get worked up let my peace fill your heart and be still trust me

you cry out for my help because you know how much I love you and that my word is Rock Solid of course I will help you let

your heart be at rest live each day with unshakable confidence joy and peace that flows from

knowing I am with you and for you and will never leave your side even at your lowest points when you’ve messed up and

things haven’t worked out like you hoped no this my grace knows no limits my

Mercy is never ending I haven’t let you down in the past and I won’t start now

so on your most difficult days when your heart is shattered and you feel feel totally drained rise up in the morning

with fresh hope and soak your mind in my promises again that’s where you’ll find

your strength take me at my word when I tell you there are days of peace and joy ahead of you take hold of my love and

your life with Fierce determination you need to keep living and persevering through the hardships

fix your eyes on my promises to you refuse to lose heart when troubles come or cave in to despair when problems

surface in my presence reclaim your courage when danger looms or people turn

on you cling to the truth with all that is in you this year holds unique

significance for you the lessons you’ve been learning will be translated into immense spiritual riches that will last

for eternity I intend to shower you with favor and cause you to thrive because I

have chosen you and you are precious to me get on your knees and pray humble

yourself before me and bring me your requests day after day find your Delight

in being with me and I will make the deepest dreams of your heart become reality I am so pleased that this

message has reached your ears I see that you are approaching your life and your duties with new seriousness this year

latch on to that mindset and do not let it get away from you seize this moment

for yourself and for the ones you love I am am going to reward you openly in the

sight of everyone I know you put up a strong front but I see the pain you carry inside I know your heart when you

need to cry go ahead and let it out my love for you will not budge when the

storms rage when life gets messy when problems Blindside you and people wound

you here’s what I want you to remember I have always loved you I love you in this

moment and I will go on loving you forever no matter what this is a truth

you desperately need to get hold of I’m going to keep telling you this over and

over I’ll whisper it to you all through the day I’ll whisper it over you all night long while you sleep and when

morning comes you’ll wake up different for years you’ve poured yourself out

working your fingers to the Bone giving your all for people who may not have realized what you were doing for them

but there’s some something crucial I need you to hear keep on loving others and putting them first no matter what

keep being a blessing to the people around you because you are deeply loved cherished by the one who made the

universe the love I have for you goes so far beyond any human love or

recognition no matter how people fail you my love for you will never

waver my love for you is the one sure thing you can stake your life on it’s

yours forever and it’s a love no one can ever take away from you you matter so

much to me rest in that when the road is hard on the days when you’re running on

empty and nothing you do seems to make a difference remember this there is a

lavish reward waiting for you in my presence come and get alone with me and claim it when you take time to pray and

humble yourself before me I will Revitalize you with new Strength I’ll

forgive you and fill you up with fresh Joy your hard work and perseverance come

from a deep well of strength in your spirit that comes from my love renewing and refreshing you day by day you never

need to put on an act with me I see straight through to your heart find a quiet place get real with me and pour

out what’s inside know that I am listening I love you I’m mending your

broken spirit and healing your Wounded Heart amen my child click on the Subscribe

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