Approach Me Just The Way You Are l God Message Today l God Message For You l

my child I am your strength and your

protector come to me with all your

faults and

weaknesses confess your sins and I will

help you overcome them stay in my

presence where your flaws are visible

and let me fill you with strength be

grateful for your weaknesses as they

keep you dependent on me rejoice in my

sufficiency for I will guide and protect

you every step of the way instead of

worrying about the future focus on me

each day keep in touch with me and I

will guide you I will remove obstacles

from your path and make your journey the

best it can be don’t be afraid for I am

always with you sometimes you may not

feel my presence especially when you

anxious use fear as a reminder to

reconnect with me take time to rest in

my love and your fears will melt away

respond to my love by affirming your

trust in me remember I am always

protecting you especially your soul

trust me to lead you to heaven living in

close communication with me brings a

taste of Heaven it requires effort but

it will enrich your life whatever you do

do it for me and find joy in my presence

trust me in all circumstances even when

things don’t go your way I am your

Refuge when You Face uncertainty find

security in me when anxiety weighs you

down seek comfort in me I offer

reassurance and relief don’t focus on

your problems instead turn to me for

help no matter what happens remember

that nothing can separate you from my

love take refuge in me and trust that I

am always with you depend on me and find

joy in our

relationship I invite you to spend more

time with me each day let my love

comfort you and give you strength don’t

let the Troubles of the world overwhelm

you shine as a light in the darkness and

and focus on doing good turn to me for

help and I will guide you share

everything with me even your deepest

struggles I want to heal you and set you

free let my presence bring you peace and

rest don’t try to control everything in

your life trust in my plan for you and

find joy in my presence I am always

close to you ready to help relax in my

love and let my joy fill your heart amen


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