Announcement ✝️ Jesus Will Be Happy If You Open It Now

God is saying to you today my beloved

child I am here your loving and never

present deity embracing you with Divine

compassion and understanding I have

heard your prayer for emotional

stability and peace and I want you to

know that I am here to support you

unconditionally in this vast Universe I


that navigating the complexities of Life

can often feel overwhelming emotions can

surge like turbulent waves tossing you

into a sea of uncertainty and anxiety

but fear not my child for I am here too

provide Solace and guide you towards

Tranquility God has spoken close your

eyes and take a deep breath feel the

Gentle Touch of my divine presence as it

envelops you

spreading warmth and reassurance

throughout your being in this moment let

go of any burdens that weigh upon your

heart release the worries the doubts and

the Restless thoughts know that your

emotions are a part of your Human

Experience and it is through them that

you can grow and learn

embrace them with love and compassion

for they are the threads that weave the

tapestry of your unique existence

remember my child that even in moments

of Darkness there is always a glimmer of

light waiting to be discovered trust in

yourself for you possess great strength

and resilience

seek balance in your life nurturing your

mind body and soul find solace in the

simple jurors that surround you a warm

embrace a gentle breeze or the soothing

rhythm of your breath type how man if

you have faith in God and when you feel

overwhelmed reach out to me pour your

heart out in prayer for I am always

listening share this video people who

needs to hear this remember my child

that you are never alone I am here

watching over you with unwavering love

together we shall navigate the highs and

lows of life’s journey hand in hand

trust in thy divine plan and know that

the storms will pass revealing a clearer

Sky filled with hope and serenity time

type why yes if you seek me guidance may

your heart be filled with tranquility

and may your days be adorned with

emotional stability and peace watch this

video and the end if you believe God’s

blessings and protection God is saying I

desire your well-being and happiness but

if someone ever undermines your Humanity

I encourage you to offer them your

prayers and distance yourself from them

it is detrimental to your overall health

to stay in toxic friendships and

relationships please know that I am here

to support you so there’s no need to be

afraid tell this for things to you

loudly touch ye something great one

trust the journey and have faith in the

outcome the path towards greatness may

not always be smooth but trust in the

journey and have faith that everything

will work out in the end keep pushing

forward even when faced with challenges

or setbacks to

Embrace challenges as opportunities for

growth and learning challenges are not

obstacles but opportunities for growth

and learning Embrace challenges as a

chance to improve your skills and become

a better version of yourself

three surround yourself with positive

supportive people the people you

surround yourself with can have a

significant impact on your mindset and

motivation surround yourself with

positive and supportive people who

believe in you and your goals four never

give up even when faced with obstacles

or setbacks the road to Greatness is not

easy but it is worth it never give up on

your goals

even when faced with obstacles or

setbacks keep pushing forward and

eventually you will achieve greatness

God says type why yes if you want my

blessing if you choose to extend

forgiveness to others when they wrong

you your heavenly father the likewise

extend forgiveness to you Matthew .

listen up today allow the Holy Spirit to

assist you when you feel weary let the

spirit strengthen you with the truth

that will grant you Freedom maintain

your faith and refrain from harboring

negativity towards yourself or your


and Trust to God what you perceive as a

liability and watch him transform it

into an asset allow him to take what you

consider a disadvantage and turn it into

an advantage remember you are not just a

conqueror today but every day because

his strength resides within you

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imagine fear worry doubt and insecurity

residing in your mind weighing you down

robbing you of your hand disturbing your

peace however today is a new day and

it’s time to take control and cleanse

your mental space just like a house

cleaning you have the power to evict

these unwanted tenants although they may

appear formidable and dominant remember

that you determine what resides in your

mind it’s time to firmly declare to fear

you’re evicted you are no longer welcome

here I refuse to live in constant fear

of what might happen I trust that my

future is in God’s hands and nothing can

stand against him turn your attention to

worry and assert you have occupied my

thoughts for far too long I’m sorry

future lease is terminated from now on I

choose not to entertain you addressed

out by saying your time has come to an

end I am implementing at new rules and

you are not allowed time stay it’s time

for you to leave

finally confront insecurity by stating

I’m sorry but there is no longer room

for you in my life you are being removed

from here farewell and I will not let

you define Me by changing this script

ever so slightly you can take charge of

your thoughts and emotions

evicting negativity and embracing a

mindset of confidence faith and peace

remember you have the authority to

choose what resides in your mind so be

intentional about cultivating a positive

and empowering mental environment type y

yes if you want to experience my peace

God says I am going ahead of you today I

have already paved the way every action

you take will bebless time will sanctify

you I will provide you with the words I

Am with You perpetually

type amend and like the video If you

believe God also subscribe for more God


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