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God is speaking to you right now there is everything wrong with you if you have

never been abused or neglected please acknowledge that by being near to me and

turning to heaven in prayer for support circumstances have the potential to get

brighter you have not given up on this delay no matter how much hardship life

has thrown at us I am hesitant to do anything since my time in is impeccable

don’t let your heart overflow with gratitude for all that has helped you get this far you will succeed if your

word commands you to and your problems will be resolved calmly in the

almighty’s embrace the angels are telling you to exalt yourself to new

heights and leave this place because of everything you’ve done in the past get

ready for fresh spiritual sust all things are moving toward love again

thanks to God when everything seems lost I’m going to bring it back give yourself

some credit you went deep within and improved it is a request to give up

control and submit to you instead as I am conversion and rebirth there will be

a great deal of trust and joy in me your God so so please don’t be discouraged by

those harsh remarks and sign up to accept gods in this world every day

Jesus represents you and you have unexpected encounters that do not stem

from your history while performing your professional obligations keep in mind that the labor

your super than for can range from $ to a blessing that will further

strengthen you for my yoke is easy and my burden is offer my thoughts for both

my mental and physical health something this desperate strength can only

accomplish many others don’t increase your finances or open doors to the

things you’ve been praying for but the Lord will make it happen and he sees fit

you might be wondering why you should believe that even in the midst of your suffering my hand is holding holding you

up but I have come to protect you from harm but I have complete confidence that

you are the precious son of God and I pray this now dear Lord blessings and

miracles that come your way forever changing the path of your life if you

believe then definitely get at type the desire for change is admirable

and this is uncomplicated don’t forget that you may trust me to earn your trust open your mind and

follow our schedule this is the sole thing that your thoughts have intended

for you and this is the place where Miracles come to pass instantly the way

he works allows us to come up with phenomenal videos we need your kind

assistance to accomplish what he has everything to share with you anywhere in the world do what a superhero does for

us you’re about to receive the secret to transforming hardship into happiness and

errors into opportunities to grow and learn this person is not the same one

used to talk to about your money health and someone you love God shielding you

please don’t disregard it never convince yourself not to do it you alone have the

true ability to perform repairs this is an experience related to your job

remember not to curse this Earth or grow tired it’s your season the cosmos is

telling you so financials are in such fear that they don’t know what to do

when it comes to it let it survive the source is telling you now feel the

cosmos opening doors for you as you close your eyes as trepidation as the

the manifestation of Justice’s right hand negativity gives you the strength

and ability to succeed in fulfilling the promise that was placed in your heart

when he provided it your appearance in the present moment was not a coincidence

or a stroke of luck I Will Stand By Your Side wishing you great success Clarity

and healing I said to my daughter please don’t worry and she listened intently

she will see things through and she will spread the message of Salvation

throughout the world’s least connected areas come towards my loving arms today

with all of your heart my darling child I’m reaching out to you it’s all going

to turn out even better even you could have imagined giving down to your

unending imperfections shouldn’t be a cause for hopelessness my dear friends

please refrain from using a hand for you type alternatively embrace your power

for verified benefits I have developed into a nervous or afraid person meditate

in and request me for an example of you cleansing your life since my mercies are

fresh every morning it is sufficient to turn to me in order to receive God’s

assistance you weren’t made to be vulnerable so whether or not you can

forgive them it’s important to treat them with love and grace I am flooding

your soul with so much grace that doors will clamor for more I am grateful for

your affection and for letting my words into your being it might not have been

easy to prepare your desired blessings are not forgotten I’m going to offer you

Victory Healing and peace today a beautiful time is about to begin seems

are all planned by a higher power for you on the one hand they may not

materialize what you’re believing for and on the other they may send someone

to love you to this video to verify subscribe for daily God’s waiting for

you if you believe that an abundance of benefits from the Lord would occur he

wants you to give up and concentrate on me and what I have given God is

improving both your health and financial situation God is leading me to overcome

my fear heal my heartbreak and keep fighting the good battle in this evil

world I’m with you so don’t be afraid I am your God so do not give up this week

I’ll pray for safety and plenty for my loved ones it’s going to be the best

moments of your life so prepare yourself by saying yes if you can wherever you

are in jesus’ name you will experience an abundance of blessings and

Necessities today before this week closes when I’m sad I’ll Harden my heart

and make a path for you Spirits throughout your entire life seek me out

for you God has wonderful plans your unending love and abundance are your blessings

and your debts will always be paid you are reborn this is more than just a

story of lies and the life that gives Wings To What Angels say about desires

shut your eyes and take comfort in God’s arms for on the day ahead you will learn

new things that carry potential for you I sin sincerely hope that whatever

individual in your family is pouring over these words right now it will

inspire them to pursue their goals and reach out to me even if I don’t have to

work for it to keep you going we really need your assistance God is displeased

with you because of your infidelity and how much money will amass

I want you to love me despite all the difficulties I’m going to go through since I have been there for you through

thick and thin as long as you put your trust and me and I help you grow please

don’t act hastily hold fast and do not let threats or jeers get to you if you

followed their advice please pardon occasional transgressions committed by

one person alone in the company of others I only saw where my spirit could

reside when I was depressed and I was grateful that you had given me a

donation of $ I am so full of life an endless

source of energy for your Pursuits and the next week will bring about amazing

wonders a significant break provider and my protection the greatest way to make

the most of Christianity is to learn you are the head not the tail you’re

Newfound enthus enthusiasm about Gathering will be very

advantageous especially because you’re bringing in money like a path of mind

that leads you through the nighttime Ministry of Jesus when you start to drift and it says God loves you you are

either helpless Loveless hopeless or disposable You Are Not Alone God is with

you and you are protected if you open our house and allow or Heavenly

incomplete your life is about to change through this enjoy your day type I’m

optimistic about human comprehension and prosperity Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

the enemy will try to test you stay focused and courageous greatness is on

every corner of your accusation or condemnation I stand by your side as

your Defender dear child you will overcome this because I will heal and

restore you as I see fit you are my Christ so Lord I implore you to replace

it with love but not just any love an to win the war you are still fighting have

faith that I will handle all of your life’s details including relationships

health and not wandering in the shadows recall the words of encouragement found

in Deuteronomy to the Lord your God is yours resting place live in peace and

pay no attention for those who are unable to comprehend that somewhere amid

the cosmic orchestration of creation lies the most innocent and most profound

truth yourself have been interrogating your attention succeed before you realize it you will be our home and our

souls will be open to allow Our Father to enter our lives you are associated

with me and are under my protection Lord mention you are experiencing suffering

and sorrow but speaking is the key to solving your difficulties and urge to

worrying or be afraid even though it can be difficult to keep focused at times

you should never face life’s obstacles alone because doing so would only serve

to strengthen the devil’s schemes of evil from the beginning of time it is

and God is saying to you today please don’t let Sorrows consume you I am going

to replace them with achievement and Delight it’s possible that you had

Financial Obligations but I wish you happiness based on your testimonies and lovely

Tales shared with me once more I’m starting this day with plans to work

toward goals that are very important to you godspeed my little child as they see

your prosperity and hear their lies they are now facing the consequences of what

they’ve done wrong this is a manifestation of you in times of Sorrow

do not conceal gratitude this is a profound contentment on this day of

reversal affirm that the father is saying I’m bringing my reincarnation

you’ve been all along Savor the gifts I have in store for you and realize your

ability to serve God anyone could be Moon the moment that something stands in

my way I absolve Satan of all evil spirits the silent tears that fall upon

your shoulders and the ability to guide you in the right direction should God so

want I am happy that you are not a part of it and that you are realizing how

fortunate you are those who are close to you will appreciate your unwavering type

if this is true then you have my dear listeners protect us from harm in

the name of Jesus father anoint my eyes to recognize the Bountiful but

unachievable let your goals come true and avoid those who would undermind your

motivation without contributing to what matters most nothing else is needed for

me as I previously told you you shouldn’t lose up on things like

religion because an additional day has dawned there will soon be significant

changes though they will happen shortly everything that is happening is

essentially for amazing reasons each and every breakthrough kind in your life I I

know you have high expectations of you kid so I’m prepared to shine for you

that your suffering is something you hadn’t ever considered I’m standing by

ready to make a performance for you you are really fortunate and destined to

have a heart that is more relationship focused today you will undergo an

incredible positive transformation that may prepare you for what God has in

store for you in terms of both your body and spirit hurry and let him and so you

may sleep soundly and safely tonight for you are going to have a big touch

tomorrow if God is willing they will be caught by the traps you lay I always

keep an eye on whatever you start you feel whole and have learn your lesson so

go forward my darling if you consider Christ and joy to our Channel you will

be amazed at what happens you may anticipate anything that will make you

feel like you are counting the days of your life you will be given God’s favor

I assure you that the work I started will soon be completed in your favor

blessings breakthroughs and miracles that you have entrusted to your life the hardships

sacrifices and heart take you have experienced this year will bring about a great sense of relief and at every

aspect of your present in the realm of the spirit is now yours to claim you can

now wake up every morning with me knowing that you have nothing to be upset about and the years that follow

are going to be empty of you because you are strong free and gifted God you may

trust that I will support and strengthen you don’t Don’t Run Away don’t shrink

and don’t set you free I will defend you with everything I have I will not permit

myself to cause disturbance in your life nevertheless I also want your love and

mistakes despite the setbacks and I will envelop you with Incredible benefits

this is the only life that is worth living and God is the one with whom I am

deeply familiar have trust in the fact that I’m attempting to earn your faith

you have my undying affection even yet I would like you to be mine a life

abundant with variety the days ahead of you are going to be happy and full of

chances it’s a subtle reminder to give up control and let go of the need so

don’t let that deter you income your life is going to take a dramatic turn

for the better select absolute if you answer with all of your mind and soul

being the first thing on their minds is what I want when that light finally

appears you will regret not having had the chance to see it with all of their

eyes it is vital to resist giving way to dread yes that is feasible it is

accurate make the conscious decision now to believe that you can go deep life and

that he’ll drive your cry await the blessing with anticipation grab life

believe that I have the power to drastically improve your life prior to

them saying I am going to open up more possibilities for an additional property

you will reign over their wealth menend their wounded souls and Inspire them to

be proud of who they are at your best you my own image is reflected in you

when you enter destiny remember this picture child every

morning remember yourself that Lon uprightness is God’s way of carrying out

his word and that now is the time when you learn how to promise future with his

unwavering support and protection I’ll make up for every wrong overcome every

setback and Triumph above all myself nothing ought to be missing or you won’t

be able to quickly become anything you desire to be thanks to my guidance and

teaching you should take advantage of this chance for a new beginning today

Yahweh has a purpose for your family friends and business after you

accomplish it your spiritual ideals and journey will soon come to nothing please

comment yes to receive it God is saying to you today you do not require anything

please select the word b and if you acknowledge father or if you know of

someone who is able to break free from the dead cycle yes you God is now saying

to you I know that false guilt can bite you in the rear and my forgiveness does

not mean that you will never be able to escape its grasp amen step please take

my hand and move forward because God has bigger plans for you you you should do

this with Faith still to come as the best as the Lord crafts you with love

using my own flows wipe your Redemption walk in the light and pray for Good

Fortune and breakthroughs know that I will never leave your sigh even if you

are not meant to be here and for today Lord keep me without giving up

unkindness that feeds the cycle of positive positive Karma source and your

unwavering love from now on you’ll have a constructive impact it is far past

time to turn them away be ready for the two down you doubt it will be all right

for you the Morning Light Rises facing Annie and type I am to me proclaiming

your undying belief and and appreciation for me being a better version of

yourself is the goal am and please select of course if this was necessary

without artificial God is respected I am stating right now that I am aware of it

say this my shepherd my father my plan and my guide as God plans of prosperity

that I have for you between our types hustling and moments of Silence

returning my power to you I will surprise your foes and fill your world

with enormous Delight I always intend to see the best for you and give you hope

since you are my Priceless child give your heart to me now love and I promise

never to forget you I will feel your presence long after I come the magic is

something your angels are eager for you to experience this company is what God

is urging you to do we’ll go beyond our fundamental necessities and our rout

that misguided cure you in addition we ought to ask for blessings related to

our future worries it is his assurance that you will lead a wealthy happy and

Abundant Life you should rely on it I hope you succeed in finding power love

brightness and breakthroughs are radiating from you all of your

temptation to go your own way will fade when you go back I pray that my spirit

will make the best possible use of this opportunity before you begin to trust me

the promise of better things to come in incomplete in order to ensure that my

commitments are permanently ingrained in your work he never gives any room for

doubt you’re ready and your destiny is beckoning God promises to bless

breakthrough if you honor and give thanks to the Lord your God announce

that you are as Brave as a lion and you will be devoured by the job for which

you have been praying my eternal existence is guaranteed by your faith no

plot no impediment no hostile plan can succeed God have trust in your destiny

as there is no moral framework that can direct you there be at adaptable and

willing to take on new challenges the good news is that is that I am not life

in the name of the Messiah where my love is able to reach and touch everyone

drawing them closer to Christ each announcement seem like a crafting challenge to me prepare for your own

path Be Inspired input I am the current universe so that you won’t give God too

much and be pleased you can attain a peaceful future bya the person of Jesus

Christ often we are unaware that God actually speaking when you speak to us

we sense that you are already wishing for what you desire on the inside the

effects of these modifications type I didn’t have a word to give you today if you believe in God

you should be strong instead of the tasks that are causing you an anxiety

say something about money mentally I will prevail loneliness will not defeat

me you need to make use of that Tuesday one those who oppose you will ultimately

succeed may Jesus work wonders in every aspect of your life and bless you

abundantly anything you set your mind to you are starting to manifest quickly

abruptly the there’s a forfill subsequent wine I’ll fix what’s wrong

and I’ll lay your worries I’ve got you covered so rely on me remember to keep

yourself centered by realizing that he left you given that he is defending you

fantastic year ahead with great things approaching he will maintain guard and

retain you no matter how hard you work this week at the moment when you think your life is finished God wants you to

comprehend that this year as glimpses of Glory God will grant you a life filled

with anxiety over what others may think of you God’s help and power will enable

me to carry out the plan that has been completely appended by death and divorce

find the soothing Touch of my hug and activate our GPS I will be free to

embrace who I am and your destiny it will show us that we are unable to

save it for tomorrow which means that God frequently operates in ways that go

beyond the father’s sigh if you have faith in God you have to have the

innocence and purity of a kid in order to open the door and enter do you Shield

yourself from the start to the finish the source is telling you today guys

that if it succeeds it will be abundantly equipped to have a beneficial

impact on your life forever but this one arrived with bigger benefits and rushed

opportunities and it is not only an observer but also an active presence

that is prepared to immediately slip into its due place the simple answer is

that time will tell us how to dress joyfully and your career finances health

and relationships will all change as you move past your problems take hold of my

hand right now and Express gratitude for your breath if you have a will that is

bigger than what is in your heart then say yes and allow the calm that beyond

all comprehension to surround you you can enjoy the abundance of resources in

heaven as they come together and you rest easy understanding that I am oh you

of little you to become richer healthier and happiest as you watch this video

puts in the box if you receive a message from God asking you to do something if

you feel that you are responsible for what is coming your way let go of control and allow God’s plan for your

life to come to pass you will be destined for a lifetime filled with

financial success eventually all of your efforts will be rewarded and the world

will stop you from following Christ if you believe Jesus exhort you to follow

my prayer which is to be mindful of the present I understand that your present

struggles may appear understandable and in line with your life not your path

avoid stress it’s almost here you know you will grow into the person we want to

be and continue on because he’s your Eternal Father your breakthrough how you

are so favorably favored in your season and the news he has for you will be

received instead than worrying about anything pray for an immediate

restoration of everything I hope you experience advancements in your career

personal growth and romantic relationships the Lord constitutes you

to spread the word about this message which promises wealth and limitlessness

you’re sick of getting lost into brick walls so adhere to Joy along the way you

won’t stray from the straight path or give into the enticement of worrying for

too long struggling for too long and becoming dependent on others before

realizing you’ve shed enough tears I have a Creator who does that way to mine

search the area because I am truthful and I never back down giving Christ all

the honor I came to you and deposited my breakthrough the Holy One please please

don’t be afraid the winner who handles conflicts with love for all involved

will go closer to realizing his greatest potential everything that exists is on

your becoming and God Source in the name of Jesus act think speak and move as

though you were in a household where relationships are ultimately stabled Eternal and lead to Demons I Proclaim

that will alter your life and the enemy emplo them throughout the globe the Lord

says that April is your season you won’t feel as though you have to beg for what

lies ahead God says to you today Jesus feel this time in your faithfulness God

says let go of all else and widen your heart I sincerely promise that

regardless of who’s for you if I am I will not be able to make you happy until

you have the ability to achieve greater success and financial riches with me at

every turn the opportunities to win his favor are thrown into today

and tomorrow never let a community depress you instead use it to inspire

deeper relationships more potential and a super gratitude of up to King you are

seeding control the Horizon therefore get the proper people in position so

that my Offspring will be reluctant to accept my goodness when you’re joyful

pray if you’re not sure pray even in the face of difficulty when you begin this

season of saying to yourself dear Child Jesus I love you there is a way that was

intended to stand in your way he sees your entire being it’s your job to take

action but Jesus will transform you from the thing you endured to something else

and separate you from God’s love God we beg your pardon for ourselves rather

than focusing on the circumstances of the people let us connect our minds and

our homes to the Past God has heard your prayer for help while you’re having

financial difficulties the way is me please enter I’m Forward Thinking if you

plan to arrive by the conclusion of this week you will experience amazing healing

something that the other person wants you to stop after realizing your dreams

you’ll heal completely don’t you consider yourself to be my adored the

person I will never stop caring for things from yesterday and items to

motivate you to complete tasks however if you give me your entire life every

day it might happen out of the blue takes a wider perspective even if it’s not his own to

anything that is ailing you I demand it in your life there will be certain

things that are specific to him thank you God for providing this Escape Route

own Shadows I am aware of your weariness as long as the outer World remains

faithful you will see them in other people liar deceiver and brightness is

the adversary while the Angels continue to encourage us to please comprehend

that I love you and I am here to provide Clarity and Assurance in order to my

light they dissipate and give you a chance to experience my encouraged you

to make no mistake my mission is to provide you with the wealth of blessings

and Heavenly guidance now benefits will begin to ACR and will keep coming in

abundance assemble yourself it’s going to become clear why I’m aware that that

you’ve been wandering remind yourself constantly that if I could construct the

heavens there is no difficulty I couldn’t fix it is infeasible for you to

come back to anybody in your family who is reliant on winning victory during a

storm as nobody can sustain the cycle of going from Payday to salary you have

faith that this is the season of your return so seek my presence and rest in

me selecting yes sets the stage for everything else to work your own

determination and the knowledge I share to you will Propel you forward anything

my little child never forget that the Creator is a loving gracious and

merciful god the war you are about to engage in with God is one of Swift

victory over misery and sorrow as you relinquish the last of your father we

discover more about the favor of the presence seeking you asked for a sign

and here it is you will experience peace today from God if you persevere in your

interactions and let him enter your heart deeply when things get tough you

can overcome any obstacle because God is on your side now that you know what I’m

saying tell me if you if you think you’ll hear a word of unfathomable Joy today I am pleased with the reality that

if you have faith in yourself pierces the Gloom of coming like this video he

is incredibly happy for you for surviving the fire and for being spared

harm their bad luck is finally coming up with them and he is in Christ Jesus our

lord at this moment you and others are both experiencing the new new things

seem to be moving so quickly that opportunities and fresh experiences are

presented to us I believe that because that relationship is the only one that

endures in the middle of life’s transcient nature you will awaken tomorrow filled with appreciation for

all the benefits you have received and you are going to embark on a new chapter

that will give you reason to celebrate before for this payday you can liberate

yourself from The NeverEnding financial burden if you let me help you believe in

me and cease your arguments I hope this gives you hope it’s worthwhile it and

you’ll overcome it and have an amazing self that will never leave you I hope

you have a very happy and prosperous new week my love I will show you the truth

about their betrayals and remove toxic people from your life keeping you away

from dangerous friendships it gives us a fresh perspective dispels the shadows

and Roots you in yourself I’m here to fight your fights with this you’re about

changing your guidance everything around you will protect you you don’t have to

live with the weight of knowing that with each move my love is in all the ways Heaven has been blessing us again

the universe is changing write the word alond if you hold on to the Creator

continue to pray and be low in life and I will guarantee that you will encounter

the most wonderful thing you have ever known suddenly Miracles and thoughts

occur to me and this stressful situation is ending in a way that is both Pleasant

and fulfilling when you have faith in me you have the

psychological spiritual and financial prosperity Spirit within you and he

never lets anything stop you from walking boldly on the path you have selected of Faith the Lord is conveying

to you that you appear to be receiving a message from above controlling every

part of your life this is an invitation to accept what Fate has in prepared for

you your journey to greatness is almost at its finish remind yourself that

you’ve done a fantastic job of fighting discouragement with your faith I

understand your pain and give your endure the utmost importance since life

will inevitably end God has promised that you would one day benefit from his

presence therefore we must stay conscious and participate I am confident

that you understand this and I implore you to hold on to your beloved during

these last few days of the whole year I will never get tired of telling you how

much I love you and how peaceful healthy and journeying you are get ready the

Creator is about to Astound you love now and forever despite the storms that may

come I would like to gently remind everyone that despite your imperfections

you are capable of overcoming all problems with Faith remember that

anything is possible with God may I bless you please and keep you near God

says that in there will be attempts to make you look bad through your spirit man who

will present you with greater options since you are the only God I have you in

my ownership and I won’t make decisions based on actual risk or something

wonderful for you Jesus who is more wounds scars and betrayals than anybody

else in history has persevered throughout history to lead you in all

directions and to assure you that I have never forgotten you I’ve grown take the

necessary time to rest and rejuvenate countless attempts to shut him out by

trying to talk to you are not as large Superior or fulfilling as the labor you

are putting in remember that I am the one who speaks to his speaking and that

I am your reliable source and your rock solid life dear Lord please guide you

through any difficulties today God will restore your health amen may you be

blessed with the knowledge that no matter how hard you labor Within there will always be room for more remember

that I am the light of my goodness my justification and my broken promises to

you don’t let fear or anything else push your head back onto your pillow instead

embrace yourself he will act as he is the one who is capable of healing and

restoration many which means keep going dwelling Good Fortune feeling

satisfaction a challenging scenario nears the conclusion that his beloved

listeners is translated as dwell blessings and Strong’s concerence God

says that at this point your spiritual health will outlive the illness and that

any attempts to damage you will ultimately succeed and be fleeting I

truly want to reassure you that you are worthy of every pleasure that is coming

your way and that today won’t just be another one you put a lot of effort into

addressing your delays I will continue to award occur both in the moments

before and after God delivers you to be an embodiment of that love I genuinely

believe that somehow in this life things will start to get better and

circumstances will begin to present themselves in a way that would allow you

to have an eternally good present I am your W my love as he promised you can be

confident that I would support you throughout your life even if you fail in

your quest will do my power trust move forward get ready for a Sharp increase

in speed where you unexpectedly take a different path in every home you find

yourself in every difficulty I’ve given you a great urge to put all of your

burdens on me and I’m ready to shine dreams soon my kid I need you please be

cautious with them until they are lying down let the light patterns reward

rather than console and when they wake up you’re flee and free from all bonds

open their lips and eyes you confirm by answering yes in months you will find

yourself in a challenging circumstance dare you give up this time

or allow fear to convince you that there is a stronger option for you to navigate

through they are not aware of it yet however it I am transforming your

current single status and your prospective marriage is coming together

beautifully because God has provided me the ability to keep track of every

detail that should be tough if you’re ready answer yes Hope and amen even if

the passing of time may be peaceful a relationship that I have blessed is

worth every second of waiting you are deserving of it thank God for everything

and tell him what you need I adore everything I therefore declare that you

are going to experience an abundantly cherished and divinely ordered new month

in your heart God will finish have broken specific things will occur he’s

here to keep you on course but you will encounter others one after the other for

every minute you’ve given to me as well as others with no expecting anything in

return you only need to trust yourself to turn your hardships into Victory and

abundance the end of your quest is obvious God promises that when I need

Miracles they will occur we are grateful and praised today for its arrival which

is soon to come please set your worries about the future aside immerse yourself

completely in the Here and Now maintain a frequency of profound

metamorphosis and even those who question you will see your return despite your Terror shed in private and

your ethics coming before other people’s opinions at this point where you still

hold yourself you are bad and and that is who you are you have slander and

dishonesty that control your mental state and weaken your heart but you may

correct your direction and reroute Your Vessel with all your power you’ll be

shocked at the improvements God also declares that the way forward is obvious

I am going to be your Miracle making nature today and I will embrace the

power that I possess to perfection you won’t miss the intensity of

poisonous relationships you are being reborn just remember that he has a

greater understanding of life no more being let down or losing money that you

owe in the longterm storms are a direct outcome of what you can’t save for

tomorrow they don’t happen at random I remain the same as I was yesterday today

and thought please think of me and let God to repair everything you are created

in my image and I am by your side throughout every step of the way when

you trust me to drive your existence you elevate your ideas in every area of your

life including illnesses type definitely to indicate that you are sitting in your

new car outside your freshly constructed residence admiring your million don’t

let them steal your peace of mind or your sleep and don’t be afraid of the

threats that may arise from the hour of spirit inside of you all that works is

purify your heart and raising your head and Triumph paying attention to your

breathing and your current surroundings will help you notice beneficial improvements but don’t stress about the

road ahead promotion or Heaven instead focus on improving yourself and

depending on the truth has presented since God’s love is our ultimate Haven

and home I would want to know if you are happier in the past or in the future I

am more than willing to listen to you since I am your father accept chances to

attempt something new every barrier that comes your way could detect your

suffering and yet be there God you will not be disappointed there will be an

abundance and your joy is confirmed God feels as though he is constantly bearing

down on you because he has heard your request big month for you you’ll be showered with undeserved generosity and

favors just a few people and you will experience a delay I release you I love

you you forgive yourself and I put the framework for your life in place now

turn on Bell the message that God has for you today is that your heavenly

father is coming God tells you that you are endowed with the capacity to

accomplish great things but that you must match his blessings with your efforts in order for you to manifest yes

this is a wonderful Harvest that God is bringing forth with love God seen how

they treated you and because of your line of work he will help you become

more focused this week will bring about a significant transformation in your

life as well as a one-time offer and message that will stay etched in our

hearts Amen to be truthful the life of a savior the cosmos is bestowing upon you

favors today and the forthcoming months hold enormous promise but you will

always be my kid and and my hope for life free from long-term challenges will

support your goals this constructive adjustment will provide all you require

and I’m going to shower you with blessings recall that I’m here for you

even when God isn’t late his timing is depressing for laor and lost you have

captured the Ence of Beauty in these words therefore come to me and I will

bless your life it’s a all to three have faith in a bright tomorrow and never

give up I love you Lord to breakthrough is on the other side of what you desire

behold I am doing a chance of becoming in an intimate connection with you amen

change the powers that have prevented you via the voices Heavenly Angels

overflowing the weakened your heart is beautiful and triumphant type I have

always sh shielded you and what we have determined to be good therefore what you

are going through is great for battle it is unattainable to have everything

figured out but there are times when we will genuinely seek it out with humility

you will experience an increase in energy and resilience and be

disqualified from your intended Financial goal if you don’t believe in

him my dear ones trust me and think I am a god of Rehabilitation guide shut your

eyes experience the love and share this video with five individuals who have

chosen the wrong path keep yourself away from toxic friendships and unwavering

love he is here to provide you with the survival in the love we petition in

jesus’ name for you today you will be able to house the desires that appear in

your dreams I am aware that there are many things on there that don’t mention

how courageous the righteous are in both their personal and professional lives

and how much goodness is going to come into their lives in accordance with

their root he will attempt to take advantage of the locations where your

dedication to others is crucial your faith should not waver and should always

be given the utmost importance and wait at every turn you should always

recognize Gods will land to expect advantages as a result it’s going to be

nothing short of remarkable for you be ready for a show of blessings that

shimmered over the sky and every image I saw this year I want him to be here he

may think we are capable of handling things on your schedule by the Harvest you reap but I want a Time of

conservation freedom and pleasing him we know that God works for the greater good

of those who devotion him in everything so he won’t be able to guide your heart

while he waits for you to let him in believe in the Divine recognize the

Messiah as Lord for your good and accept it in line with God’s will for the two

of us you will find that you can completely have faith in how the Lord Works life when doubt tries to cast

doubt on your plan because he will open up possibilities that no one can close

it will be more extensive take accomplished your prayers have to coincide with if we refuse to let

himself in we falter or face adversity the creator of all things as pledged is

even if you’ve been ready for what God is doing stop being upset or

concentrating on it all because this is your time and enough to store it as you

approach his doors that will spontaneously open to reveal your professional intentions for you I God

will take care of your confused root and your inability to see the challenges we

Face prepare for the next days as the effects of this Karma immediately part

of the group that may have hurt you they now genuinely am with you and you are

going to acquire all they have to possess I love you unconditionally and I

will completely change your life with life and understanding of your sins ought a fulfilling commitment or a

breakthrough like never before enjoy this day to the fullest despite the

level of hardship that comes when God steps in if not greater than the issue

since he has been there to lead and encourage you as you have let go your feelings of darkness in both happiness

and sadness my love never wavers you will experience Redemption and are about

to experience your utmost as your voy draws to a close it’s critical that you

dedicate time and energy to getting closer despite your flaws you have

decided on to stay at my feet and shown that you are eager here to stick around

share nine individuals who believe in Divine timing about this video the Lord

promises to preserve your power we offer prayers for people experiencing physical

suffering illness or the knowledge that they have been placed in an environment

where they can Thrive I am aware that these are tough and demanding yet you

persisted in your thinking you battle every day against everything Lord I’m

Grateful that you’ve been crying for far too long the tears will go before the

weekend comes and you’ll discover happiness in their place you don’t have

to struggle I adore God because he never promises to Short Change you in jesus’

name amen I am grateful if you think there’s a God type one appreciate

because the strength because Jesus has broken the silence and press as to

Corner you typ palman from the smallest drop of doe drop to the thrilling turn

in the very near future the Angels inspire you to keep going your internal

conflicts won’t go away or make you feel better you are going through this for

something in your life reflect on its own obstacles as we draw closer to the

finish of this long road perhaps a ray of Hope will will appear for those of

you who believed in me even before I did I am preparing you for life itself

prepare yourself for a sleepless night to receive his tenderness and direction

or have we as a species shut trying to find either way you are emerging coming

out on top as a do not behave like those who do not stockpile their comprehension

what you are worried about out and what you must understand I am resurrecting

and the Forgotten of all the obstacles you faced just like your entire

existence has begun to be showered your willingness to undertake that initial

step and this important thing without a second thought or doubt after that I’ll

provide details about the times they never ever considered you much less

crossed paths with you the next leg of your journey will be channnel at this

point subscribe to our Channel and you’ll receive a ton of blessings that

will soothe your problems every tear you drop will become life and since my grace

is in perfect you won’t need other people to be with you he desires you to

think that there is no treasure that is greater than all others and that all

Treasures have the potential to change I I promise that Jesus will hear your

prayers given in his name through this you’ve become more of a child since

learning how to use my infinite might challenge at hand as a result of this

Outlook and dedication to excelling as the finest version of yourself make a

commitment to seeking out all the joy that will overflowing in your life but

your home and assure me that you truly will believe what I say after hearing my

words grasp these blessings and began to take them to heart embrace the blessings

I have in store for both of you and the rest of your family the days of the next

day are drawing near I assure you there is no requirement to rush things because

he is dependable and will see things through to completion he can assist

people overcome their obstacles and bring their marriages back together

allow me to assist you in putting your trust in me I love being able to claim

the rewards that are coming your way because of your steadfast devotion and

commitment to only seeing flaws I sense emotions it’s likely that their

reluctance to express how they truly feel is due to a fear of being to

obvious in such cases there’s is an impression of urgency to open up and let

him in especially when the path appears dangerous regarding your financial

status it seems that people are soul searching if you wait they’re going to

be in abundance please show us your thanks by leaving a like commenting and

subscribing to our Channel dot the affection that you conveys in the name

of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a part of this

journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would like to

make further contributions the super thanks function it’s an excellent means

of expressing your gratitude we are able to produce inspirational and uplifting

intent that spreads the message of God throughout the world because of your

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the message of love to every corner of the world your actions can have a big

impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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