Angels are saying, You best time starts now

God is saying to you today before this

month is over God will give you a reason

to celebrate your situation has been

overwhelming but don’t lose hope keep

going you are being attacked because

this is your breakthrough season God is

fighting for you you have the

victory remember God will never waste
You Have The Victory

anything you go through in life if you

will keep the right attitude he will

turn that situation around for your good

it doesn’t matter how you got there

whether it was by your own poor choices

or maybe someone else treated you

unfairly God wants to use that situation

to do a work in

you he will take that evil and turn it
How You Got There

around for your for good you may be

uncomfortable at times but you have got

to know that you are growing and God is

building your


character God is saying to you today
You Are Growing

it’s time for you to smile again never

forget you are not alone in this let me

help you my angels are with you already

relax and just trust me I have amazing

plans for you in fact that is why you

need to get excited again because the

plans I have for you are greater than

you could ever ask or think The Best Is

Yet To

Come God is saying to you today don’t go
Get Honest With Yourself

another year out in the wilderness

putting off

what you know you should do get honest

with yourself deal with the issues I am

bringing to light it may be difficult

but when you take that step of faith my

grace is going to make it easier than

Stop Running

think if you’ll stop running you are

going to break negative cycles that have

held your family down and going into

your Promised Land you’re going to have

the power to deal with issues heavy

weights are going to lift off of you you

are going to rise out of

mediocrity and become all I created you

Dont Compromise

be angels are saying to you today child

do not compromise on things God planned

for you because of the fears

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