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after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

the whole video and don’t forget to

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type if you are ready God is saying

to you today my beloved child on this

day I want you to know that whatever

circumstances LED you to this moment I

ordained this time for us to

connect be open and ready to receive all

that I your loving father have for

you I see your heart dear one and I know

the deepest desires within

you Faith starts small like a mustard

seed but I desire to enlarge your faith

and take it to new

heights the level of Faith you have now

may be enough for this

season but I’m calling you to go deeper

with me to elevate make your faith so

you are equipped for all I have planned


you you will need bigger Faith as you

encounter greater

challenges I do not want you wavering

when the enemy threatens you I want your

faith to remain unshakable no matter

what comes against you even now I am

strengthening your faith so you can

stand firm through every

storm do not doubt my promise to develop

your faith I am faithful to complete the

work I began in

you when I bless you be quick to give me

thanks and

honor whether I grant you peace healing

or provision recognize that I am the


Source do not credit yourself or


Earthly every good gift comes from me

your father in Heaven who abundantly

provides for my

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Jesus my blessings are by grace alone

the foundation of my work in you is my


Spirit the promised land I have for you

is not temporary it is the Eternal

Dwelling Place I desire you to inhabit

all your

days but you must first journey through

the seasons of the wilderness

take comfort in knowing your Wilderness

season is

ending I declare your transition into

the promised land begins

now you will soon testify of all I have

done for

you the difficult season you endured is

giving way to joyful

promise as you leave the Wilderness I

want you to remember my instructions

type if you believe in Jesus I will

bring them to mind at just the right

time write them on your heart and mind

so you can Thrive and prosper in the


land let my decrees guide your every

step and decision continually look to my

teachings for they lead to Abundant

Life engrave my wisdom in your heart

where it will keep you through hard

times I will never abandon you the

Wilderness prepared you for this new


do not fear what lies ahead for I go

before you preparing the

way the land is ready in waiting it has

been waiting for

you you will cultivate good soil that

yields a Bountiful

Harvest Rejoice greatly for the

Wilderness accomplished its purpose your

faith was tested but did not

fail you remained rooted in my word now

you will will bear lasting

fruit type Amen in the name of Jesus

remember it is only by my power you are

able to thrive and Advance my

kingdom never forget that I am your

Source a branch severed from the vine


Withers stay connected to me and you


flourish I am opening doors and making a

way where you could never go

alone my my hand is bringing increase

into every area of your

life walk carefully in this new season

my child seek only my will and

way guard your heart from pride and

self-reliance give me the glory in all


do I Delight in blessing my children but

will not share my

glory remain humble and keep your eyes

fixed on me great influence is coming

coming use it only to build others up

and point them to

me represent your father well to all

people type I embrace my power to affirm

I am entrusting you with riches not for

personal gain but for the good of

many use what I give wisely so my light

shines through

you I’m bringing forth the promises I

spoke over you what I declared will come

to pass pass in proper

time until then keep looking up to me

not those around

you do not grow weary or compare

yourself each of my children walks the

path I choose at the pace I

set your journey is unique delight

yourself in me alone and I will give you

the desires of your

heart wait patiently on my timing rest

knowing I can do more than you ask or or

imagine the trials of the Wilderness

have prepared you for great blessing

that you may be a blessing to

many the promise I spoke will surely

come but now I call you to a new level


trust relying completely on

me I am your Source your provision and

protection type I’m abundant to affirm I

long for you to engrave my word on your

heart do not merely listen and forget

what you

heard internalize it let it change you


within as the psalmist said I have

hidden your word in my heart that I

might not sin against

you as you ingrain my truth into your

innermost being it will shape your

thoughts words and

actions you will naturally begin to walk

in my

ways I will set set you apart for a

season to establish my ways in you apart


distractions it is a period of learning

to truly follow my commands

wholeheartedly not just

outwardly but with your entire being

devoted to

me for years in the wilderness I

humbled my people proving what was in

their hearts and whether they would obey

me I promis to supply your needs but

often only give what each day requires

your daily bread Mana from

Heaven it’s just enough to sustain you


more this was intentional to teach

Reliance not on your own resources but

on me

alone I wanted them to learn that man

does not live on bread alone but on

every word from my mouth type to

show your belief in Jesus

Jesus you are upheld not by food or

possessions but by my word which

sustains all

creation as you experience my timely

faithfulness your trust will

grow you will learn that your help comes

from me regardless of

circumstances this transition from

living by sight to living by faith

trains your soul to find Rest in Me Not

In what I can give you

my word becomes life treasured above all

else you learn that as long as you have

me you have everything you

need living by Daily Bread focuses you

on today’s

needs I promise to care for each day as


comes this breeds contentment in every

season rather than chasing more it keeps

you present trusting me completely where


are as you walk through the Wilderness

humbly relying totally on me you

internalize my

words you shall not lack anything

good bring your needs to me daily in

prayer releasing the

outcome refuse anxiety about tomorrow

thanking me for past Grace and trusting


faithfulness fix eyes on Heavenly things

things my presence promises and Kingdom

not obsessing over Earthly

lack cling to my word as true sustenance

type to manifest miracles in your

life let your soul find nourishment in


love this nourishment often comes

through meditating on

scripture take a verse memorize it and

repeat it throughout your day

let it soak into your spirit like rain

on thirsty

ground whisper it as a prayer when

anxious or

overwhelmed as I instructed Joshua keep

my word on your lips meditating day and

night to carefully follow

it then you will prosper and

succeed speak scripture allowed to renew

your mind drowning out fearful or

negative thoughts

you live not by bread alone but by every

word from my

mouth my word is the bread from Heaven

feeding you in your deepest

hunger it is milk and meat to your

soul as you Feast on scripture through

the Wilderness my truth takes root

within it builds faith and sustains you


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blessings that you are about to receive

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$ when the season ends as All Seasons

must you emerge refined and prepared for


promises with my word engraved upon your

heart you can fully live out my kingdom


spirit Having learned learn to walk by

faith not sight you are ready for

greater Spiritual

Authority having embraced provision for

each day you can now Steward true

abundance with wisdom and

perspective your trials have trained you

to minister my grace to others what the

enemy meant for

harm I redeem for

good as you now live to pour out my word

engraved within and as I told the

Israelites when their Wilderness

wandering ended I brought you out of

Egypt in slavery with my presence and

mighty power feeding you Mana in the

wilderness for years and teaching you

to live in obedience to

me the same Mighty hand that parted the

Red Sea to deliver you remains


still I who sustained you with bread

from Heaven see and know your

needs I who fed your soul my word will

complete this good work begun in

you you who have walked through the

refining fire will emerge prepared for

all I have prepared a vessel into which

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Jesus my child take heart for I have not

forgotten you nor the plans and purposes

I have for

you I am growing you stretching you

preparing you for greater things

ahead the Harvest will come in due time

if you do not give

up I know it is not easy but I am with

you each step of the

journey keep your eyes fixed on me your

loving father I call you to a new level

of generosity my

child as I have generously cared for

your needs share what I have given you


others when You Face lack continue to se

seeds of Faith donate to those in need

invest in my work and my people give

freely just as you have freely received


me though you may not see instant

results your generous seeds will

multiply in due time as you water

others type if you believe in Jesus I

will send Showers of blessing upon

you the generosity you have sown will

grow into an abundant Harvest for as you

honor me with your first and finest

fruits I will open the flood gates of

heaven and pour out more than you can

contain I will bless you in return with

prosperity and provision that will

overflow keep following my leading step

by step through through this

season my

beloved I know the way through the

Wilderness stay close by my side lean

your full weight upon

me I will bring you through to the

promised land a broad and beautiful

place of purpose influence and blessing

your trials have prepared you

well you now have a depth and richness

to share as you have received freely

from me freely give to

others continue to seow seeds of faith

and generosity watering dry ground

investing in my

work that which you have sown in tears

you will reap with

joy my child nothing can thwart my

purposes through trials you discover my

faithfulness hardship is an invitation

to trust me deeply beyond what makes

sense my ways are higher my thoughts

greater but my word remains

true my Covenant with you is Everlasting

sworn before the foundation of the

world type Amen in the name of Jesus I

declare an Open Door no one can

shut I clear the path I go before you

and prepare the

way the same Same Spirit who raised

Christ from Death resides in you

Reviving dreams and unlocking

Destinies where you see Barren ground I

see promise and

potential all things are possible with

me do not despise Small Beginnings

mustard seeds become Mighty trees a

spark ignites a

blaze one act of obedience leads to the

next each step ushers you deeper into my

purpose moving forward requires Faith

but boldness attracts

breakthrough cultivate generosity

scatter seeds of

kindness give and it will be given back

pressed down shaken together running

over open your hand wide to the poor and

I will satisfy your

needs in drought I own the cattle on a

thousand hills all gold and silver are

mine trust in my provision by sewing

generously bring your first fruits to my

altar offer a tithe of all I provide and

see Heaven open type I embrace my power

to affirm test me in this and witness my

faithfulness I do not need your

offering but your gift honor

me it activates blessing breaks the

spirit of lack off your

life give freely for you have freely

received remember the Sabbath and keep


holy cease your striving and know I am

God I never Slumber I sustain the

universe through my

word rest in my completeness be

still Release Control and abide in my

presence I am doing a work in the

quiet when nothing seems to change I

make all things beautiful in

time do not judge by outward appearance

my power Works mightily in

weakness those overlooked by men hold

great honor with

me I see inherent value and Limitless

potential in All My Children whether

prominent or

marginalized befriend the outcast defend

the vulnerable and you defend

me do not rejoice in another’s downfall

I leave the to pursue the

one for I am gentle and humble in

heart type I’m abundant to affirm

remember from where I saved you the

depths of your own

Rebellion my Mercy Mery draws you to

repentance make allowance for others

faults forgive as I forgave

you above all else

love let it be your aim your crown your

legacy express my love lavishly without

reservation no matter the

cost my love in you brings

transformation it melts bitterness

covers sins and ignit

purpose Love Never Fails do not fear my

child have I not commanded you to be

strong and

courageous I go before you into

battle no weapon formed against you will

prosper I lift up a standard when the


comes like a flood you are more than a

conqueror through my

love my Angels heed my voice shielding

you in all your

ways when you pass through the waters I

am with you when you walk through the

fire you will not be

burned my presence brings comfort in

loss healing in sickness freedom in

captivity I make a way when there seems

no way type to show your belief in

Jesus my grace is sufficient for all


needs you can do all things through my

strength in your weakness my power is

revealed your Harvest is ripening you

will reap bountifully what you have sown


tears I turn mourning into dancing

beauty from ashes the Wilderness into

Springs of water barness to fruitfulness

despair to hope I make all things new

the promised land

awaits I have prepared a rich

inheritance for you a kingdom Without

End you are named to coign with my

son Heaven celebrates your arrival

home enter into the fullness of joy

receive the crown laid up for you

reserved in eternity past yet ornamented

uniquely for

you well done my good and faithful one

well done my

child you have always belonged to

me I knew you before time began

fearfully and wonderfully

made I knit you together in the womb my

Artistry is displayed in your

life your worth was bought at infinite

cost while you were still a sinner I

reconciled you through Christ’s

blood type n to manifest miracles in

your life I Delight in you how I sing

over you my

child nothing can separate you from my

love I am for you who can stand against

you when I am on your

side My Eyes Are Fixed On You my ears

attuned to your

cry even your faintest whisper I hear


respond no need is too small for my

concern every desire finds shelter in my

care I am the Everlasting God I do not

faint or grow

weary my understanding is unlimited the

sum of all wisdom resides in

me I hold the universe in my hands I

spoke light into being with a

word I calm the raging Storm I lead

Kings and Nations according to to my

will I alone reveal interpreted

Mysteries everything in Heaven and Earth

submits to my rule yet I know you by

name type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

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$ I have shared my plans with you I

have gifted you and appointed you to

Bear lasting

fruit you matter deeply to me Precious

Child our fellowship is life’s highest

privilege intimacy with me is your


Joy abide in me and you will Thrive

dwell in my unchanging

love take root like a tree by streams of

water be nourished by the bread of life

drink from the living water that


eternally come Feast at my table listen

to my voice above all

others let my presence be your Dwelling

Place only one thing is needed my child

choose the better portion as Mary

did pursue my presence Above All

Else make time to be still with me

declare your need for me Hunger for More

of me and you will be filled with joy

unspeakable like and share the video if

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Jesus the path of life is found in me

alone walk in my wisdom and increase

learning seek my will and all you do

consecrate each moment as

holy allow my glory to guide you be led

by my spirit into all

truth he will teach you all things and

remind you of my

words listen for my whisper watch for my

signposts follow my commands and you

will finish your race

strong I am for you not against you even

discipline proves my

love as a good father I train and

correct you to reveal righteousness in

your inmost

being I prune so you can bear more fruit

refinement makes you

shine so let endurance complete its work

in you trust my timing and

process I Never Promised ease in this

life but I have overcome the

world do not fear Affliction the testing

of your faith is

precious my power is perfected in your

weakness cling to me the anchor that


firm hope in me the rock that cannot be

shaken rest in my sovereignty none can

hinder my

purposes you are mine Chosen and sealed

by my

spirit I call you by name I accept and

approve you through my beloved

Son in him your righteousness is

established his work has made you type

amen if you believe in God if you’re all

set type yes take care of yourself type

I claim it if you receive this

declaration type yes if you’re ready and

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