Angel: This is in your phone. Check now…


your angel is saying to you today


I am embedding boys want into your soul

and steering you toward grandeur


your angel is telling you that this is

about a person who saw you and couldn’t

believe just how much you endured and

had been through

they are living a beautiful message in

your phone and wanted to make you shine

in all Realms of life


there is a person who is very much

impressed by you and wondering how many

terrible experiences you had in your


and how much animosity you faced yet

still managed to smile and live a happy



they are becoming appreciative of you

they are trying to be like you they are

telling you that you are very strong and

they look up to you as a role model


how someone could endure so many

hardships and be unbothered by them or

feel discouraged

at the same time they feel horrible for

you since you had to go through so much

and undergo so many tests to demonstrate

your worth

they are admiring you thinking highly of

you holding you in high esteem and

aspiring to be like you

they are also moved by your unshakable

faith in God and Angel and your belief

that you will one day move past all of


they are seeing you and wondering even

though life has been so cruel to you how

can you have this much faith and

devotion in God

they will also witness how your angel

responds to you and rewards you for

maintaining your faith

your angel will show up and will put an

end to all of your pains difficulties

troubles and anything else you are going



the time is coming when you no longer

required to pass any challenges to

become successful in life

that person will be captivated by the

grace that your angel is showering on

you and how your life is evolving and

taking an upturn

they will be influenced by you and the

belief you have and will begin following

the same road you are on

your angel will give you immense

pleasure countless assets and great


tremendous blessings are on the way that

will make you achieve great and Grand



your life is experiencing a major boost

up and filling up with all magnificent


type amen and claim it now


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