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today my beloved child I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end since

before time was formed I am I stretched

out the heavens and laid the foundations

of the Earth all things were created by

me and for my glory I said in motion the

stars and galaxies flinging them through

the vastness of space with but a word

such as

my power and wisdom and yet with the

same voice that calls worlds into being

I whisper your name you are the apple of

my eye The Treasure of my heart I

Rejoice over you with singing I quiet

you with my

love do not fear the Gathering storms or

raging Seas the wind and waves still

know my voice I permit troubles for a

time to strengthen your faith and refine

your character but I will never abandon

you cast every Care on me precious one I

am working all things for your good

shaping you into the Masterpiece I

envisioned from the beginning dark

Powers arise in this hour seeking

Dominion oppressing Nations and

unleashing Chaos Wars

famines pestilences the Earth groans

under them weight of swelling evil the

innocent suffer unspeakable atrocities

the righteous cry out for justice I am

not deaf to their agonized prayers

vengeance is mine I will repay the cups

of iniquity are filling to

overflowing the restraint I have shown

until now is not weakness but to allow

space for repentance yet the wicked

spurn my Mercy choosing rebellion and

wickedness all the more therefore

Calamity is coming which they cannot

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Jesus hear me devil your evil empire

shall be smashed like a Potter’s

vessel I will shatter your idols and

drive you from your palaces your princes

shall become poppers graling in the

dust the Wailing of your widows and

orphans shall testify to your cruelty

but even now if you repent I will stay

my hand no more will you sink Merchant

ships to plunder their wealth no longer

will you murder the innocent and devour

their flesh in your occult rituals your

priests shall have no voice to invoke

their vile Gods when my wrath overtakes

you flee now from your Islands while my

Mercy endures for soon they shall vanish

beneath the waves hear me evil one Ians


you practiced your Abominations

corrupting and oppressing Humanity I

gave you seasons of Grace yet you grew

only more Brazen in evil Therefore your

continent shall be rent aunder sinking

beneath the ocean dep

the previous World perished by water

when it would not heed my warnings

through Noah but the present heavens and

earth I will Purge with fire all that

offends my Holiness it shall be consumed

yet behold I prepare a new heavens and

earth where righteousness alone dwells

fear not my righteous one you shall pass

through the fiery trials and emerge

unharmed these light afflictions are but

for a moment working in you a glory that

outweighs them

all lift up your eyes

from present woes your Redemption draws

near I am marshalling My Angel armies

even now for the great day of battle

with blasts from their trumpets and

bowls of Wrath we shall obliterate evil

from the face of the

earth type if you believe in Jesus

no devil no demon no son of predition

shall Escape my Fury streams of fiery

judgment shall Purge the planet of its

corruption from the rising of the sun to

its setting from pole to pole all

oppression shall cease no longer will

violence and cruelty rule the Nations

never again will the innocent suffer

abuse for my Justice shall reign

supreme when I restore creation from its

bondage to decay predators and prey

alike shall dwell together

in peace wolves and lambs will lay side


side babes shall play unharmed near

Serpent’s dens and working animals will

enjoy their rest for the old order of

Cruelty and survival shall pass away the

groaning Earth itself shall be renewed

in an instant desolate wastelands shall

become abundant Gardens flourishing

without toil or sweat even Desert Sands

will burst into vibrant life at my word

the curse upon the ground is revoked all

creation is reconciled to me once

more amidst this renewed Earth Behold a


City descends from Heaven parade as a

bride for her beloved see her

foundations adorned with precious stones

her light like gold crystal clear as

Jasper from her open Gates pour forth

healing for the Nations who walk by her

light no son is needed the Lord God

Almighty in the lamb illuminate her day

and night here in joyous Perfection I

shall dwell with Humanity at last face

to face type Amen in the name of Jesus

every tear is wiped away forever more in

my presence all that was lost is

restored every broken is healed no more

shall anyone instruct another to know me

all will have fullness of intimacy with


God the leaves of the Tree of Life yield

Bountiful fruit and healing renewal for

all the River of Life flows pure from my

Throne through the city streets

nourishing trees on either bank with

monthly harvests such Delights have

never entered the heart of man all who

thirst come drink without

price does this seem too wonderful to

hope for my promises are faithful and

true not one will fail what I have

spoken will surely come to pass all

creation yearns in expectation for the

revealing of my mature Sons and

Daughters hold fast to this Vision

beloved ones allow its glory and joy to

overflow your hearts in the mid of

Darker days you were made for more than

floating idly down the river of

time submerge yourself instead in my

purposes soon you shall rise up

in Resurrection Splendor as the

completed image of

Christ all your training and testing in

this age produces in you an eternal

weight of Glory the momentary

afflictions you now face are trivial

compared with your radiant destiny in

Christ keep gazing at things unseen walk

by the vision I impart to you not

through your natural senses great reward

awaits you far beyond your dreams a

pivotal hour is upon the world my loves

chaos looms as Nations rage against me

powers of wickedness lash out in Fury

for they know their defeat

draws near catastrophic shakings are are

coming which no earthly power can avert

theas so many still Slumber oblivious to

the precarious season they have entered

type I embrace my power to

affirm awaken oh sleepers before it is

too late cast off dull complacency which

leads only to spiritual poverty in

destruction I sound forth my warning I

alert all who have ears to hear the

Great Day of Reckoning is at hand

judgment shall fall swiftly upon all who

rebel against me no lofty position or

wealth will deliver from my wrath repent

and take refuge in my Mercy while it may

yet be

found soon shall the whole earth erupt

in Wild lamentation and panic as my


acts unfold yet many still will not

repent and give me Glory they persist in

Rebellion despite all warnings therefore

yet greater Calamity must come to break

their pride I derive no pleasure from


severity If Only They would turn from

wickedness I would bless them instead

nevertheless Rejoice oh you righteous

one lift your head as Deliverance draws

near no evil shall touch you no plague

come near your dwelling while my my

wrath consumes all God haters

cataclysmic shakings shall give way to

streams of Revival and Awakening among

the Nations you shall have shelter and a

Fountain of Life in the tumultuous days

ahead many despair that the swell of

wickedness is Unstoppable in this

dark generation but I shall Kindle the

radiance of my glory within my

chosen in this hour they shall confront

the Demonic Spirit seeking the

destruction of my people type I’m

abundant to affirm by fasting in prayer

their decree shall topple the Sinister

Powers ruling unseen I shall shatter the

seemingly unconquerable Giants of this

age take heart and play your part with

boldness do not fear the Rage of evil

empires in their death throws I am your

shield and Defender no weapon form

against you will succeed when you align

with my purposes a

Remnant prayer and worship movement now

arises small at first but swelling

rapidly to Global proportions they shall

be my agents to pull down strongholds of

darkness and unleash Awakening in the

earth together we shall disciple

redeemed cultures and Nations

establishing them as seats of my kingdom

rule the hour of my Dawn Breakers is

here they shall Herald the arising of my

light and glory in Dark Places

demonstrating my power in signs and

wonders by their hands I shall restore

decayed cities from wastelands into

Gardens of life and joy never again will

violence and lack stock these freak

communities I make all things

new many cry in agony beneath

oppressions yoke

desperate for relief but suddenly

convicting fire falls on Tyrant regimes

from my intercessors in a moment their

grip of Cruelty is shattered Beyond

recovery Swift and early Justice

overtakes those who abused

power now is the era of public reward

for righteousness and secret Devotion to

me those who pursue Fame and agulation

have already received their reward in

full but to Hungry ones who yearn for me

in hidden places I now openly bestow

honor and Vindication before the Gaze of

all their years of thankless service in

my name yield Bountiful Harvest watch as

mighty manifestations of my power and

Glory pour upon tenderhearted ones

seeking my face as their sole

ambition while self-absorbed ministers

guard their platforms new voice shall

arise from obscurity humble and heart

yet walking in unprecedented

Supernatural Authority the

celebrity-driven church now collapses

under the weight of its own corruption

and idolatry but behold in its place a

Grassroots movement erupts untamed and

untainted by

greed these Kingdom communities thrive

in villages where each member ministers

to the rest in Simplicity and spontane

ity by my spirit’s wind hear my

living presence dwells unhindered type

to show your belief in Jesus a great

transfer of spiritual anointing

influence and wealth unfolds in this

hour bold systems of religious control

wither as my life flows into fresh win

skins established leaders who repent

walk joyfully in this new New Era of

humility and freedom but the stubborn

and unyielding are swept aside by the

mighty River now spreading worldwide

through yielded hearts even secular

Powers bow and yield the ground they

held too long for increased Kingdom

Authority pours upon my faithful ones in

this season of

fulfillment that which seemed impossible

in former times shall be accomplished

quickly and easily Now by my spirit’s

power power stand up boldly

favored ones possess the fullness of the

land I am giving you within limitations

my glory now it breaks forth in small

measure but soon all restraints are

removed as you step further into Eternal

realm Dimensions with

me glorious possibilities increasingly

open to you ask me for the Nations as

your inheritance no need is too great

for my Limitless Supply through those

who know they can do nothing apart from

my power working within I call you

higher still why remain Shackled to

Earthly ceilings of expectation and

Circumstance type to manifest

miracles in your life transcend all

human limitations now nothing remains

impossible to you who believe all I have

described awaits it’s perfect

fulfillment in due

time meanwhile a progressive unfolding

of my Revelation from age to age

produces increasing light and Glory

until my fullness dwells openly among

men the coming move of my spirit far

surpasses all previous Works in power

and scope it initiates the age of

Limitless Kingdom Advance across the

Earth and you shall be part of its

glorious Inception the humblest servant

carrying just a cup of water in my name

plays their Irreplaceable role in this

climax drama now engulfing the Earth

all Heaven awaits an eager anticipation

for my arise through yielded members

within my body on Earth each must do

their unique part to launch this Great

Awakening none is too small or weak to

change the course of

history so beloved ones watch and listen

closely for The Whispers of my spirit

within I bring timely Revelation to

equip you for seizing each opening in a

tightening net of fulfillment type yes

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each pivotal season truly I tell you

eyes have not seen ears have not heard

the Wonders I have prepared for those

who love me with undivided devotion even

in your wildest dreams you cannot

imagine the Delights I yearn to freely

share with

you Pleasures forever more at my right

hand all this broken world offers cannot

compare with the infinite abundance

pouring from my Open Hand of love the

former hardships only heighten the

overwhelming joy and beauty of the age

now opening before you take courage and

come Comfort one another with this

certain hope I am with you through it

all molding your character for the

highest Kingdom Purpose your happily

ever after has no end and it begins now

unbreakable one

you shall surely see the final Victory

with your own eyes in due time until

then lean hard into me alone take no

confidence in human strength or schemes

much false Comfort is found in aligning

with popular movements and highly

visible personalities but truth seldom

dwells loudly in the Public Square like

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Jesus My Chosen voices often arise from

uncultured obscurity yet speak with

pure Kingdom Authority unattainable by

Earthly Pursuits my wisdom confounds the

worldly wise of each generation but

Hearts fully yielded to me in childlike

Faith unlock every door to my heavenly


Vault strength for each day is given not

on the basis of Talent OR background but

according to desperate hunger and

dependence feed ceaselessly on my bread

of life beloved ones draw Supernatural

Supply only from the vine himself abide

in me alone and you shall bear fruit

that remains forever now is the time to

harvest full abundance long prepared

beneath superficial surface

soil patient enduring has tested and

refined you as Choice silver but

complain no more of lingering

trials beloved your set season for

unveiling and release is here what I

birth in hiddenness soon bursts visibly

into broad daylight the labor pains you

once cried out under yield at last to

overwhelming joy and celebration for all

the world to

see I openly reward my faithful

persevering ones lift your gaze higher

still my vision for each of you both

individually and corporately remains

much higher than you currently walk in

never settle for mediocrity when I have

called you to walk as champions in Grace

and power the path Narrows as you climb

higher but the views surpass any Earthly

Mountaintop there you shall find your

life’s highest fulfillment and joy in me

alone type if you believe in Jesus

the extent of my love for you remains

largely unexplored precious ones its

limits are unknown for all eternity as

you yield more fully to its transforming

power old ways of seeing and living melt

away every deeply embedded mindset now

comes under my influence as my renewal

washes to your innermost being plunge

deep beloved one weit out farther into

the o ocean depths of my

affection countless Treasures await your

Discovery there in Realms unvisited by

others beloved

one and hear your Father’s Heart On this

day I say to you celebrate light candles

against the pressing Darkness turn up

songs until despair flees Feast together

and let laughter heal

Brokenness for this is a Time to Fan the

amember of Hope until it burns bright

again I see beyond this moment this

crisis this long defeat I see you rising

up head high again Spirit renewed I see

my glory blazing in you driving back

Shadows revealing me to Hungry Hearts I

have made you for more I have destined

you to shake the very Gates of Hell with

bold words and deeds that bear my image

accomplish my will

and expose false

glories the old lies are crumbling you

were born for such

an age as this type Amen in the name of

Jesus your voices will Thunder through

city streets with Words of Power and

life spoken from eternity into desperate

moments captives will turn their faces

to Freedom’s Bright Horizon at the

sound the Hopeless will feel destiny

stir within as you call them to more for

this is an epic era in the Ian’s long

campaign to Ransom the Fallen Earth the

battle rages and much blood stains the

ground but you my warrior are already

near the end of your trials your feet

may carry you into Dark Places yet but

your eyes Glimpse the coming light fight

on with joy Untouchable where you walk

in righteous peace demons scatter and

strongholds Quake truth presses back

deceit the

very atmosphere around you Heralds my


Kingdom even now yours are only the

first skirmishes but soon I will step

onto the bloodied smoke veiled field to

claim the final Victory already won on

that appointed day my glory will Blaze

from end to end across the sky all the

nation will stand watchful breathless as

I Ren the heavens and descend but first

I set the stage in these last waning

hours of the age I position my players

carefully both great and small are key

to my closing act rulers Ascend and

topple by my

decree for I pull down and raise up

according to my Perfect Design type I

embrace my power to affirm no Earthly

Authority can oppose my eternal will No

Agenda but mine will stand my heavenly

minions rally now for the final

campaign My Angel armies stand poised

behind the scenes burent for battle soon

he shall witness shocking reversals

sudden turnarounds as I intervene in

human Affairs The Arrogant will be

silenced the truthful will be bold

accuser will back down as their own

Sinister secret surface watch for these

signs Beloved readed the meaning in each

open door and cross threshold my hand

turns the knobs my purpose opens the

way follow closely on my leading and

watch mountains fall as you

speak my word against ramp parts of

deception oppression corruption this

charge I lay a specific charge upon

leaders entrusted with shepherding my

flock teach only truth without leaven

tear down false

Comforts build up Christ Alone waste no

time debating peripheral Pursuits lives

hang in the balance Destiny’s turn today

give an account before me Moment by

moment so you stand approved at last

most critically protect my children and

call down justice on any who dare abuse

them these littlest ones of mine still

dwell closest to my throne their gaze

still pure and eyes uplifted they Shine

Like Stars over a darkening

world but evil lurks closer with each

passing day seeking

to extinguish the light type I’m

abundant to

affirm sound an unrelenting alarm Plum

my word for power and strategy to Shield

the helpless for I am stirring up my

gifts within the young now I am igniting

fresh fire in adolescent bones and

kindling bold dreams in childlike Hearts

an explosive generation rushes up to

take their Battle Stations some just

babies yet when I pierce their ears to

hear my Battle Cry yes I am raising up a

mighty child Army and loosing their

tongues to Proclaim my word fear

fearlessly their Zeal will shame them

jaded their bold faith will call down

shocking revelations and signs arresting

a wayward generation in their headlong

rush to destruction make no mistake

beloved you stand at the precipice of a

new age

now the labor has begun and will soon

culminate in both glorious birth and

bloody Carnage at once but streams and

in the Wasteland even now as my spirit

floods the Earth Untouched by human

hands soon the trickles will become

rushing torrents in full view of all the

spirit’s fire will fall fresh on waiting

Hearts Visions will increase and vivid

dreams will direct my beloved

ones from Young lips will pour words of

raw prophetic power long absent in my

household a great convergence near

years this aging generation will behold

the dawning Millennial reign as the

young arise to embrace their mission age

and youth will lock hands Comming

together partner in the Epic finale no

longer will titles or credential names

impress but only passion for my cause

purity of

motive type amen if you believe in God

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