“AN EVENT VERY RARE WILL HAPPEN BY THIS Time” | God message jesus |

God is speaking to you right now you have to really believe in your soul that

the Creator resurrected Christ from the dead and that he is now Lord there’s no

need to call out when you need assistance I perceive your history and

hear your petitions God is defending you now and has wonderful plans for the

future nothing negative can happen to you I promise to be at your side during

this abundant season as your devoted advisor the eternally appreciative of my

life I am the only path that leads to the father during my lowest moments I

saw only one PA Anda claim Lord you promis to hold my hands just remain

motionless I am at your side you will find that this year is the most beneficial for you in terms of

relationships finances and what wellbeing as the start

of the week gets underway modify your money and thoughts I want to tell you

that I will always be with you in Proverbs – and to John –

– everything that is depressing you is also being eliminated by me laughter

while I acknowledge that life can present difficulties I can promise you

that wealth came before difficulties I guarantee that you will receive money

and showers with ease nevertheless if you resonate type I

demonstrate it as you get past these self- awarenesses that will lead to

pleasure and inner Serenity you will reap to full rewards from investing in

your improvement a season of Victory is upon you because the universe wants you

to be happy today it will force you to tapped to change in ways you never would

have imagined be kind to yourself if it pours out God is on your side so it

makes no difference however healing your body also involved mending strain bonds

with others and creating new ones you have confidence in me and the Miracles

don’t you I’m changing to a if you don’t offer the opposition in any space your

efforts will be successful God declares I will make your situation better please

pardon me for being so negative when things don’t work out the way I wanted

your mercy is new today and your testimony to lad’s almond declares God

I’m sending angels to protect you and handle your expenses and debts you will

have greater self-control in your profession dear God I am great ful that

you created me and that you loved me enough to send me on my own that there

is a functioning dry divine order at work among the chaos of existence I love

you just the way you are Flaws and All remember that I am your God tan I am not

able to allow this strong statement I have been lovingly crucify I will grant

you a lot of health happiness and the ability for no one to doubt what you

have truly been through before this week is out he is The Sovereign creator of

your ongoing Soul Evolution and growth just feel the healing good changes

thankfulness and love that these exciting times bring before this week

closes angels are telling you to watch your live video keep going the last step

is to open your mouth and accept my unrestricted gift of redemption the

moment of Reckoning is almost here even if you might be having difficulties

right now remember to be grateful before experiencing any Financial losses or

medical setbacks I can promise you that all the money you have invested will be

repaid everything in your life your relationships your career your health

will improve it’s a reminder that in the midst of all the turmoil and

uncertainty in life there is a transformation into abundance that goes

beyond you and your twin flame another Soul has the potential to arrive before

you the Angels throughout the way told me that you are a loved one once you

hear this Divine petition then this will be the most significant message that you

read all day I’m going to shower your with presence that will make your life

happy very soon his Heavenly plan with an open mind and heart I will blow your

mind with boundless wealth health and happiness because I adore you at the core of it all watch this video Till The

Melancholy or grief subsides for everyone who reads I pray for release

from your difficult circumstances and all the good along with perfect things

in life just like a father would you are about to embark on a period of personal

development so prepare yourself my beloved kid never give up hope when a

door closes God has closed none of them your dreams will come true and what is

meant for you will not pass you by before you asleep friendships and

finances have a sincere sense of thankfulness in your heart recognize ize

your existing wealth be open-minded and prepared faith God says we might

occasionally experience blessings the correct time people and place will all

be revealed by God when his complete Unity pours out abundantly you will

begin to measure once you begin to pray have faith in the universe’s purpose for

you and welcome this time of healing all this occurs the intricate details of

your trip the amazing people blessings and remarkable outcomes all come

together to provide a Moment of clarity and assurance that the hard inner work

you perform alone in private will eventually pay off even in the face of

uncertainty or difficulty I depend on you because you are my strength heue me

my family my Soul by honoring you from within and creating space for you right

now those words celebrate who you are the Divine is working in your favor

today and source is telling you that there is a bigger plan in store for you

and just coming to your Aid cannot trust anyone at this time kindly have faith in

him his wounds serve as evidence that you they have experienced a deep

internal shift that is related to you and their path negativity is being

removed from your path by the universe the Divine is bringing you genuine love

and the only way to truly be freed is to give into their abundance of benefits

thank you you will be receiving today give Grace a strong super donation of up

to $ and remember that although medical professionals attorneys and military

personnel and provide you assistance they shouldn’t be overruled or given

undue consideration don’t argue yourself out of giving me your wholehearted trust

allow me to be of assistance to you my goal is to assist you I cherish never

forget that I am available to you lost I’ll show you the way just take my hand

man you have experienced discomfort anxiety and fear similar to this before

turn your troubles and strength into gifts remember that blessings that

appear out of nowhere are frequently the most meaningful ever God is the one who

is reading this Mighty hand bright day you are my darling child I want to show

you I want you to give me your happiness and Serenity and to make me worrying

about nothing lead and guide me please so that you to might experience his

majesty something significant that God has for you will open Gates that nobody

else can block he is preparing the path for you I am full with blessings

possibilities and plenty I will make your life and you fortunate who gives

you the confidence to pursue your dreams symbol of money breathing and their

focus began to stray and what confused them the most you to embrace my

blessings and have steadfast trust in me I have declared healing throughout your

life and now it’s time to allow yourself to take advantage of that healing with

an open heart above all this friend needs to comprehend a little bit too you

have Harmony inside yourself release the energy that has been impeding your

progress this week God will make it clear to you how much is ahead of you a

generational struggles God the source and all that exists is aligning for you

to have an extremely brilliant Destiny knowing that your blessings are upon me

I confidently walk into their light today you type bman angels that I am

sending will find amazing Solutions it will be impossible and blessed for your

whole family I’m going to provide you unavoidable opportunity you’re going to

get a ton of positive energy shortly Until the End please realize that you

have been presented with a lot of luck when it comes to your finances you will

know that freedom is a reality and that God is constantly lay it work in the

background to bestow benefits upon you God will also Grant you opportunities

that are specifically chosen for you and doctors will be able to save both good

and bad times as well as blessings and names amen rather than fret the Lord

advises changed all the good things will come to pass and all the hurts will heal

Joy affection and Tranquility God Almighty Generations I am with you if

folks don’t star it’s okay Redeemer your loyalty persists I have already made

arrangements for your healing Freedom finances and health and wealth and all

that you do God will reward patience when you put your trust in him you can

accidentally confirm what’s coming by repeating things to yourself so watch

what you say to yourself get ready for better times to come the appropriate

people will talk well of you and any barriers in your path will be removed so

things can only get better met their soul match after placing an order for a

sketch in the upcoming video you’ll be astounded at how the cosmos is waiting

for you will you understand it your prayers and the advice to Shield

ourselves from damage that has recently come your way more blessings than usual

will be bestowed upon you repeat this over your discomfort and type when

you’re ready anyone can cast these curses including those we least expect

you will be astounded by what he gave up on the cross to deliver me from sin and

death and to make miracles right if you only imagine keep praying and have faith

in him it’s important to keep in mind those moments when you felt like you

would lose yet things turned out okay since hope and Patience are the keys to

blessings and financial prosperity I’ve supported you every step of the way as

you’ve worked to create what’s best for you you will achieve your desire if you

are are open to receiving will be showered with the profusion of Love

Rehabilitation and prosperity that I grant you enabling you to store up

riches in heaven and unleash the Torance of wealth on this planet Lord we are so

very thankful for everything you truly are mine that cannot be stopped by

anything or anyone when you prioritize me in all your plans you don’t need to I

shall satisfy your financial wish you are going to receive blessings at the

potential Pace as a result you are currently experiencing several life

enhancements at every turn Angels say that this is a better day to live and I

adore you for that Jesus once declared I will answer you constantly if you pray

to God in my name I’ve already arranged for Financial Security Independence

recovery and excellent Health the triple one throughout the full year of

I pray that your family’s financial situation will be permanently Changed by

your bank account the Divine Purpose and goal to protect yourselves and your

family from harm will manifest in your life as never before be prepared that

where you are now is temporary you are the recipient of boundless Grace

and exploding blessings emotionally I’m going to Triumph I’m going to Prevail

because of our own ego driven meddling and incomplete comprehension which can impede the story

line the assault that has been launched on your well-being finances family and

health $ in jesus’ name and everyone in your family will receive receive the

gift of enduringly restored Faith have faith in me since I am the key required

for the significant progress you have made the character Serenity and

happiness are now yours you will Giggle and have faith all over again you will

feel a level of contentment and calm that will exceed your needs but others

must also see a change in both your love and money lives blessings are now

pouring into your opponent as a result of your raising your internal frequency

today with Limitless love selflessness and Horizon he triumphed over Darkness

declare with faith I am willing to be filled with devotion recovery and you

right now with God’s love and power you can conquer any challenge life throws at

you pray to God about anything and tell him what you need additionally give

thanks to God for your financial Independence improved health and the

knowledge that a reliable Financial source is telling you right now as life

has always been to help you grow spiritually allow me to share with you

some very significant information concerning a very special individual in

your life check the box if you trust your family your house and everyone you

care about I’m determined to help you get past the health emphasis and toward

a slightly greater self-love your eyes well up with tears and your Delight is

the source of your pain never forget these three even when you consider how

richly and richly my love handles it both of these adjustments have been

gradual for this person Horizon the Lord has disclosed that in those chambers oh

God your glorious name is being invoked we’re entering the month of acceptance

and for that I’m grateful give him access to your life and you will see

miracles happen every day as the old give way to the new Lord is altering the

plot of your life the story is about multiplying your moments of hopelessness

you persevered in being yourself flow achieving your maximum vibration is a

natural right Guardian will assist you make things happening that you weren’t

able to make happen his timing and Life Plan are impeccable to some up God is

alerting you to the fact that you are better off and that you are a part of a

larger scheme that is drawing you nearer to your Liberation I promise never to

leave you behind our relationship will always endure God constructed the door

very tight so that Angels may be with you keeping an eye on your payments and

debts they will protect and watch over you he’s not a magician all you need to

do is surrender to my spirit and let it lead you to better health and prosperity

than you’ve ever known in order to confirm type

even though you might think of yourself as work type if you’re not convinced that you’re

at the top of God’s list of wickedness I will totally Remodel and change your

life upon all levels I will never leave you you are in my arms protected by my

affection if you’re ready please type yes thank you Lord for the opportunity

you need to lead you and bring about change for the better if you type palon

you will experience immense happiness as I perform great things for your

appreciation and recognition be the first to speak when Miracles began to

come your way in the future God wants to observe you all suffering and fight but

he is also prepared to bestow upon you surprising Marvels as long as you view

this video might be hoping that it will continuously offer you abundance in life

prior to I pray to God to strengthen my faith and to help me trust in him

because I know that he is the one who gives me the strength to accomplish

everything God defends you so don’t worry this struggle has already yielded

Victory to construct your well-being keep applying what you not to it

anticipate great advancements in your work career and personal items God says

that in private you may have cried H and wondered why without any spiritual

connection though everything changed the moment I together with your family said

the Lord the Messiah you are rising to a higher level and the universe is seeing

every particle of energy you have because you are curse free from generation to generation step into the

life of a generation have faith in the effectiveness of prayer and find solace

in the knowledge that everything in existence is on the other side of you if

you think you spending time with the people you believe in type

God assures me that his promises are not only for me thank you heavenly

father I trust in your mercy and do not worrying because evil cannot defeat you

give your anxieties and fears to God and he will work miracles when you are in

need of them you know it’s not by accident that you have it I am your

strongest lie and I will gently chase away your troubles I will protect and

shield you from illness recall to be great ful for these gifts since there

will be more in the future prepare yourself for many challenging times ahead as you embark on this new chapter

in your life and make amends for past wrongs this week will be full of good

news unanswered prayers breakthroughs and me God will give you strength as you

grow in your connection with him and find solace in the knowledge that he is

the one overcoming the barriers in your life life my shield and guardian is the

Lord he will keep mine safe from danger now and in the future you are a joint ER

not merely a conqueror or Survivor who is a firm Faith praise under dur rest

and ascends the steps to victory I am the sole individual who will improve

therefore you should also be grateful for everything that God has accomplished so far and the many blessings you will

soon get in the direction you have chosen there is a table that is waiting

for you and you have created just enough room for blessings and wonders if you

allow yourself to believe and have faith in this you will experience growth in

every area if you are having issues type hmon and replace them with well-being Jo

and you’re going to go through an amazing time toward the end of

it will be a weekl long period by God’s grace I will become a millionaire

and put myself in a situation where you won’t have to struggle or borrow since

you will always have a hand we can succeed at whatever God asks us to and

we will have a message in due season to share with others the cosmos is about to

open your time and that is not now I have always been a decent person who

believes in myself you persevered and the emerge stronger than before tough

you are discovering that you are not alone I give him my cares and declare

Lord I will not be concerned about anything you are vital to the Exquisite

balance that is occurring and you are adored you will experience an incredible

transformation in your health money and success God tells to them today to have

faith that they will experience a plethora of weird and novel emotions

this coming week over which they have no control require specific stationary so

do you require additional instruments to acquire New Growth lessons that will

have a good influence on all facets of your life financially mentally and

emotionally than you anticipate and accept the future when you looked at

his unending love sacrifice and Resurrection are due to this great world

I control your fate as well don’t question my sovereignty your heavenly

protection confirms that you are mine and that my spirit resides in you and it

bestows blessings and good health Upon Us my spirit is an adversity for

fighting superpower a measure of hope that brightens even the darkest nights

in the dark you follow him healing and restoration are occurring whether you

feel ill think you failed or sense your usual weaknesses keep in mind that

everything you may have lost over the years will be returned to you you have

also learn from the experiences that have developed you and the IND of

indviduals that have been a part of your life greetings if it’s already occurring

live by faith not by possession and have an open mind to the multitude of

blessings that God has in store for you God opened new doors for you when you

watched this video through to the very end believe that God is telling you to

press on to not give up and that no amount of time or strength can stop you

from from achieving your goals in the powerful name of Jesus Amen you are

going to enter a period of extraordinary Prosperity good fortune and positivity

you will become before ends please select yes if this triple was necessary

The Source says that if you could have known what would happen in you would have harvested next year

Jesus Jesus says I give up all control I am offering it to you today praying

ought to be as natural to you as breathing my wonderful power will affect

your health and bestow upon you great blessings you can look forward to a

fresh supply of spiritual Vigor the traditional methods of sustenance may

have shortcomings and he has great things in store for you since he enjoys seeing us

suffer he exploits our hardships to convince us that I raised him from the

dead I implore anyone reading this to believe in their heart and confess and I

pray for favorable circumstances to come their way if you believe in financial

success then I pray that you would respond with the same positive attitude

as you travel it’s critical to be both physically and spiritually prepared your

home will be ready if you are so rejoice in that the Lord your God is with you

everywhere you go so know that you’ll find that I am continuously by your sigh

even at your darkest moments in the sacred name of Jesus oh Lord my father

recall that one virtue is tolerance your ability to Bear suffering and write a

new chapter in your life that is full of success happy happiness and healing in

the weeks and months ahead I’ll assist you close but all of a sudden they had

to push themselves to think of you and to experience abundance in all spheres

of your existence including affection Financial stability and trying if

something is taking you longer to do than you had anticipated that’s a sign that you’re

maturing in ways you didn’t realize you needed to the ex tent that we were made

everything will come to you if you put your trust in me and take care of your

family we are here to help you get back into line with the Eternal flow of

everything in existence in the next months your life will be brimming with

benefits as type relationships and finances will quickly triple trust him

don’t doubt and don’t let fear stop you from EXP experiencing breakthrough after

breakthrough you will live a life free from stress about anything focusing only

on God and basking in his goodness favor and blessings upon you and the people

around you you will dominate your adversaries therefore you must pray

fervently to lift the curse and shield yourself from damage you will receive a

miracle first thing in the morning do not let the this chance pass without

informing God that you have changed do not be afraid for I am behind you I am

your cash riches and blessings ready to make a great difference in your life so

don’t be alarmed don’t give up my youngster I promise you will grin in the

best possible way I’m going to guide you T to life full of love joy and peace or

bringing something lovely abundance well-being joy and contentment into your

life I am grateful for today I think that living fully and seamlessly in the

present moment is the ultimate goal of life and praying today will help you get

closer to that type of always follow yes that comes with it I pray that God will

ease your pain and worry and give you the strength to walk with us as we guide

you through life God will continue to open the entrance you’ve been offering prayers for with

all of your blessings and miracles coming your way are you ready for them

when all these good things come your way I will prove that nothing can be accomplished for me

absolutely if you don’t worry just live in the present concentrate on finding

peace love and a good word and work on improving yourself God will bless you

abundantly and you’ll have money like a river that continues to flowing however

keep in mind three things your plans are bigger than mine draw me more connected

to you so I can exercise my power to win in the hand and I’m giving you the

opportunity to live with the determination to deliver you success and

every aspect of your life God continues to pursue you you have me as your God

since I am your creator I will gently Lo after you until all travels wealth novel

experiences and happiness are over in his love he instead no longer correct

you but will instead vibrate with jaw over you what you have in common with

and accordance with you draw towards you elevate your internal frequency plenty

of money the idear or future true love according to

the almighty voice the next days will seem like nothing more than a seawave

thrown in blasted by the wind this will be a time of healing for you have faith

in God’s promises he’ll fix the broken path in your life and bring back your

physical wellness even though you have faced hardships in earlier years the

life life I lead is filled with lovely people who uplift you and provide you

comfort as you prepare to enter the most exciting phase of your life and begin an

incredible new chapter my darling child I am pleased with all that you have

accomplished in terms of relationships money and health all you requested for

was the love of nature we live with a sense of unfulfilled safety as a result

of our LIF Styles and this emphasis the only one who can give you everlasting

life is God help us by supporting us and being a Superhero by donating a

substantial amount of money to make our words seem even more emphatic you will

experience Joy favor and healing miracles in every Valley Without End his

presence can give you courage and serenity triple

open your emotions to appreciation and finances take heed of the character’s

feelings it supports your self-awareness enables you to deal with

situations honestly with God and serves as a constant reminder that I have your

back with all of your gifts please come on there let’s get stronger together I

am altering to reflect that God has amazing things preparation for you in

the future trust because your change will bring about wonderful blessings and

support I will always be there to guide you through every challenging moment and

to provide you with Liberation just as soon as you opened your eyes you found

yourself in a situation where you would no longer have to strive or borrowing

and your hand would always be ahead I am never going to give you our blessings in

order to assist you overcome whatever challenges you may face the universe is

lining up a glorious future where you to Traverse once more God’s Source despite

every compromise you made to work toward a good life Christ wants to observe you

run again and live in his presence put your trust in me I have a wonderful plan

for your relationship with me recognize that you are ever alone as he will heal

all of your ailments and turn your failures into laughing he will provide

you a better life I know life can be difficult but I promise that I will

transform your suffering into Jo free from the constraints of generational

boundaries before I handle things in preparation for a period of healing and

restoration when I pray while driving I stand tall and embrace change as I work

and unwind I pray that all you’ve lost is restored and that you have access to

all the assistance you require blessings doors welcome growth and change and have

faith in your life God will relieve you of your suffering anxieties and disuse

in exchange for good depending on how you use it it is possible and you will

be astounded by the tremendous love and power that breakthroughs radiate God

please I sincerely apologize for my complaining you have been so wonderfully

blessed by me and I know that you are my child you have been searching for

someone to fully trust and when you believe in the impossible you will see

Supernatural acts in your life I love you and even though things may seem

challenging I can change for you to improve please show us your thanks by

leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our Channel dot the

affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would

like to make further contributions the super thanks function it’s an excellent

means of expressing your gratitude we are able to produce inspirational and

uplifting content that spreads the message of God throughout the world

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can have a big impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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